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    The era is of digital world where the holistic view of digitized solutions is required to develop high rated and useful enterprise solutions. Hence why not check for hire for the team of dedicated developers for all the needs related to IT solutions.

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    Firm when It Comes to Providing Revolutionary Business Enterprise Solutions.

    Proficiency in PHP/MYSQL, C#.Net, AngularJS, NodeJS, Full Stack, MEAN Stack Development, Java, iOS, Android, and Outsource Open-Source Optimization-WordPress, Joomla, Magento, Drupal etc.




    Employed for delivering Innovative, Intact & Ideal Construction Designs to its Clients.

    Proficiency in PHP/MYSQL, C#.Net, AngularJS, NodeJS, Full Stack, MEAN Stack Development, Java, iOS, Android, and Outsource Open-Source Optimization-WordPress, Joomla, Magento, Drupal etc.

IT/ITEs Consulting Services

Silicon Valley is a 18+ years experienced CMMi Level 3 Certified IT Consulting firm having braches in multiple countries to accelerate website development more robust. Our 180 Plus Developers add wings to the dreams of its clients by implementing their thoughts into reality.

Core strength of Silicon Valley is LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP), Full Stack Development / MEAN Stack (Mongo DB, ExpressJS, AngularJS, Node.JS), Java Spring Boot Development, C# .Net Development, React, Mobile Application Development (iOS and Android) . We have extensive Development Skills in iOS App Development and Android Application Development and Open Source like (Joomla, Wordpress, Drupal, Magento etc). We normally work on Project basis as well as hourly / Monthly basis. Furthermore, the organization is actively involved in providing full-fledged services related to CAD, BIM, MEP and major Civil Engineering Services. Email Us Get in Touch
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PHP/MySQL Development
Silicon Valley is a leading Web Development and Outsourcing Company Since 2004. Mainly working on LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) Frameworks like Laravel, Yii Framework, Code Igniter, CakePHP. Silicon Valley has strong team of PHP developers who can work on very complex projects and implement into reality.
MEAN Stack and Full Stack Development
Silicon Valley has strong Programming team who can develop robust front-end and backend development on MEAN (MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS, and Node. JS) and Full Stack Development. Our Full Stack Developers can handle complex Full Stack Development need of its customers using multiple frameworks with C#.Net, Java, PHP that accelerate website development more robust.
.Net Development (C#.Net / VB.Net)
Silicon Valley has great team of Developers who build Enterprise-level software using C#.Net and VB.Net development technologies. Our developers has vast experience to develop .Net Native and .Net Full-Stack Web Development.
Java Development Services
Silicon Valley has very experienced team of Java Programmers who develop Robust Enterprise Level Application using Hibernate Spring Boot and Full Stack Java Development with Angular and JAVA Spring Boot.
Open Source Development
Silicon Valley has years of experience in Developing various Open Source like Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento etc.. Our Team has have vast experience in Theme Integration, Plugin development, plugin customization according to the customers requirements.
Silicon Valley offers you to Hire agile iOS Developers at a nominal price. Professed with Objective-C and Swift, you can expect the glitch-free development of applications. Also with in-depth knowledge in COCOA 2D and 3D, Custom Mac Application Development, and Object Oriented Programming and employing the latest SDKs the developers will present to you, productive applications.
Outsource Android Application Development Services to Silicon Valley with the assurance of fetching generous amount of users. We believe in delivering QUALITY at a REASONABLE price. Moreover, a flair for Java-the backend language for designing applications and adept at implementing Auto Layout, the programmers here can help you create an app that fits the screen of any size.
React Native Mobile App Development
Silicon Valley has very experienced React Native Mobile App Development Team to develop their Apps for Android Mobile or iPhone. Our team has developed multiple Cross Platform Projects for React Native iOS App and React Native Android App. React Native Mobile App give great Performance, Flexibility, Time and Money saving by 50% as we can reuse the Mobile App code for iOS App and Android App.
Business App
In an era where the Internet plays a crucial role, business applications have become a top-notch priority for the entrepreneurs trying to boost their services by providing door-to-door ministrations. State your ideas and the programmers at Silicon Valley are bound to bring forth an application that will secure your position in the market and help you reap economic benefits.
Planning to create a website that enunciates the objective of your firm? Silicon Valley can help you develop one such website using WordPress- an open source CMS software. The programmers have extensive knowledge about the software, thereby deploying you a product that proves to be fruitful for your organization.
Joomla-an outstanding CMS Software for developing Web Applications, Web Portals and Websites have immensely won acceptance due to its unique extensions. Silicon Valley assures scalable and interactive Web Applications, Web Portals and Websites that will magnify the scope as well as the growth of your company.
Wish to device an e-commerce website? Buzz Silicon Valley to furnish impeccable e-commerce website employing one of the most notable Open-Source CMS software. When talking about e-commerce, Magento is considered to be a secure platform that vouchsafes reliable and well-founded paying options and SEO friendly.
