Server Scripting

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We are in the era of the 21st century where digitalization and modernization are working hand in hand. We at silicon info bring for you the services of server scripting which is a must service. Knowing what is the competition in the market and the importance of the service we are all set to provide you with the best services. We as a team, work here with the complete process that is been defined when the work is related to server scripting.

Server Scripting is the age-old technique used in the process of developing a website. Here the process involves the request of each user's (client's) to add scripts on a web server. This is done so as to produce an auto-response on the website. The alternative option available for the webserver is to deliver a static web page.

The script that are used at the time of development of a site can be in multiple languages. One of the techniques that are often used together is Javascript and client-side scripting. The server-side script is defined by the client's end because of embedded scripts. This client-side scripting is a web-browser actually. Therefore, it is said these both techniques are used often.

Well, moving further server-side scripting is basically used to provide a customized interface. This is for the user as well as the client both. Here the script that may assemble as per the client's characteristics is for the use of customizing the response. This actually includes the user's requirements, access rights, data monitoring, and so on. With this service, it is easy to hide the source code that generates the interface on the website.

Moreover, a request needs to be made by the client at the time of the server scripting. This request is all about showing the new information to the user via the web browser and this is possible only over the requested network. At times when the user is disconnected from the server, they can prevent the use of the application by this request. But the challenge here that would be coming across would be the experience that can slow down the user experience.

In server scripting, you can serve the data in the most commonly used manner. This is for example related to HTTP and FTP protocols. Therefore, we here provide you with the services which are must-have service as well used in frequency.


Moving further, here is the list of different languages in which the services of server scripting can be used. These are the languages in which the website can be created and each of them has its own importance and need it.

ASP (*.asp) ActiveVFP (*.avfp) ASP.NET (*.aspx) ASP.NET MVC (*.cshtml) ColdFusion Markup Language (*.cfm) Go (*.go)
Google Apps Script (*.gs) Hack (*.php) Haskell (*.hs) (example: Yesod) Java (*.jsp) via JavaServer Pages JavaScript using Server-side JavaScript (*.ssjs, *.js) (example: Node.js) Lasso (*.lasso)
Lua (*.lp *.op *.lua) Parser (*.p) Perl via the module (*.cgi, *.ipl, *.pl) PHP (*.php, *.php3, *.php4, *.phtml) Python (*.py) (examples: Pyramid, Flask, Django) R (*.rhtml) - (example: rApache)
Ruby (*.rb, *.rbw) (example: Ruby on Rails) SMX (*.smx) Tcl (*.tcl) WebDNA (*.dna,*.tpl) Progress WebSpeed (*.r,*.w) Bigwig (*.wig)

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