ETL Tools

The full form of ETL is Extract, Transform, and Load. These three services are basically used in the database function. It is that they are combined into one tool that assists in pulling out data from one place to another.

  • Extract: The term itself lets you know what the service is all about. The extract is the process that reads the data from the database. In this stage, the data is collected from multiple and different types of sources. Therefore, in ETL this is considered to be the first stage where the services are easily accessible and worth getting transformed.
  • Transform: This is the second stage where you can convert all the extracted data from previous form into the form in which it is required. Once the conversion is done, it can be placed into another database. The process of transformation is only done by using the rules that are been set in the lookup tables or by combining the data with other data.
  • Load: Once the complete bunch of the data is been transformed the process of loading those data on the server is taken. Hence this is also one of the services that is as important as that of extract and transform.

The work of ETL is actually connected with data warehouse. We all know that the data which has been extracted requires a place where it can be stored. That is where data warehouse is taking place. This is the service where the extracted data are copied from one or more sources. It is also seen that when we deal with large number or volume of data with multiple systems, it is mandatory to have the tool of ETL to make things go easy and smoothly.

Basically, ETL is used to merge data from one database file to another. This is then often done with the specific process to load data to a from data marts and data warehouses. And, yes we should not forget that this is the process that is used to convert, transform large database from one format to another format or from one type to another type.

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