Silicon Valley helps you to present your Websites and Applications in the most constructive manner using Drupal- an Open-Source CMS that grants scintillating performance. The developers at Silicon Valley proficiently use Drupal and provide felicitous content writing, designing, authentic codification, and accuracy.
Hire Dedicated PHP/MySQL Developer
At Silicon Valley developers are adept at employing the latest PHP Developments Technologies like PHP Laraval Development, PHP Yii Framework Development, PHP Code Igniter Development, Cake PHP Development, Core PHP Development and delivering meritorious PHP based Websites and Applications that cater your business requirements. Hire PHP Developer from Silicon Valley starting @ $1100 m based on their experience.
Hire MAEAN Stack Developer / Full Stack Developer
When it comes to providing MEAN Stack Development or Full Stack Development, Silicon Valley can provide you Dedicated Full Stack Developer or MEAN Stack Developers on Hourly or Monthly Basis starting from $ 1300 a Month. Silicon Valley has pool of Programmers who can develop robust front-end and backend development suing Full Stack using AnuglarJS with C#.Net, Java Spring Boot with AngularJS, PHP Laravel with AngularJS that accelerate website development more robust.
Hire Dedicated Android App Developer or iOS App Developer
The Developers at Silicon Valley make use of the newest SDK to deliver excellent iOS Applications (iPhone App / iPAD App) and Android Application (Mobile App and Tablet App) that help you make a mark in the market. Hire Dedicated iPhone Programmers and Dedicated Android Programmers from starting at $1300 month based on their years of experience, possessing great skills in furnishing iOS App and Android App as per your business requisites.
Hire Dedicated C#.Net Developer or Java Spring Boot Developer
When it comes to developing Websites and Applications, Silicon Valley is a trusted firm with CMMi Level 3 certification. You can hire Dedicated .Net Developers (C#.Net Or VB.Net Developer) and Java Developers who can develop complex web application using Java Spring Boot with Hibernate. The demand of Angular JS developers are consistently increasing to develop modern interactive web applications for Full Stack C#.Net with Angular JS and Full Stack Java Spring Boot Developer with Angular JS.
Hire Open Source Developer
Silicon Valley promises to offer exemplary Web Development Services starting at just $1100 depending on the experience of the developer. Our developers have proficiency in Customizing or Developing complex Plugins. You can Hire Dedicated WordPress Developers, Dedicated Joomla Developers, Dedicated Magento Developer or Dedicated Drupal Developer who can help you build a platform that will help you garner users thereby, enhancing the efficiency of your online business venture.
Engineering Consultant
Silicon Valley is a one-stop engineering consultant provider, that delivers and assists its clients in providing all types of engineering services. The professed team of engineers, designers, and drafters are well-trained and experienced in providing architectural engineering consultancy services, structural engineering consultancy services, MEP engineering services, Civil engineering services, CAD services, in a single roof.
BIM Services
The only name when it comes to delivering data-driven BIM services is none other than Silicon Valley. We are a renowned company that provides an array of services such as BIM modeling services, BIM consulting services, BIM clash detection, Scan to BIM services, MEP BIM services, BIM drafting, and designing services, and a lot many other services related to BIM outsourcing services.
MEPF Services
Silicon Valley have a pool of engineers, modelers, and drafters who are versatile in creating robust MEP design, MEP drawings, and delivering accelerated MEP BIM services, etc. We are the providers of suing wide array of the services such as MEP design, MEP consultants, MEP construction services, MEP CAD services, MEP HVAC services, precise MEP engineering consultants services, etc and this is why we are the leading MEP outsourcing service provider in India and worldwide.
Detailing Services
When it comes to outsourcing detailing services the only name that strikes in the mind of our client in Silicon Valley. Regardless of the complexity of the project, our team is at its service for the clients when they demand steel detailing services, precast panel detailing services, rebar detailing services, curtain wall detailing services, facade detailing services, structural detailing services, miscellaneous detailing services, etc. With this list of services, the entire details of the project can be discussed and worked over it.
Shop Drawing Services
Looking to outsource shop drawing services? We are here to serve you. The pool of services we hold and have experience are BIM shop drawings, MEPF shop drawings, structural shop drawings, precast shop drawings, millwork cad drawings, casework shop drawings, steel detailing fabrication drawings, duct fabrication drawings, HVAC shop drawing, joinery shop drawings, millwork shop drawings services, engineering fabrication drawings, etc.
To get the computation of the massive amount of data and computation the software which is used is Hadoop. This is a collection of open-source software that uses networks that are stored in many computers.
Apache Spark
This is the program that assists in getting the accuracy in the data that are in data parallelism and fault-tolerance. With the help of this the clusters data can be gathered in one place.
Mongo DB
It is the cross-platform document-oriented database program. This is the program that is been classified by the NoSQL database program.
Apache Storm
It is the distributed stream processing that helps in the computation framework of the data and gets them updated in proper way and details.

