Structural Engineering Columbus

Silicon Valley provides Structural Engineering services. Our Structural engineering services range from Structural Cad drafting, Structural steel detailing, Structural 2D drafting, Shop drawings, Structural engineering services, Rebar detailing, Structure 3d model, Bar Bending Schedule, Structural design and Structural Analysis. Structural Engineering Services require knowledge of industry standards, innovation, well-trained engineers and extensive domain experience. We undertake conceptual, preliminary and detailed design projects in the areas of Structural Engineering Design and analysis. While endeavoring to maintain international standards in quality, our structural engineering team strives to reduce product design cycle time as well as ensure cost effectiveness.

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Architectural Engineering

Silicon Valley is an Architectural Engineering CAD Outsourcing Company. We are specialists in providing high quality services in architectural engineering, architectural design, exterior and interior 3D rendering plans, elevations and sections, CAD services, cost estimation, CAD engineering, etc. to all type of works.

Our structural engineering services involving following services with structural steel design and Detailing:
  • Structural CAD Drafting’s.
  • Shop Drawings.
  • Structural Design.
  • Steel Structure Detailing.
  • Rebar Detailing.
  • Bar Bending Schedule.
  • Structural Analysis.
  • Structural 3D model.

Silicon Valley is one of the foremost engineering companies with its position is Columbus. We have a team of highly qualified team of structural engineers, construction engineers and project engineers who inspect, analyze, design, plan and research structural components and structural systems. They take care mainly of technical, economic and environmental concerns. We have draftsmen who are highly experienced to give the drawings to the highest degree of precision, perfection and quality. All persons working for us, regardless of the position they hold are encouraged to participate in a realistic and systematic evaluation of their own performance.

Institutional Project Columbus

Structural Engineering consultancy services in Institution Projects Management Services. Silicon Valley offers outsourcing services for all our structural engineering restraint in order to facilitate our patrons to stay focused on their core business objectives. Silicon Valley works in close participation of clients with the intact team of Structural Engineers, Structural Drafters, designers and checkers and they are enough skilled to objectively appraise, engineer and integrate the cost-effective designs for our clients in order to provide good returns on their investments. Institutional Projects in structural engineering involves managing various concerns of loads on an institutional structure and meeting life-safety objectives to achieve highest public safety. With the team efforts we have handle following Institutional Projects:

  • Hospitals.
  • Medical Rehabilitation Centre.
  • Day Care Centre for kids.
  • Convalescents of aged persons.
  • Sanatorium.
  • Reformatories.
  • School Building.
  • University Campus.
  • College Buildings.
  • Auditorium.
  • Museum.
Industrial Project Columbus

Silicon Valley's structural engineering outsource services provide a wide array of industrial projects designing of high rise structures including all types of residential and commercial buildings using finite element software and our built-in-house design tools. Silicon Valley works along with its skilled and experienced team of Structural Engineers, drafters and designers in a multi disciplined environment to offer valuable structural solutions to assist the many facet of design. Silicon Valley is having qualitative experience of handling various industrial projects that has satisfied our esteemed clients’ expectations. We offer Industrial Projects Services in the sphere of Structural Engineering that possesses structural integrity.

Residential Project Columbus

Residential Project Development requires quite focused attention of many professionals such as Architect, Structural Engineer and many more to run the project smoothly for desired outputs. To make the whole Residential Project Development process hassle free and along with qualitative outcomes Silicon Valley is the right option. Field experienced and creative Architects, Structural Engineering experts, architectural technicians and draftsmen form an ideal team to give you the accurate Residential Structural Engineering Design. Skilled human resources, design flexibility, quality materials and superior brand products are just the commencement. Further we put team efforts, creativeness and accuracy in whatever we execute and develop. In Residential Engineering we have handled following type of Structural Projects such as:

