School Management System

Genius Education Management is a user-interactive, flexible, easy-to-access and diversified School/ College / University Management ERP System.It is a smart educational system, which enables every feature, functions and completes the daily needs of School, Colleges, Universities and other Educational Institutions. It is a Cloud based platform that can be accessed anytime and available 24/7 from your phone, laptop or desktop computer. This require no other setup or any upgradation in the existing system, thus it can be installed in all the different generation devices with Cloud computing factor, hence there are no worries of security enhancement for theft or to create any backup of the data. It provides different roles and functionality to every unique user with diversified perspective. It really doesn't get simpler than that. All it requires is to sign up and start working.

School / College / University Management System Software

Key Features of School Management System

Safe & Responsible

The Genius Education management is built with dynamic terms and policies. Hence, created with much secured standards and procedures for desktop and web applications. It generates the routine backup of the data with scheduled timing and date.

Personalize with your needs

Different institutes have their different needs and requirement for undertaking their daily academic activities, thus it provides the customization of features and additions according to the demand from the Institutes.

Web, Mobile and Desktop Versions

The Genius developers have created suitable versions for Web, Mobile and Desktop application. Thus allowing them to use the education management with cross-platform functionality anywhere and anytime.

Cloud Assistance

It requires no other setup to install, the members can start using the system with basic internet connection in computer or any other mobile device.

Customer Support

We provide 24/7 Customer support to all the members who signed in for the membership of Genius Education management. Our team is always available to solve any queries or issues.

Enhanced Features

The developers of Genius Education management are constantly understanding the routine operations of day to day academic activities and enhancing the features with auto update technology. This system is widely used in the market and practically implemented in the most recognized educational organizations.

Enrollment / Admission process

Genius Education Management provides Cloud based Online Enrollment and Admission process for the students. The system will help the parents in efficient and smooth flow of registration of their children. The parents can fill the Online Admission form for the enrollment process with all the student's personal and academic information.

Multilingual language and Multi Currency layout

The system can be used internationally all over the world. It has the features of changing into different preferred native languages. The user can use the system in any language that are supported by the team. In Multi currency layout, the user can add values in any foreign currency, also the transaction can be recorded with multi-currencies structure. The user can change the currency according to the preferred language.

Simple, Powerful & Affordable School / College Management System


A simple and structured user interface with an easy to operate functionalities



Multi-cross functions and features will empower institutions for the digital evolution.



Providing different functions and features to all the registered users with Unlimited access to the ERP system.


The tagline "Enhancing Education System" explains that its user interactive, flexible and easy to access platform, which can be installed in any generation device.