Academics Management

Genius Education management allows the students to achieve the excellent results in their educational career, while handling and managing their day to day academic operational activities. This creates the right learning environment for the students which every time brings them one step closer to the success. Thus, Academics Management will enhance your Schools / College / Universities with better space and development. It will help in building efficient flow of process, and lead your administration to the form of simplicity and guide in transforming into digitized organization other than the usual manual work.

Our Interactive web based module is integrated with all the other academic features of Education management with various learning and teaching tools that are focused on students performance and results.

Organized syllabus and lesson planning can help the students in performing better, which enables the easy communication between teachers, parents and students.It is designed not only to support the students at different stages of their learning period but also to the institute's authority for the improvement of administrative activities.


Admission Management

Genius Education management provides the feature of Online Admission / Enrollment process, which will help the Institute in direct and instant registration process.

There are numbers of students which apply for admission in the various academic institutes (school, colleges, and universities). Creating the tremendous pressure on the administration of the institutes to manually handle and manage the admission process. The online admission / Enrollment system integrates the technology with the Institutes which helps the institutes and students.

Backend Software Development
Backend Software Development

Admin, Teachers and Principal can create, maintain and update daily, monthly and yearly school activities, events and institutional information in real time calendar year. The institute's admin can add daily, weekly and monthly circulars if there is any events, picnic or educational visits, they will upload the circulars to the system, Students can view circulars of specific date from their login access.


Admin can add different Certification which are available in the Institute, he/she can add Certification type, and also can create new Customised certificate according to the Institutes available resources.

The admin can also generate result certificates of each and every student, which will contain the certificate in the name of student, year of completion, certificate issue date, certificate type with the academic year of that certification period. Thus it can generate, maintain and provide online training, achievement certificates and also can be customized according to the institutional needs.

Backend Software Development
Backend Software Development

The school admin can add different streams and department that are available in the institute for the admission of the students, not only teaching but institutes also have different departments like : HR, Computer lab department, Finance & Payroll department etc. Create, Manage and List down the different department names, through Genius Education management.

Attendance Management

Faculties can take attendance of the students using Mobile application with 24/7 parents surveillance on student's attendance report. This feature is highly accurate in reporting daily attendance of Employees and Students. It can be marked by different Departments, Class and Section, which can be later analysed or checked by the system admin, teachers or principal for any scrutiny or errors.

Backend Software Development
Backend Software Development
Lesson Planning

A daily lesson plan can be developed by the teachers to enhance class learning, also teachers can add and customize the lesson planning list regularly, this will help the teachers to know the subjects, lecture code and their allocated lecture topics. Thus, syllabus can be completed with high efficiency, which will amplify the time management with better productivity.

Node.js Plugin Development


Teachers / Admin can manage the syllabus of different subjects of the classes, this will help them to schedule the classes and lectures to complete the syllabus of different subjects on time.

Node.js UI/UX Development

Class & Section

Teachers can check and view the list of classes and sections in which they are assigned to teach the students, they can see the Class number and the section in which they are assigned by either principal or by School Admin.

Node.js QA and Testing Solutions

Course and Batch

There are multiple courses and batches which can be handled on a single dashboard which increases productivity and reduces human effort.

Node.js QA and Testing Solutions

Customizable Dashboard

The Dashboard provides a quick overview, with in-depth details about overall performance of students, fees summary, class & sections, total number of teaching staff and Institute summary.


  • Administration can manage admission process easily with one-access digital system.
  • Teachers can provide different tasks and lessons to the students directly through the system.
  • Everyday circulars can be generated through teachers, admin or principal. The notification will be sent on Parent's and Student's login access.
  • Unique Ids and Passwords for every new user in the system.
  • Keeps track record of all the entity with the change in dynamic data.
  • Students and Parents can view all the Certificates and Marksheets.
  • Admin can assign different rights to different users.
  • Better mobility for Administration, Teachers, Students and Parents.

The tagline "Enhancing Education System" explains that its user interactive, flexible, robust and easy to access platform, which can be installed in any generation device.