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Why Outsource to Silicon Valley

At Silicon Valley, you get exemplary Outsourcing Services for Mobile App Development and Cloud Based Website Development all under one roof to experience the real wonders of Technological Era. The developers design Websites and Mobile Apps (iOS and Android) that are productive and to fulfil your operational and creative requirements in Technologies like MEAN Stack, Full Stack, PHP/MySQL, Java Spring Boot, AngularJS, NodeJS, C#.Net, Open Source, React Native, iOS, Android etc.

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Hire Dedicated Resources

Choose from the gilt-edged Dedicated IT Professionals or Developers who show a lot of endurance and proficiency while entrusting Web Application Development (iPhone App or Android App) or to create some extraordinary Web Site Developemnt requirements in PHP/MySQL, MEAN Stack, Full Stack, Java, AngularJS, C#.Net, to render hallmark services.

Silicon Valley effectuates the avant-garde inventions to render peerless Web Application Development and Mobile App Development Services to it's clients across the globe and initiated with the aim to provide Organizations- Small, Medium or Large, sublime extensive Customization Services implementing different technologies all under one roof, thereby emerging as the major global player in the Software Industry equipping high-end Technology and providing affordability and quality to the clients. Further, we work towards enhancing our skills to make our journey a success and empowering the developers to study the requisites and come up with IT Solutions that fit the client's business requirement.

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    Silicon Valley was initiated with the aim to provide Organizations- Small, Medium or Large, sublime extensive development and Customization Services by implementing different technologies all under one roof, thereby emerging as the major global player in the Software Industry equipping high-end Technology and providing affordability and quality to the clients. We work in major Technologies like LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP), MEAN Stack (MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS, Node.js), Full Stack Development, Java Spring Boot, C#.Net, React JS/React Native, Open Source such as WordPress, Magento, Joomla, Drupal, etc.

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