Mechanial Engineering Services  Harare

Mechanical Engineer can be extremely challenging and fulfilling. As their work involves production, transmission and use of mechanical power and heat, they have to study different materials used for the machines and their tolerances, study the different energy sources and the power they generate and the design problems if any. While designing and making a commercial product they have to take into account the business and marketing aspects to make sure that the product is affordable. They share interests with many other engineers like Civil Engineers in structures and stress analysis; Electrical Engineers in electronics, computing and control theory; Aeronautical Engineers in fluid flow and turbo machinery etc and also design tools needed by other engineers for their work.

Silicon Valley with our innovative method, we can help you to reduce your concept-to-launch time and develop modern products for an ever changing market. We can also help your company reduce costs and improve profits. Using our knowledge and experience with product lifecycle management, mechanical design solutions can help your company speed development and increase revenue through faster conception-to-market times. Our mechanical design solutions will provide your company with faster product delivery and overall management of your entire application infrastructure.

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Mechanical Boiler Design Services Harare

Silicon Valley is offering Boiler Design Services in Harare. Boiler design is the procedure of designing boilers used for a variety of reasons. The major purpose of a boiler is to heat water to generate steam. Steam produced in a boiler can be used for a diversity of purposes including space heating, sterilization, drying, humidification and power generation. The hotness or state of steam requisite for these applications is dissimilar, so boiler designs differ accordingly. We aspire to create designs which decrease costs of production by improving production capacity. We provide Boiler Design Services as our technical experts create extended value for our customers.

There are two types of Boilers:

  • Fire-Tube Boilers.
  • Water-Tube Boilers.

Mechanical Reverse Engineering Services Harare

Silicon Valley understands the complexity of Reverse Engineering Development. Reverse Engineering means to take a product and investigate the mechanisms by which it works. Reverse Engineering Service Companies can take a product and discover how it was designed and why certain elements are in place, and then explain these things to a client. From there, the client can develop an improved version of the product that they themselves can sell. We offers fully integrated Reverse Engineering Services in Harare in an affordable price.

Pressure Vessel Design Services Harare

Pressure Vessels are used to store and transmit liquids, vapors, and gases under pressure in general. The pressure of these finds will exert pressure equally in all direction on the walls and ends of the Pressure Vessels. Because of the internal loading, stresses are including on certain sections of the cylinder (pressure vessel) wall. The pressure vessels (cylindrical or spherical tanks) are generally used in engineering to store fluid under pressure.

Following are the main types of Pressure Vessels:

  • According to the end construction: According to the end construction, the pressure vessels are may be open of end or closed end.
  • According to the dimensions: According to the dimensions pressure vessels may be of thin shell or thick shell.

Our advanced technicians and engineers guarantee high quality Pressure Vessels Design because of their marvelous experience in the industry in Harare. We aim to create designs which reduce costs of production by improving production capacity.

Heat Exchanger Design Services Harare

Silicon Valley is providing Heat Excahnger design services in Harare at an affordable price. A Heat Exchanger is a piece of equipment built for efficient heat transfer from one medium to another. Whenever there exists a temperature difference in a medium or between media, heat transfer must occur. Heat exchangers are widely used in space heating, refrigeration, air conditioning, power plants, chemical plants, petrochemical plants, petroleum refineries, natural gas processing, and sewage treatment.

There are several different types of Heat Exchangers. These include:

  • Plate Heat Exchangers - Plate exchangers consist of a sequence of alloy plates detained together by a border. The frame can be opened to add or repair the plates. One liquid flows from end to end alternate plates and the other liquid flow the opposite direction through the opposite plates.
  • Spiral Heat Exchangers – Spiral exchanger are completed from a duo of plates rolled to offer two relatively long rectangular passages for fluid in counter current flow. The spiral design is compact.
  • Shell and Tube - Also called as condensers and calandrias depending on the service, this kind of heat exchanger has outside cylinder called a shell with interior tubes that run the distance end to end of the shell.
  • Graphite Exchangers - Graphite block exchangers are characteristically made from a solid block of graphite with similar holes drilled at right angles.
  • Fin Fan / Air Fin Exchangers - This type of exchanger has radial fins on the outer surface of the tubes to extend the heat transfer surface area.
  • Compo block - This new type of heat exchanger is like a plate exchanger apart from the plates are welded together instead of gasketed, and the plates are mounted in a cube shaped shell like a graphite block exchanger.

Silicon valley is offering Mechanical Engineering Services in Harare at a cost effective price. The skills of our expert engineers are of great value in this process. This is then updated with the latest CAD geometry technology including the best CAD applications and standards. Contact us for further details.

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