Another set of programming language which was developed in the year 2000. This is the form of document database that provides scalability and flexibility that the clients want when there is a need for querying and indexing. MongoDB is a the language that is a document-oriented NoSQL database which is indeed used for high volume data storage. Taking it further the languages falls under the category of a NoSQL database.

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Features of MongoDB

The programming language that is developed by the developer has a lot of features attached with it. Below are some of them which are predefined in MongoDB.

  • Every database has the collections of the data that in turn contain the documents. Later on, each of these documents will be having a different number of fields that will be varied. In this stage, the size and the content of each document may be different from each other with different variables.
  • This is the second stage of the language, where the developer will be constructing the classes and the objects of their respective programming languages. This structure of the document will be more in line and systematic. The developer would be saying that the classes defined are not in rows and columns rather will have a clear and visualized structure with key-value pairs.
  • We have seen in the starting that MongoDB is with NoSQL database. Here it does not need to have a system and schema defined priorly. Instead, the fields can be created on its own or by the fly.
  • The data that is available within MongoDB allows you to represent its range of relationships that stores an array of data which are structured min more complex and difficult way. But with the help of MongoDB, the same is possible with ease and accuracy.

Why Use MongoDB?

Till now we came to knew that what is the language all about and what are its features. Now continuing further, below mentioned are the reasons as to why to use MongoDB and how it is worth using.

  • Document - Oriented
  • Additional Queries.
  • Indexing.
  • Replication.
  • Load Balancing.

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