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Silicon Valley is a leading Cocos3d Development Company in India. Silicon Valley offers one stop solution for all in Cocos3d Development Services. At Silicon Valley, we have a team of dedicated professionals having rich experience in Cocos3d Development. Silicon Valley’s expert developers are serving clients across the globe. Silicon Valley provides cost-efficient, client specific and quality services to all of its clients.

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Silicon Valley as iPhone Application Development Company offers you customize solution with iPhone design and development. We are expert in developing iPhone applications by using tools such as Xcode, Objective C and Cocoa touch framework. We are offering standard quality iPhone applications development by using Cocoa’s APIs, to provide you great user experience...

Cocos3D is a sophisticated yet intuitive and easy-to-use, 3D application development framework for the iOS platform. With Cocos3D, you can build sophisticated, dynamic 3D games and applications using Objective-C.

Cocos3D is a significant extension to Cocos2D, a popular, well-designed framework for building iOS games and applications that play out in 2D (or 2.5D isometric projection).

Cocos3D adds to this a full 3D modeling space, including 3D mesh models, perspective projection cameras, materials, and lighting. With cocos3d, you can populate your world with 3D models exported from 3D editors such as Blender, 3Ds Max, or Cheetah3D, combined with models you create dynamically in your Objective-C code and users can interact with your 3D objects through touch events and gestures.

Both Cocos3D and Cocos2D are built on top of the OpenGL ES frameworks that run on all iOS devices, and both are written in the native Objective-C familiar to all iOS developers. With Cocos3d, you can effortlessly create a full 3D game or application without getting into the nitty-gritty needs of the OpenGL ES state machine and without having to switch over to C or C++, as required by most other 3D frameworks.

Cocos3D Features Listed Below
  • Seamless integration with Cocos2D 1.x. Rendering of all 3D model objects occurs within a special Cocos2D layer, which fits seamlessly into the Cocos2d node hierarchy, allowing 2D nodes such as controls, labels, and health bars to be drawn under, over, or beside 3D model objects. With this design, 2D objects, 3D objects, and sound can interact with each other to create a rich, synchronized audio-visual experience.
  • Seamless integration with the iOS UIViewController framework.
  • Pluggable loading framework for 3D models exported from familiar 3D editors such as Blender, 3ds Max or Cheetah3D and through industry standard 3D objects files such as Collada or PowerVR POD or even from your own customized object file formats.
  • 3D models can be selected and positioned by touch events and gestures, allowing intuitive user interaction with the objects in the 3D world.
  • 3D models can include animation sequences with full or fractional animation.
  • 3D model objects can be arranged in sophisticated structural assemblies, allowing child objects to be moved and oriented relative to their parent structure.
  • 3D models and assemblies can be easily duplicated. Each duplicated model can be independently controlled, animated, colored, or textured. But fear not, underlying mesh data is shared between models. You can quickly and easily create swarming hoards to populate your 3D world, without worrying about device memory limitations.
  • 3D models, cameras, and lighting can be manipulated and animated using familiar Cocos2D Actions, allowing you to quickly and easily control the dynamics of your 3D world, in a familiar and easy-to-use programming paradigm.
  • 3D objects can be covered with dynamic materials and textures to create rich, realistic imagery.
  • Multi-texturing and bump-mapped textures are available, allowing you to create sophisticated surface effects.
  • Vertex skinning, also often referred to as bone rigging, allowing soft-body meshes to be realistically deformed based on the movement of an underlying skeleton constructed of bones and joints.
  • Automatic shadowing using shadow volumes.
  • Collision detection between nodes.
  • Ray-casting for nodes intersected by a ray and the local location of intersection on a node or mesh, right down to the exact mesh intersection location and face.
  • The 3D camera supports both perspective and orthographic projection options.
  • Objects can dynamically track other objects as they move around the world. The 3D camera can dynamically point towards an object as it moves, and other objects can dynamically point towards the camera as it moves.
  • Lighting effects include multiple lights, attenuation with distance, spotlights, and fog effects.
  • Mesh data can be shared between 3D objects, thereby saving precious device memory.
  • Mesh data can freely, and automatically, use OpenGL vertex buffer objects to improve performance and memory management.
  • Culling of 3D objects outside of the camera frustum is automatic, based on pluggable, customizable object bounding volumes.
  • Automatic ordering and grouping of 3D objects minimizes OpenGL state changes and improves rendering performance. Pluggable sorters allow easy customization of object sorting, ordering, and grouping for optimal application performance.
  • Integrated particle systems
  • 3D point particles provide efficient but sophisticated particle effects.
  • 3D mesh particles allow particles to be created from any 3D mesh template (eg- spheres, cones, boxes, POD models, etc).
  • Automatic OpenGL state machine shadowing means that the OpenGL functions are invoked only when a state really has changed, thereby reducing OpenGL engine calls, and increasing OpenGL throughput.
  • Sophisticated performance metrics API and tools collect real-time application drawing and updating performance statistics, for logging or real-time display.
  • Sophisticated math library eliminates the need to use OpenGL ES function calls for matrix mathematics.
  • Fully documented API written entirely in familiar Objective-C. No need to switch to C or C++ to work with 3D artifacts.
  • Extensive logging framework to trace program execution, including all OpenGL ES function calls.
  • Includes demo applications and Xcode templates to get you up and running quickly.

Using these features, developers can create extraordinary gaming applications. This framework enables in creating an unusual or unique gaming application. At Silicon Valley, we are engaged in offering premium-quality, user-friendly and custom made Smartphone mobile applications to our clients throughout the globe. Silicon Valley develops cutting-edge Smartphone applications according to the ever changing market requirements. We are experts in Smartphone Apps Development using Cocos2d Framework. We have developed best mobile apps using Cocos2d Framework. Our developers use Cocos2d Framework for offering best gaming solutions to our clients. Using this framework, amazing animation, transition, scene management and transition have been created.

Cocos2d Development at Silicon Valley

We have state of the art Mobile Phone Game Development lab at Silicon Valley. It consist of developers who have years of experience and passionate on game development for mobile Phones. Our game developers can design any type games; from children’s education fun loving games to high end graphics supported Racing and adventures games. So if you want to turn your complex and innovative idea into real life game, Silicon Valley is your only destination. You can hire expert Mobile Phone Developer from us at very low cost. Our Mobile phone developers will be taking care of all ideas to bring that ideas in reality and push it to the App store, which is your ultimate goal. Call us now for free quote!!

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