  • Apartment Block.
  • Condominium.
  • Dormitory.
  • Duplex.
  • House.
  • Detached Single Unit Housing.
  • Semi Detached Dwellings/Duplex House.
  • Attached Multi Unit Housing.
  • Movable Dwellings.
  • Low Rise.
  • Medium Rise..
  • High Rise..
  • Nursing Home.
  • Villa.
Effluent Treatment Plant Columbus

Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP) is most cost Effective & technically verified organization to take away the unwanted, hazardous chemicals from the wastewater to meets the statutory pollution control necessities, especially for chemicals, pharmaceuticals, phosphate and electroplating wastewaters. We take on turnkey project of a variety of capacities as per the patron’s requirement. Wastewater Engineering involves the entire water-cycle, from sourcing drinking water supplies in high ground areas to treating and discharging wastewater resulting from urban and manufacturing activities. In the current state of affairs of industrialization the wastewater treatment is an obligatory prerequisite for industry under environment guard norms.

To diminish the impact on surroundings Effluent Treatment Plant can assist to set out the industrial effluent water in an ecological way. Treatment of these effluents varies based upon the type and nature of effluents. Silicon Valley is a company where we offer wide variety of Wastewater Engineering Services from consulting, processing to designing of Effluent Treatment Plant. Silicon Valley believes in total customer satisfaction along with environment safeguards. By providing quality water and wastewater treatment plant operations utilizing our dedicated staff of wastewater treatment professionals, we permit our clients the liberty to focus on their core business objectives.

Switch Yard Structure Columbus

Switchyard is group of electrical equipment where high voltage electricity is switched using of various component. Switchyards are generally part of a substation where electricity is transformed from one voltage to another for the transmission and distribution. To design Switchyard Structure requires compliance of high end quality standards. Silicon Valley is having expertise in designing Switchyard Structures where our experts strive to conceive quality standards of the industry into Switchyard Structural Design and at the same time meet the operational requirements of our clients. Silicon Valley is the most excellent company for developing Switchyard Structure. Our Silicon Valley sets the standard for excellence and ease-of-use in the industry.

Power Plant Columbus

Power Plant Engineering involves many engineering disciplines in its procedure and the main discipline is Electrical Engineering as it deals with the generation, transmission and distribution of electric power. To smooth the progress of the process of various types of Power Plants, structural design plays a vital role as well. Power Plant engineering structure engross Steel Structures such as heating platforms, secondary beams, turbines on the roof, coal conveyors and air refrigeration platforms. Silicon Valley with squad efforts provides energy efficient and feasible Structural Design solutions for different types of Power Plants. Silicon Valley is staffed with greatest efficient team of Structural Engineers, Electrical Engineers and other professional staff who endeavor to give their best to get targeted outcomes from the Power Plant Projects. At Silicon Valley, Structure for Power Plant is designed in such a way that the Structural Design trims down all over Power-Plant Project costs and pick up energy efficiency.

Cement Plant Columbus

At Silicon Valley, with our team we bring an absolute array of Structural Engineering Services and reliable turnkey solutions for Cement Plants Consultancy. Our expert engineers also provide Structural Design for individual components of Cement Plant Structure as well as full Cement Plant Structures. Silicon Valley is comprised of distinctly skilled and experienced designing and consulting team who strives to get the best possible Structural Design appropriate to the circumstances where the Cement Plant is to be installed. Structural Designs produced by our experienced professionals are computer aided and accurate design analysis is carried out to give surety for utmost reliability and functioning of Cement Plants.

Boiler House Columbus

Silicon Valley offers Structural Engineering Services through complete involvement and levels in engineering field. With the years of experience we have gained thorough customer satisfaction with completion of various types of projects. Silicon Valley provides Structural Designing Services for Boiler Supporting Structures. Boiler Supporting Structure involves peripheral columns, vertical or horizontal or inclined bracings and many other Structural Elements.

Pharmaceutical Project Columbus

Pharmaceutical Industry possesses one of the core sectors of total economy and it is very important to pay attention when it comes to construct a Pharmaceutical Plant or any type of Pharmaceutical Structure. Silicon Valley can be termed as one stop solution for all type of Computer Aided Design and Drafting Services, Estimation and Tendering Services, and Construction Documentation Service with experience. The diverse capabilities and cross sector expertise have enabled Silicon Valley a desired outsourcing destination for all our clientele across the world.

