Exam Management

In the era of 21st century, the information and technology have completely changed the foundation of Education System in Schools / Colleges / Universities & Institutes. With the evolution of Human existence , there is tremendous change in Education. There are so many things to consider, the objectives of education, structured curriculum, How assessment strategies work?, What kind of technology and infrastructure is used? and How the leadership and their policies will guide the students in attaining education goals?

Exam Management is designed as an efficient tool which helps the Teachers in Exam Planning , Creating Exam papers , Question Banks with their solutions , Exam Time-Table , Exam Results , allocating the Exam Supervisors & Teachers to check the student’s paper . Institutes can take in-house exams and also can customize the marks or grade based exams. Silicon Valley Education Management System provides all the Details on Single Platform, which enables the transparency in the institute and makes better study environment.

KEY FEATURES OF Exam Management


Silicon Valley Education Management System helps to arrange Questions according to Subject . For creating question firstly we have to select User Role , it can be for Student or for Applicant. If it is for Student then it includes Difficulty Level , Question Type , Shift , Stream/Department , Class , Section , Subject , Chapter Title and if it is for Applicant then only Level of Difficulty ,Question Type and Subject we have to add. Questions can be added manually and also Excel Sheet can be Imported with the help of our System. Marks will be generated automatically as student attempts the question.

Backend Software Development
Backend Software Development

Question Paper can be generated Manually as well as Automatically with the help of our ERP System. In manual method , multiple question type can be managed by adding Number of Questions and Marks per Question , overall data can be managed , we can also get the print of the question paper . In Automatic method of generating the question paper , we have to mention the Name of the Chapter , Number of Questions and Marks per question , the question paper will generate automatically.


Exam Module includes Exam Name , Code , Exam Start Date & Time , Exam Allow Time , (for eg- if we are entering allow time for 30 minutes , so after 30 minutes student won’t be able to attend the exam) , Duration of the Exam , Instructions regarding the Exam can also be added , Marks ,Pass Percentage . After that we have to select the User Role , for whom we are creating the exam like for Student or for Applicant. Students can see the Schedule of the Exams and attain the Exam with the help of Mobile Application.

Backend Software Development

Question Bank

Create question papers and Upload Different types of Questions with Attachments. Teachers / Admin can import and upload different papers, question banks and solutions. Whereas, the students can view and download it from the system.


In this module , Questions can be imported by selecting the User Role , like for Student or for Applicant . Excel File can be uploaded for importing the questions .


Exam Results can be generated with the help of our module. Result includes Name of the Student , Subject Name , Class , Exam Name , Date of creation of Result , Exam Status & Result . Student can see the Results with the help of the Mobile Application as well.


  • Time Saving and delegate the staff workload.
  • Manage Exam time-table with Proper Planning and Scheduling.
  • >Create Structured Exam Papers through Online Exam management.
  • A better monitoring of Student's Performance
  • Get every detail about the examiner and supervisor for different exams.
  • Parents can directly get performance Reports of their children.
  • Computerized examination process at every stage with online examination management in cloud environment.
  • Teachers can create Question Bank Online and can share the same with all the students on same platform.
  • Eradicate creating manual question papers and paper-based examination process.
  • Deflect the transportation costs on distribution of question paper to different examination centers.

Genius Education management is designed with the tagline "Enhancing Education System". It is a user-interactive, flexible, robust, easy-to-access and diversified software platform, which can be embedded in all the generation devices.