Open Source Web Development Kuala Lumpur

Open Source applications are web applications developed by a community of web programmers . The codes available under these applications are free or are available under their respective license at nominal cost.   Using Open source application has become a very common practice these days. Developing various customized web applications for your business is a costly affair after comparing the current economic market. Every one every where is looking for options by which they can get their best web applications ready at affordable costs. This need has increased the important of Open Source Applications. The open source application codes are integrated with your website to make your website a cost efficient and quick task. It is simply all about integrating the ready made code available. The most important benefits of open source application is that the source codes are available free and all you pay is for the integration charges which are very nominal.

Silicon Valley is one of the leading IT companies with its location is Kuala Lumpur . We have experience developers with expert knowledge in Open source application integration . We have worked on a no. of project developing them using Open source applications. As the code is made public, it is easily available and thus making the integration faster for the developers. Open Source not only has the impact on the developers and in house managers but it potentially affects every person involved in the chain of the organization from the management to all the other levels of organizations.

By and large, the effects of open source are advantageous with benefits ranging from lower costs to simplified management to superior software and can be listed as below:

  • Open Source solution have no license fee. Only the integration fee matters.
  • Easy to make modifications to the application as the software come with right to modify.
  • A neutral stance of vendors
  • Sufficient Support for the problems of the software.

Open Source Application Services provide at Silicon Valley are listed as below:

Joomla Web Development Kuala Lumpur

Joomla is a very popular Open source Content Management System that is easy use and adopt. The use of this Open Source Application makes the editing and addition of the web content easier and faster in your websites. Joomla templates are widely used every where and are easy to use and adopts to the website. The extensibility use of Joomla has made Joomla very popular and the best of all is that Joomla is available free of cost. Joomla is used all over globally to support website of all shapes and sizes like corporate website, intranets and extranets, Ecommerce and online reservation applications, small business websites, website for non-profit making organization as well as personal and family websites. Joomla is designed in a way that the set up is easy and fast so that it can be set up even by a moderate user.   Since Joomla is easy to use, it does not require the investment of highly skilled labor.

Many requirements of companies and individuals are such that go beyond what is available in the basic Joomla package . In such cases, Joomla's powerful application framework makes it easy for developers to create sophisticated add-ons that extend the power of Joomla into virtually unlimited directions.

The Joomla development service included at Silicon Valley are as follows.

We have a team of creative and skill Joomla programmers who help you in the quick integration of the Joomla application to your website. Moreover if your project has regular updates, then we can also give you a facility to hire a Joomla developer will work dedicated on your site and keep making updates to your site.

While using the application, it is also necessary to abide by the benefits drawn under the application.

  • Requires nominal technical knowledge.
  • It is user friendly.
  • Open source and is available free of cost.
  • Quick alterations can be done to the layout.
  • Simple maintenance of the website.
  • Multilingual support.
  • Complete database driven
  • Runs on all platforms like Linux, FreeBSD, MacOSX server, Solaris, and AIX

Word Press Design Development Kuala Lumpur

Wordpress is a free and an open source blog and web content management system . Wordpress was introduced in the year 2003 at a very small scale with a very few users to use it. But since then as the usage increased Wordpress has marked itself as a largest self hosted blogging tool on WWW as it is being used is hundreds of websites which are visited by millions of customers daily. Wordpress is an open source system which is created by and for the community of developers. Calling Wordpress an open source means that it is used by many developers across the world. One of the favorable features of Wordpress is that the code is free and is can be used by the companies as well as individuals to integrate with their sites.

It is a system made in PHP and backend with MySQL database . WordPress supports single web blog per installation, though multiple copies may be run from different directories simultaneously if configured to use separate database tables.

If you have your website and you are looking to get Wordpress integrated to your website flawlessly, then we can help you to develop you website in Wordpress. We have a professional team of experts providing specialized Wordpress CMS integration services and give your website a blog presence. Having blogs on your websites attract visitors to log into your website and read of new inventions which again increases your web traffic and indirectly increases your source of business.

Benefits of Wordpress:

  • Does not required any knowledge in HTML
  • Easy handling of “ rolling events ” like speaking engagements
  • Post-dating of articles so they can automatically “ go live ” on the scheduled date           (as is required with embargoed articles until their print publication date)
  • Reader participation through comments
  • Organization of the content using tags
  • Seamless handling of pre-existing URLs
  • Easy addition of new functionality (as it is " open source " )
  • Free support by the very responsive developer and user communities.
  • Easy customization and maintenance.

OsCommerce Design Kuala Lumpur

OS commerce is an open source ecommerce and online store management system . It is an open source developer by a community of developers under general public license and is thus available free of cost. Oscommerce can be used on almost any web server with PHP and mysql installed. Developing a customized ecommerce and online store management module needs to investment a good amount of time and money. Oscommerce is a ready made ecommerce system which only requires the time to integrate to your website. Oscommerce has all the basic features that meet the common needs of online businesses. But beyond its basic functionality Oscommerce is able to be amplified, through either community-supplied add-ons or custom code, thereby thus it can be customized to meet the specific needs of any business.

When you are starting business to sell any product online and if you are beginner then Oscommerce is a very affordable option for you. As it is the beginning of your business venture you have tight budgets and going in for a customized ecommerce project is not an advisable option. Thus it is advisable to select Oscommerce to develop an ecommerce website for your self. Oscommerce is easily available to integrate to develop your ecommerce website. Silicon Valley provides professional Oscommerce integration services and helps you to develop you very own ecommerce site.

Some of the important features are as mentioned below.

  • Oscommerce is available under general public license and is free.
  • Easy to customize according to the requirements of your website.
  • It is compatible with all version of PHP.
  • Multilingual and multi currency.
  • User friendly back end.
  • Easy to implement in the layout structure.

osCommerce is a complete online store solution that contains both a catalog frontend and an administration tool backend, which can be easily configured over web. We at Silicon Valley can help you with the best Oscommerce solutions .

Other Open Source Solutions

Apart from the above mention open source solutions, Silicon Valley also provides the following Open Source Solutions as mentioned below. We have a highly experienced team of developers who provide professional open source development services.

Zen Cart Integration : Zen Cart too is an open source online store management system like Oscommerce. It is one of rewarding e-commerce systems based on PHP with Mysql database and HTML components.

X-Cart Development : X-Cart is an open source shopping cart based on PHP smarty templates and MySQL database. X-Cart is an efficient ecommerce solution which includes inventory management, order management and reporting.

Drupal CMS Customization : Drupal is another open-source content management system that can be used to develop a variety of websites ranging from personal or corporate websites to community portals like discussion forums and social networking websites to complex web applications like e-commerce and intranet applications.

DotNetNuke development : DotNetNuke is an open-source framework for web applications built on a Microsoft ASP.NET (VB.NET) platform. This open source frame work is also used for developing commercial websites, online portals and other custom vertical applications.

CakePHP development : CakePHP is a PHP framework which helps rapid development and provides extensible structure for developing, maintaining, and deploying applications. Development using CakePHP is cost effective as well as uses less of the developers coding time.

PHPBB Development : PHPBB is an open source tool and like the other open source systems, even PHPBB is available free under the General public license. PHPBB is a free forum that you can integrate to your website. Forums are generally used to increase the traffic of your website.

If you are searching for a right partner to provide you with Open Source solutions then, Silicon Valley considers its privilege to be your partner to help you develop your website using the Open source applications.

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