Chemical Plant Columbus

Chemical Plant involves industrial process that produces chemicals and the challenge for the chemical industry is sustainability in the current market and requires utmost operational efficiency. The main objective of Chemical Plant is to create new substance wealth via the chemical or biological transformation and or separation of substance. Silicon Valley provides turnkey solutions for Chemical Plant Engineering.

Warehouse Columbus

Warehouse is a storage building mainly utilized for storage of goods. Warehouse Buildings are useful in various types of businesses such as manufacturing, import-export, wholesaling, transportation business etc. Warehouse Structural Design requires sound knowledge and related software proficiency to perform on Warehouse Projects. Silicon Valley possesses profound industry knowledge and provides Structural Engineering Consultancy solutions as per the requirements of the projects.

Ceramic Factory Columbus

A ceramic is an inanimate, nonmetallic solid configured by the act of heat and following cooling. Ceramic resources may have a crystallized or partially crystalline construction, or perchance will be indistinct because most ordinary ceramics are crystalline; the explanation of ceramic ware is often constricted to amorphous crystalline materials, as conflicting to the non crystalline glasses. Ceramic factory Planning and Design Services also postulates going through assorted behind-the-scenes formalities.

Food and Agro Projects Columbus

Food and Agro Project Development steeps quite extended and varied procedure that assumes a good level of achievement and education. It is not as simple as to choose a scheme of land and design. Agro Design Services also postulates going through various secretly formalities. Silicon Valley has put much stress on procedure driven Food and Agro Project Development conceptualization to develop surroundings friendly and breathless the people environment that are assertive and go above client’s expectations.

Hospital Planning Columbus

Hospital Planning Design and health care artifact creating by mental acts can pretense a challenge - your space needs to be structural, sterilized, and administrative. Silicon Valley has an expeditiously staffed Systems Planning Department to assist owners, architects, and healthcare facility planners in the design of specific hospital departments, proper placement of equipment, and even hospital step-up. This service has been stuccoes on thousands of projects around the world and has smitten more than half of the hospitals. Silicon Valley helps its level best to get neurotic all necessary Hospital Planning standards and regulations for your Hospital Project. A Hospital Planning Design is the harvester of many engineering disciplines and one of them is Hospital Planning Services.

Paper Industry Planning Columbus

An aptitude director for Paper Industry Project, Silicon Valley offers fully built-in Paper Industry Planning Management Services and requirement that combines suites of tools with automatically linked capabilities. With the burly field familiarity Silicon Valley helps its level best to get together all necessary Paper Industry planning standards and regulations for your Paper Industry Planning. A Paper Industry Planning Design is the combine of many engineering disciplines and one of them is Paper Industry Planning Services.

Spinning and weaving Plant Columbus

Silicon Valley offers fully constitutional Spinning and Weaving Plant Management Services and requirement that combine suites of tools with automatically linked capabilities. With the beefy field familiarity Silicon Valley helps its level best to get together all essential Spinning and Weaving Plant standards and regulations for your Spinning and Weaving Plant. A Spinning and Weaving Plant is a place where earthy fibers or similar substances are spun, woven, knitted, or otherwise formed into cloths, rugs, or similar sheets. A Spinning and Weaving Plant Design is the combine of many engineering disciplines and one of them is Spinning and Weaving Plant Services.

Textile mills Columbus

Textile Mill Planning Development involves quite drawn-out and various process that obtains a good amount of accomplishment and experience. Textile Mill Planning and Design Services also postulates going through assorted behind-the-scenes formalities. With the thoughtful industry knowledge Silicon Valley has put more emphasize on process driven Textile Mill Planning Development approach to develop environment friendly and exciting community surroundings that are competitive and exceed client’s expectations.

Structural Projects
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