Hadoop Services by Silicon Info

Silicon info brings for you Hadoop services. The abbreviation for this is "HaaS". Hadoop as a service in the cloud is a framework of big data analytics. This data are stored in the cloud using Hadoop after complete analysis. The users who are using Hadoop do not have to install or invest in any kind of additional infrastructure for using this technology or when using this technology. It is something where HaaS is provided and very well-managed by the third-party vendor.

Further, in this software framework, the complete storage of the data is done in clustered systems. HaaS gives its user the access and ability to collect and analyze the data in a systematic way. It further also strives hard to provide the same experience to the user in the cloud service as well. The services are useful for medium and large scale organizations that do not have the infrastructure or ability to host Hadoop on-premises.

Moving further, the services of Hadoop is an open-source. The benefit of this service is, it allows the set of large as well as unstructured data to be analyzed properly and systematically. To get the work done in a parallel way or reduce the workload, it uses Hadoop's storage mechanism and the Hadoop Distributed File System. This is all correlated to the workloads across multiple nodes.

Hadoop as a service provider will combine proprietary programs with the framework to make the work easier for the organizations. It here manages to check and include services related to management and support capabilities. Major of the HaaS offerings are cloud-based, and pricing is most often on a per-cluster, per-hour basis.

Features of Hadoop Services

Below mentioned is the list that gives the indication and features of this service that will give more clarity and light on the services.

  • Provides deployment support.
  • Manages Hadoop Cluster.
  • Different and Alternative Programming Language.
  • Easy Data Transfer between clusters.
  • Data Saftey and security.
  • Customize and User-friendly dashboards for data.

Why Choose Silicon Info?

We at Silicon Info understand the needs and demand for the service for a better future. Therefore, we have a team of experts who are well-trained and experienced in providing Hadoop services. So, with this get the best result of your project when collaborating with us. With the advanced tools and techniques, it is easy to get in touch with us from any part of the world. We are just a call and email away from you to let you know more about the service which you are intending to have.