Business Solutions

Silicon Valley is a leading provider of business solution development software that includes data warehousing, business performance management and dashboard reporting solutions. Our software is used by a variety of organizations large and small alike to achieve unlimited data analysis and data mining, produce executive reports through innovative dashboard analytics, improve operations management, business solution analysis and enable executive decision making throughout the organization.

Silverlight Web Development Abu Dhabi

Silverlight Web Development

Silicon Valley started offering Silverlight website Development. We have a pool of consultants who have a fertile experience in Silverlight applications and they can develop plush user interface, vector graphics and animations that can be integrated with the database. We have experience and knowledgeable silver light developers who can develop important silverlight systems and Silverlight applications.


Data Warehousing

Itransition helps to review and calibrate existing business processes. Then we concentrate our efforts on developing a smart data warehouse solution that would enable effective capturing, cross-linking and retrieving the key data from multiple processing systems, customer data directories, CMS, etc. securely delivering it to a single consolidated database.

We offer customized enterprise data warehousing solutions that helps data optimization for the end user query, analysis and reporting. Our data warehousing solutions ensures that users across the enterprise make proper decisions with a focused view of corporate data and it allows the company to increasingly deploy analytic across the organization.

At Dot Net Application Development Services we have vast experience in delivering BI solutions integration services, Customized BI solutions and Custom BI solutions at affordable rates. We are committed to timely delivery and innovative BI solutions.

Analysis & Reporting

Low quality (e.g. incomplete, unattributed, disaggregated or out-of-date) data cannot be successfully utilized for business analysis. Itransition offers its 10-year expertise in building effective Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) systems that are able to filter, sort, analyze and present selected data in various levels of detail - from initial person-based productivity indicators to overall business performance and provide executives and senior managers with comprehensive reports for insightful decision-making.

We carefully design specialized analysis models that help business aggregate data according to specific user-defined parameters and deliver comprehensive reports in just seconds! The inbuilt decision engineering module performs real-time analysis and generates action scenarios users can interact with (like forecasting, optimization algorithms, simulations, decision trees, etc) to foresee the results of decisions.


A confusing, or even unaesthetic visualization of obtained results may run down to nothing all your efforts to create an efficient BI system. Itransition offers multiple options for data visualization and presentation (charts, diagrams, digital dashboards, scorecards, spreadsheets generation), so that you can make the optimum use of the deployed capabilities and get a clear vision of your division- or company-level performance.

BI Solutions Integration

Speed-up of data collection, aggregation, and cross-checking — Smooth data flow — Eliminated human error risks and routine operations

Our broad experience in linking heterogeneous applications, legacy systems that reside on different operating systems and use multiple databases allows us to transform isolated information silos into a finely tuned business infrastructure.

Customized BI solutions

Cost reduction through extending corporate applications built-in analysis tools — Increased productivity — New mission-critical features, reports, and KPIs

Itransition professionally customizes BI solutions, modules and plug-ins developed by third-party vendors and seamlessly builds them into enterprise frameworks.

Custom BI solutions

Overcome limitations of ready-made solutions — Realize your own innovative vision of BI methodology — Take advantage of technologies synergy

On demand Itransition develops fully custom, highly scalable BI solutions that link your employees to the data-driven decision-making. You can rely on our highly-skilled developers, systems architects and independent QA professionals to deliver stable and secure custom BI solution.

Microsoft Projects
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