Hostel Management

As educational institutions are increasing day-by-day, the accommodation for the students is very essential. Thus, Hostel Management is developed for supervising the various activities in the hostel. Hostel Management System can be used where there is a complex number of students and there is a need for proper arrangement of all the tasks and track records. The module is very user-friendly and has easy to use interface.

School Faculty and Parents can see all the Hostel Accommodations & can check all the details of the hostel which includes Room allocation , Canteen menu etc , through Hostel Management module . Resources can also be managed through the Cloud based system and Mobile Application which make it more Cost-effective and capable. Silicon Valley Education Management also helps to see the Hostel canteen menu from the System and Mobile Application .

Students that applied for hostel accommodations can check all the details of the hostel through Hostel Details, can view monthly and Yearly rental packages and the payment methods. Resources can also be managed through the system and mobile app which makes it more efficient and powerful. They can also check the rental payment with the last date of payment of hostel rent and the resources allotted to their children like locker, bed, and other household things of their children staying in hostel of the Institute.

KEY FEATURES OF Transportation / Library / Hostel

    Generate , control and maintain Hostel Details with its facilities also live updates regarding the students and other management facilities . It includes the details like Hostel Type , Name of the Hostel , Hostel Address , Number of the Hostel , Name of the Warden , Address of the Warden and Contact Number.
    Hostel Room Allocation can be done with the help of our system easily and in less time .Room Allocation can be done for both Employees and Students Both . Hostel Allocation includes Hostel Type , Name of the Hostel , Hostel Room , Hostel Fees , Date of Registration and Vacating Date . Room Allocation can also be done with the help of Mobile Application
    If a student or Employee wants to Transfer the Room , so it can be done with the help of the our module and if you want to transfer the room so you have to select the Room . If anyone wants to know how much rooms are vacate in the hostel , so that information is also available in the system.
    Hostel Type includes Girls Hostel and Boys Hostel or Both.
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Hostel Room list includes Hostel Type , Name of the Hostel , Floor Name , Room No , Number of the beds . Room can be of various types like: Room With AC or Without AC, Room with AC & Attached Washroom, Common Washroom


In Hostel Register the record of the Employees and Students regarding IN & OUT Timings and Date from the Hostel can be managed.


With the help of our software , the details of the visitors can be managed like to whom the visitor came to meet , their Name , Relation of the visitor with the Employee or Student , Date , IN & OUT timings etc.


Hostel Fees Collection can be done with the help of our module , it includes Receipt No , Payment Date , Name of the student , Stream , Class and Section , Amount of Fees and Payment Mode . Hostel Fees can also be managed with the help of Mobile Application. At the time of Room Allocation , the amount we entered it can be reflected in Hostel Fees at the time of Fees Collection Entry and also fee receipt can also be generated.

Backend Software Development
Backend Software Development

In Hostel Fees Bank Reconciliation if a student has paid the fees through cheque so the cheque has to be deposited in the bank and it will be processed on the mentioned date . If the cheque has been bounced so the bounce charge will apply on the transaction and if the cheque has been cleared so the amount will be automatically credited to the account.

Benefits of Transportation / Library / Hostel Management

  • Simple and Quick Vehicle allocation with proper defined route and driver details.
  • Real time Vehicle Tracking System.
  • Easy to understand Annual Fees Structure with efficient payment modes.
  • Accurate results from different Books and their Category.
  • Monitoring Books Issue and Books Returns simultaneously.
  • Manage and Handle all the Hostel activities on single platform.
  • Students and Hostel staff can supervise Hostel Canteen food menu regularly.