CAD Services Namibia

Outsource your CAD service projects to Silicon Valley, which is a Cad drafting and Cad Designing Company in Namibia reduces your project rates and also expanding your office training staff. Silicon Valley is one stop solution for any of your cad needs. CAD outsourcing provides accurate and cost effective cad drafting and Cad designing services. Our draftsmen are well expertise in AutoCAD drafting as per the international standards and layers.

Our expertise in 2D Cad drafting, Architectural cad services, Engineering cad services, Structural cad drafting, Cad conversion, Paper to cad, 3d Cad services defines as most cost effective and accurate cad drafting service in engineering industries. Our professional team has in-depth knowledge and vast experience in case of providing cad services in Namibia as well as in abroad. We provide full range of cad drafting, designing and 3 modeling services. Using AutoCAD drawing you can generate computerize construction drawings. You can easily manage your cad drawing by CAD document management.

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Architectural Services

Silicon Valley provides professional architectural engineering service which makes you focus on core business. Outsourcing your architectural services to silicon takes cares of your architectural 2D cad drafting, 3D rendering, architectural planning, 3d visualization, animation and walkthrough, 3d architectural rendering, 3D models, Architectural Visualization. Outsourcing architectural CAD services also increase value of your project and it’s cost effective. Especially if you outsource you’re Architecture services to an Namibia firm working in a low cost environment with quality service. Silicon alleys assure 100% satisfaction in our work.
Our architectural services includes architectural 2d drafting, architectural design services, architectural cad drafting, architectural drawings, 3D architectural modeling, furniture modeling services, 3d rendering and animation services, 3d rendering services, architectural 3d service, architectural 3d, architectural 2d to 3d Model, animation and walkthrough, fly thru.

Our team of drafter, designer, modeler and architectural engineers are highly qualified and are expertise in using latest technologies to any type architectural drafting, deigning, or 3D modeling need of client globally. Our expertise team of cad drafter is expertise in converting your hand sketches and scan document to cad as per international standards, layers and text or as per your standard. We have successfully complete range of drafting and designing projects such as architecture designs, industrial design, home design, CAD designs, architectural planning etc.

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Structural Services

Silicon Valley provides Structural Engineering services. Our Structural engineering services range from Structural Cad drafting, Structural steel detailing, Structural 2D drafting, Shop drawings, Structural engineering services, Rebar detailing, Structure 3d model, Bar Bending Schedule, Structural design and Structural Analysis. Silicon Valley also offers steel design and fabrication designing services. Our tem has vast experience of delivering structural drafting and design services along with structural steel detailing and Rebar detailing services.

Silicon Valley is structural engineering consultants who are expertise and having in depth knowledge with years of experience in structural services. We believe in long term business relationship. Our teams approach each and every project as challenge and execute the work to full fill clients needs as per requirements.

Our structural design service includes R.C.C design, structural beam design, structural deck design, R.C.C beam design, R.C.C slab design, Timber structure, prestressed structures, post tension structure and seismic design. Our professional team of drafters and engineers are well through to international standards and code like US Standards, British Standards, and Australian Standards. Our teams are also expertise in using the latest technologies like AutoCAD, Staad, Ram, SAP2000, ETABS, SAFE, RISA, Auto Sketch, Micro station, Tekla, Revit Structure, 3DS Max, sketch UP.

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Mechanical Services

Silicon Valley provides cost effective and Mechanical engineering services to clients from various Mechanical industries. Outsourcing your mechanical services to silicon helps them to develop new and pioneering product, and increase the profit by offering Mechanical CAD Drafting services, Mechanical engineering drawings, steel fabrication drawings, Mechanical design, 3D mechanical design, MEP Drawings, Paper to cad conversion, Raster to vector conversion, Reverse Engineering service, solid works cad services, Pro e modeling services, solid modeling services, 3D mechanical modeling services

We also provide accurate mechanical 3D modeling services. Our mechanical 3d service includes Pro e modeling services, Inventor modeling services, surface modeling services, Solid works modeling services, mechanical modeling services, mechanical parts modeling, 3D mechanical services, 3D Mechanical, 3D mechanical modeling, 3D mechanical modeling services. We can also create 3D model from 2d drawings and design concepts.

Silicon Valley also provide HVAC services which is more essential in house, office and industrial building to maintain the temperature, humidity and air flow system. In HVAC, heating is important in maintaining room temperature were ventilation is connected to air flow system. The air-conditioning system regulates the heat as well as ventilation. Our expertise can provide you a unique HVAC service. Our HVAC (Heat Ventilation Air Condition) services includes HVAC drafting services, AutoCAD HVAC drafting, HVAC 2d drawings, HVAC cad services, HVAC Drafting, HVAC cad drafting, outsource HVAC, HVAC design services.

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Electrical services

Silicon valley also provide electrical service, our electrical service range from Electrical drawing, Electrical CAD Drafting, electrical AutoCAD drawing, electrical drafting service, offshore electrical cad drawings service, Fire Alarm System drafting, electrical system drafting, electrical system design, Electrical Diagrams, Electrical wiring diagrams, Electronic panel schedule, Electrical site plans, Electrical power plan, Layouts for lighting, Power Layout Plan, Luminaries, Power Equipments, and Devices counts, Terminations Diagrams, Control Circuits, LV/HV electrical devices, Electrical Panel layout, Material List, Preliminary Single Line Diagram Designing.

We have best reliable work forces of skilled professional electrical drafter and engineers who deliver engineering services as per international standards. When the electrical drawing has been finalized, all the necessary documents like Wiring/Control Drawings and Control Panel Layouts are produced from which manufacturing process is commenced. Silicon Valley provides you best electrical drafting and electrical designing services compared to any other outsourcing company in Namibia.

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Structural Detailing services

Silicon Valley is cad outsourcing firm in India with talented and skilled engineers, drafters, designers and detailers, among them we have one of the team of structural detailers. Silicon Valley is specializing in structural detailing services. Our structural detailing services include steel detailing and Rebar detailing.

We also provide structural steel detailing and designing service. Our steel detailing services includes erection drawings and structural erection drawings. Structural erection drawing includes shop drawings of column, beam and trusses, Anchor Bolt Plans, Erection Plan, Structural 3-D Modeling, Bill of material, Ladders and other miscellaneous items.

Our team of structural engineers, drafters, designer and detailers are well expertise software like Tekla's, xSteel software, AutoCAD, Revit Structure, AuotSketch. Our structural team is able to produce high quality structural steel detailing services. We also deliver drawing output in pdf, tiff, dwg, jpg formats or as per client requirements.
Our structural team is also expertise and Rebar detailing services. Rebar detailing service is perfect combination of cad service and structural services which can prepare detailed drawings as per international standards. Our rebar detailing service includes Bar bending schedule, rebar estimation, Project management and construction management. Our professional detailers also have vast experience in providing detailing services as per international codes and standards like ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials), ACI (American Concrete Institute), CRSI (Concrete Reinforcement Steel Institute), ASHTO (American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials), BS 8666

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