Academics Management

Silicon Valley Education Management System allows the student to achieve Excellent Results in their Educational career , while Handling their Day-to-Day Academic Operational Activities . It creates the correct learning environment for the students which bring them one step closure to Success. Our Interactive CLOUD Based ERP Module is integrated with all the academic features of Education management with various learning and teaching tools that are focused on students result.

It makes everything Easy and less time consuming with the help of our Cloud Based System and Mobile Application . Academics Management will enhance your Schools / College / Universities and Institutes with better space and development. It will help in building efficient flow of process, and lead your administration to the form of simplicity and guide in transforming into digitized organization other than the usual manual work.


Class & section :

CLASS : Admin can add new class with class name, code and stream / department Class wise Grading System can also be done with the help of our module.Admin can also enable Elective Subjects for the class.

SECTION : Admin can add different sections for the particular class with total number of students studying in each section. They can also view and update the list of classes and sections of the students. it will also show the syllabus and student's strength of that class.

ASSIGN CLASS TEACHER : In this module ,Admin can assign Teacher to the class according to Stream/Department , Shift , Class & Section and Name of the Faculty/Employee.

Subjects :

SUBJECT : In subject module , Admin can add subjects , its name & code , preferred Book , Language of the Book , Name of the Publisher and Book Author.

ASSIGN SUBJECT TO SECTION : Admin can assign subject to each class & section with the help of our ERP System . Subjects can be assigned according to Stream/Department , Shift , Class , Subject . Weekly classes can also be allotted to the teachers for a class & section. It will help the institution to generate Automatic Time-Table.

SUBJECT ALLOCATION TO FACULTY : Subject Allocation can be done by allocating the subject according to Stream/Department , Shift , Name of the Faculty/Employee , Class & Section. Reports can be generated according to the section wise subject allocation.

SYLLABUS : Teachers / Admin can manage the syllabus of different subjects of the classes, it will help them to arrange Lectures to complete the Syllabus on time. Teachers/Admin can upload the Syllabus in different formats like PDF file , Photos etc. Mobile Application can also be used to Upload and View the Syllabus . Students / Parents can also download the Syllabus from the Cloud Based System and Mobile Application.

Lesson Planning :

daily lesson plan can be developed by the teachers to enhance class learning ,also Teachers can add & Customize the Lesson Planning List on Daily , Weekly , Monthly & Yearly Basis. Lesson Planning helps Teachers to know the Subjects , Lecture Code and their allocated Topics . Principal / Students & Parents can see all the details regarding lesson planning from Mobile Application as well. Reports can also be generated of Faculties lesson planning with the help of our system.


ASSIGNMENT : Students can view their daily Assignments and Class Notes, which will be uploaded by their respective class teachers using the interactive Mobile App. In this module Teacher/Admin & Principal can see the details of how many students has viewed the uploaded Assignment through Cloud Based System and Mobile Application.Grades can also be assigned to the students for the Assignments they have uploaded on the module.

NOTES : Teachers can upload the Notes regularly in the system which can be viewed from the System and Mobile Application . Students can view the class teacher's name who allocated Notes and the date of Submission of the same.Teacher/Admin & Principal can see the details of how many students has viewed the uploaded Assignment through Cloud Based System and Mobile Application.

HOMEWORK : Our interactive Mobile App will help the teachers to Upload the daily homework for their students. Homework can be uploaded by the teacher in the form of PDF file , Images . It will help the students those were absent in the class. In case if Teacher is not available , Admin can also upload the Homework on their behalf.


Teacher can upload Classwork on daily basis on the system , so in case if any student is absent so he/she can see or download the classwork from their Mobile Application easily .This will acknowledge the absent students about the classwork done in the class. Admin can also upload the Classwork .The Students and Parents can get regular updates regarding the Classwork for every Subject through Silicon Valley Education Management System and from the Mobile Application .

Certificate :

CERTIFICATE TYPE : Admin can add different Certification which are available in the institute. Type of Certificate can be different like Bonafide certificate , Leaving certificate , Award Certificate etc.

VIEW TEMPLATE : Admin can generate the Certificate with the Name of the Certificate , Heading of the Certificate , Position of the Logo and Contents of the Certificate. It can be seen with the help of our Mobile Application as well.

GENERATE CERTIFICATE : Generating the Certificates includes Type of the Certificate, For whom the Certificate is, Issuing Date. At the time of generating the Certificate either for Employee or for Student, all the Data will be Fetched from their Previous Information. Also, faculty will check the fees records before generating Leaving Certificate & if the fees are Outstanding, Certificate will not be given to the student.

Circular :

Admin , Principal and Teacher can create , maintain and update daily , monthly or yearly activities , if there is any Picnic or Educational Visits , they can upload the Circular with the help of the Mobile Application . Circular can be uploaded in the form of PDF file and Images . Students and Parents can see the Circular of the Specific Date from their login Access from our Cloud Based System or from the Mobile Application as well.

Genius Education management provides unique dashboard, where users can manage all the daily academic related activities like : Fees summary, the total number of fees paid / received and the remaining amount to be paid or get from the students. Admin can also view and check daily, weekly and monthly total number of students present and absent. Similarly, it also provides the list of teaching staff present and absent according to the different criterias. The system also provide the brief summary of Institute providing the teaching of different classes. Likewise, the users can check the dashboard time-table which will display and helps in managing all the events, meeting and academic activities.

Benefits of Academics Management

  • Administration can manage admission process easily with one-access digital system.
  • Teachers can provide different tasks and lessons to the students directly through the system.
  • Everyday circulars can be generated through teachers, admin or principal. The notification will be sent on Parent's and Student's login access.
  • Unique Ids and Passwords for every new user in the system.
  • Keeps track record of all the entity with the change in dynamic data.
  • Students and Parents can view all the Certificates and Marksheets.
  • Admin can assign different rights to different users.
  • Better mobility for Administration, Teachers, Students and Parents.

The tagline "Enhancing Education System" explains that its user interactive, flexible, robust and easy to access platform, which can be installed in any generation device.