Automated Street Lighting System

India is rapidly transforming into Smart Nation. Every cities and towns has the positive goal towards Smart City which can give every human being a better life with the use of latest technology and smart devices. It will beneficial to individual lives as well as to the education ratio and economy of the nation.

Vehicle Tracking and Anti-theft System

Vehicle Tracking and Anti-theft System

Vehicle Tracking and Anti-theft System is meant to design primarily to give security of your vehicle to save it from any theft purpose or harasses activities to your vehicle. It has many modules with simple and advanced tracking system. It has unique and understanding user interactions. Any person can grasp and learn it very with very simple way and they can use it with their smart phones and without any hard interfaces.

One part to make a city smart is Automated Street Lighting System. As Automation provides perfection and efficiency in system. It will removes maintenance problems, timer problems, connectivity, display and more electricity utilization. And the solution is Automated Street Lighting System.

Automated Street Lighting System is mainly come up with the idea of smart and advanced lighting technology for Street Lights. It is a smart and weather adaptive lighting technology. This system is embedded with smart technology, frameworks and sensors. It will control the intensity of lights as well as obstacle detection and it can also controls intensity of lights to save the energy flow when there is less traffic. This system will beneficial for energy savings, greater occupancy, and emergency avoidance. It has also functionality of weather control system, for example during dust or fog it will create a different intensity of light so that people will find a right way to drive their vehicles and it highly decreases the accidents.

Features and Benefits of Automated Street Lighting System

As its name suggest, it is an automated lighting system, which has the core feature of automation and smart decision capability. It reduces human efforts and it can also control the flow of light according to the available situation and environment. Following are the key features and benefits of Automated Street Lighting System:

  • Better Energy Utilization : As we discussed earlier, it saves energy at most. It has smart sensors and automation system which will control the lights intensity as per human traffic and environment needs.
  • Extensible life-time : System has so many functionalities that can multiply the life time of the lights. It will reduce the maintenance cost as well as expands the life of every lights and lamps.
  • Auto-Outage Detection : This system will provide you auto outage detection. With this feature it will automatically detects the faults and outage problems, which will automatically reduces the burden of tech-support systems.
  • Easy to integrate : Automated street lighting system is a very simple yet effective. The software and the system are really easy to integrate. It also gives alters and schedule task benefits.
  • Easy to Maintain : System does not have any hard algorithms to maintain. The back-end is very simple and easy to operate. Our 24x7 support system will there for any disaster situation.

Automated Street Lighting system makes intuitive interfaces simple and easy to use. It will increase your efficiency with effective results. It's all about getting started, so don't wait for a while! Let's get started and craft a smarter place together by empowering human-beings with flexibility and tech-savvy environment. We, silicon info will always give our clients the best experience they have ever had. Our designer and developer team is trained in a manner that it has the unified back end with the lots of advance technologies, at the same time we will provide you the simple and elegant front end with the best user interaction and experience.