Smart Shopping Mall

Shopping malls are the new market for every big as well as small town area. It's a new shopping destination for almost every human being residing in up and mid scale area. People are taking it seriously over the years. Shopping mall all round the globe are more than just a shopping centers. They are also important social atmosphere, activities, culture and experience. It brings people together. In the shopping mall areas, management also arranges so many events, concerts, promotions and talk-shows. So, it brings visitors to an extensible level. It gives them a beautiful experience and environment.

Vehicle Tracking and Anti-theft System

Vehicle Tracking and Anti-theft System

Vehicle Tracking and Anti-theft System is meant to design primarily to give security of your vehicle to save it from any theft purpose or harasses activities to your vehicle. It has many modules with simple and advanced tracking system. It has unique and understanding user interactions. Any person can grasp and learn it very with very simple way and they can use it with their smart phones and without any hard interfaces.

This may also cause into negative flow and can cause some danger and security issues. So, silicon came up with the latest and advanced surveillance system especially made for shopping malls. It's called as "Smart Shopping Mall" system. Smart shopping mall system is specially made for shopping malls which can gives you the most advanced features for security, video surveillance, parking management, business intelligent, emergency situations flow, and better structure management. Silicon Smart Shopping Mall is an affordable, convenient and effective smart system.

Overview of Smart Shopping Mall

Smart Shopping Mall is a basic shopping mall management system. It is a combination of hardware and software both. It is embedded with the latest technology and smart access system. It gives user all-in-one management platform. With Smart Shopping Mall system the admin have the access of all the available features. It can merge all the devices and systems together and make it easy operation for operator. The system will ensure round-the-clock safety for every customers, staffs and belongings. It will provide the pleasant parking atmosphere. It will also provide the precise traffic statistics for smart business development and decisions.

This system will definitely be useful for your shopping premises. It brings your employees to a next level with smart methodology. It will help you to develop your business and more customer engagement.

Features of Smart Shopping Mall

Smart Access : Smart Shopping Mall System will give user a smart access with their every devices and system. It will embed all the technology together and provide a single view window.

Unified Platform : Smart Shopping Mall System is an unified platform for every utilization aspects. It will cover all the major and minor arrears which are important for any shopping mall business. It has the single platform front-end for user from which user can operate and modify the functions.

Better Security Access : This system has an advanced security facilities. It covers all the delicate areas from which there is a possibility of any bad views.

Smart Parking : User can also manage its parking area from his or her desk. So many parking facilities can be combined with this system, like, counting, unknown access, vehicle recognition, vendor flow, etc.

Data Center : Data center will provide you all the statistics, numbers, diagrams from everyday traffic as well as vendor and customer engagement. And that's too in your desired format.

Count and Go! : At your entrance door step, it will give your count and go facility with which you can manage your traffic and also can improve your customers.

24x7 Support : With all our systems, our team of talented and trained engineers will be there for you any time. So, the fear of crash the system is past!

Silicon Info Smart Shopping Mall System makes intuitive interfaces simple and easy to use. It will increase your efficiency with effective results. It's all about getting started, so don't wait for a while! Let's get started and craft a smarter workplace together by empowering your workforce with flexibility and tech-savvy environment. We, silicon info will always give our clients the best experience they have ever had. Our designer and developer team is trained in a manner that it has the unified back end with the lots of advance technologies, at the same time we will provide you the simple and elegant front end with the best user interaction and experience.