Smart Irrigation System using IOT

INDIA is Farmer's nation. India is the country of villages and agricultures. Agricultures play an important and vital role in Indian economy. It directly affects with the development of nation. 60-70% of Indian pollution is directly or indirectly depends on agriculture. As well as it also majorly depends on the manpower till this time.

Vehicle Tracking and Anti-theft System

Vehicle Tracking and Anti-theft System

Vehicle Tracking and Anti-theft System is meant to design primarily to give security of your vehicle to save it from any theft purpose or harasses activities to your vehicle. It has many modules with simple and advanced tracking system. It has unique and understanding user interactions. Any person can grasp and learn it very with very simple way and they can use it with their smart phones and without any hard interfaces.

In our nation, Agriculture is mainly depends on the monsoons. And which is an insufficient source of water. We have so many government plans which provides really great source of water yet there are still many areas which are not covered or cannot get sufficient amount of water supply. So, the use of irrigation system is necessary in an agricultural field. And that's too not only in India but also across the globe. Irrigation system is mainly depends on the types of soil and water providing to plant. In any agriculture, two things plays an important role for better output, one is to get information about the fertility of soil and second is to measure moisture content of soil. Nowadays, there are several techniques available to reduce the dependency of rain and uncontrolled water nature. And most of them are driven by electrical power nature and on and off scheduling. This technique needs more human interaction and it has complex structure. This leads to time inconvincible nature and sometimes it may cause into accident emergency.

It increases the demand of advanced agricultural product with high performance, great automation, fine management support, simple yet effective user interaction and more functionality. This gives a thought to Silicon Info for making an advanced "Smart Irrigation System using IOT". With the help of 'Internet Of Things', we implement and system with is highly configured with the latest available technologies and advancements. This system will resolve all the problems faced by farmers and related people. It supports better irrigation management. It will give the best and real-time communication, computation and sensing. It will create a bridge between physical world and virtual world. User will get an access of information, easy decision making functionalities, mobility and remote approach. It will reduce the human interaction and will give the best end-result. It has the decision making capability with which it can sense and act according to available resources and also natural aspects.

Need of Smart Irrigation System:
  • It is easy to install simple to configure.
  • It is helpful to save energy and resources. So, it can be utilized in a proper manner.
  • By automation and smart system, farmers can spread the right amount of water at the right time.
  • Using this system, farmers can avoid irrigation at the wrong time of the day; it also reduces runoff from overwatering saturated soils and at the end it will improve crop performance.
  • It is a smart and automatic system. It will turn on and off motor, automatically as per system interest.
  • It will eliminate human error in adjusting available soil moisture levels.
  • It is a time saving process.

Smart Irrigation system will helps farmers with technology advancements. It has in-built automation functionalities which not only help the farmers with man-power but it is also helpful with the quality of farming and how much amount of water should be supplied to soil and plant. With its functionalities, definitely it is worth for every rupee. It has a very simple structure and user interaction. Any person, whether he or she has knowledge of anything or not, they can operate it very easily. At the same time, our support system will always be there to help you in any situation.