Our Methodology

A System development process works on numerous working standards, company frameworks, methodologies, modelling tools and different Languages. It has the same standards everywhere; only the method of implementation varies. It is necessary to have a proper procedure for website and software development projects.

The steps followed by our firm for website development are as follows :


An analysis is a commencing action at the threshold of any project. It covers all aspects of how the website will work and benefit your business. Assuming a company wants to sell its products online, the analysis team may first analyze the current database or make up a documentary frame. Thus, providing the best competitive cost for the web project, the analyst conducts the following actions:

  • Interviewing the clients regarding the project.
  • Generating the required documentation to support.
  • Take notes of the discussion and online chatting.
  • Discuss the project with the developers and designers.
  • Making the work plans.
  • Framing team requirements and hardware-software requirements.
  • All supporting documents and paperwork.

Specification and Documentation

After Analysis, comes documenting all the discussions that have taken place. It is vital to pen down all the meetings, chatting and documentation during the analysis process. The Larger the projects higher the level of consultation will be required to assess additional business and technical requirements. Our experienced and skilled team create and shares the specifications and prepares the documentation of the firm needs.

Design And Development

Designing a web layout for your website is Photoshop and then preparing a prototype from the web layout. The prototype contains all the activities heading towards the architecture of the website. These modifications are made in the prototype to facilitate the development procedure for the developer. This process includes giving a new look to your website. Our designer team design your web and mobile application uniquely.

Development is the consecutive step after designing. The complete prototype is formed into the coding frame structure during this phase. All the functionality prepared in the Specification and Documentation is programmed into an actual product. Our Development services include various activities like integrating the code, database files and content into several modules. Constant client interaction occurs throughout the entire process.

Angular eCommerce Application


After the above phases of the development cycle comes the turn of the Programmers. The developer can ask for the help of a designer to understand the website design. The Programmers start integrating the design with their code. Our coding team maintains and manages all the documentation for your project coding and development. This is because proper documentation is necessary for the remaining stages of the development cycle.

Maintenance & Support


On the completion of the coding stage, starts the testing of the website. Testing a project consists of various things like integration, resolution testing, and cross-browser compatibility testing. After making the site live, the tester is liable to conduct the testing activity to confirm that the website is bug-free. Our testing team takes a test of your project development before delivering to deliver an error-free application and website.

Development Experience


The promotion phase is also known as web marketing. This phase applies only to the website. The process of promoting a website entails the development of meta tags, ongoing evaluation, and submission of the URL to various search engines and directories. Promoting a website is not a one-day task. It is a continuous process determined by the strategies employed by different search engines. We even have the promoting team for your website promotion.

Maintenance and Updating

Developing and launching your website is not the final step of website development. A website keeps updating now and then to keep it fresh. Moreover, constant updating and maintenance help remove the bugs in the website. Depending on the size and complexity of the business, your website will need regular updates after it is operational. Our maintenance and support team is always ready to help you even if your project is delivered to you.

The Web development life cycle's steps are not always the same as what is listed above. Depending on the policy and strategy of the company, it might change.