Transportation Management

Transportation management is very important for every Schools / Colleges / Universities Providing better safety and security to the students while they are commuting from school to home or vice-versa is the topmost priority of every school management. Silicon Valley Education management provides a better user interface and unique vehicle tracking system with the help of Website Version and also the Mobile Application. Admin has all the rights to add different transport vehicles with all the driver details like Name, Vehicle number, License number, Driver's phone number.

Transportation Management helps to assign and manages different routes to different drivers with the mentioned vehicle number. The Transportation Management system will give detailed information about vehicle tracking and transport allocation. The School ERP system generally uses numerous features to inform the user about the exact vehicle location at any given point in time. Different schedules are developed to plan efficient routes to pick up and drop off the students on time. Along with the school authorities, parents can also keep track of the movement of buses, its locations & routing. Silicon Valley Education System can be developed according to the number of students. Covering the long-distance gives more productive results, as we use the transportation system in a real time environment.

KEY FEATURES OF Transportation

Backend Software Development

In-Vehicle Module the list of vehicles & vehicle number, maximum seat allocation, the insurance renewal date will be displayed. Teachers / Admin & Parents can see the type of vehicle assigned to the students with a proper vehicle number, contact number details, Register Number, Vehicle Type, and insurance renewal date and also they can see all the details of the vehicles which will help them to contact the driver in case of an emergency.

Driver Details

Transportation Manager can add newly hired school drivers or contractors, Silicon Valley Education System will provide separate forms to fill the details of the newly recruited driver which includes Driver’s Name, Vehicle Number, Permanent Address, Date of Birth, Phone Number, and License Number.

Backend Software Development
Backend Software Development

Admin, Students & Parents can track the vehicle with the help of the Silicon Valley Vehicle tracking system, parents can see the live location of the vehicle by the real-time Silicon Valley GPS System. The parents will get the push notification if there is any change in the daily route.


Parents can see the details of the route that will be pre-decided so that if there will be any changes in the route of the vehicle, it will automatically send the push notification to the parents regarding the route details. Identically, students can check his/her everyday bus routine from start to stop place. The students will get a notification from the Admin Institute If there will be any changes in the bus route's daily details.

Backend Software Development
Backend Software Development

Generate and Manage pick-up and Drop schedule of the Students, Admin can change, add & view the number of destinations from pick-up point to drop point. Similarly, students and parents can see the number of destination from pick up point to drop point. Silicon Valley Education System helps to calculate the amount of the fees that parents have to pay for their children according to the Kilometers / Miles covered by the vehicle.

Admin can handle and manage all the fee related institutional activities, he/she can add the fee payment type, with a different mode of payment like cash, cheque or visa cards, the system will provide you the customized annual fee structure with detailed description for fees payment.


Admin can allocate different vehicles according to the student’s address and destination to pick and drop the students accordingly. The route and destination will display the vehicle allocation of a different group of students living in the same area or nearby locations. This characteristic will help the admin in allocating transportation successfully.

Backend Software Development