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In the era of the 21st century, each one of us understands the importance of investing time in the work that gives a beneficial result and outcome of the work. There is always a saying that that change is an inevitable part of life and process, thus the same concept does apply in the field of engineering too. We at Silicon info bring for you the service that is a gift from nature to us humans. The service is called buildings and villas that are created with the help of timber.  This creativity and creation is called “Mass Timber Buildings”.

We all know that wood or timber is the only renewable construction material. It has the capacity in which its resources can be expanded with the proper sustainable forestry management system. It would not at all be wrong to say that use of wood is for good. With the change in technology and the concept of developing the building, people overseas have adopted the culture of constructing their houses with Timber. The overall cost of timber construction is less as compared to steel construction. Now proceeding further, let us know some of the facts about which wood members are used in this service.

When it comes to mass timber construction or constructing wooden buildings there is a large amount of wood being used. It is the process where prefabricated wood is used in the creation of walls, roofs, and floor construction. The concept of the wooden product that is included here are glue-laminated timber (Glulam), cross laminated timber (CLT), and nail laminated timber (NLT). These are the wooden products that have proven their diversity with regards to the performance, safety, and showing a vast array of opportunity as to opting for constructing the building by using timber.

Now, each one of us would be having one of the questions here and that is “Why Mass Timber”? Well, the answer here lies with the engineered mass timber products. Basically instead of utilizing the typical timber frame systems it is better to use the laminated and glued timber that makes the work easier and faster for the construction. In the process of mass timber buildings or wooden buildings there are certain systems and types of timber that are been used in it. The list for the same is in the table below.

Timber Frame Wood Frame Construction Wood Beam Design Timber Design
Timber Frame House CLT Construction Glued Laminated Timber Wood Frame Structure
Wood Panels Mass Timber Buildings Cross Laminated Timber Wooden Buildings

List of the Systems that are used Mass Timber Buildings 

Moving further, let us all understand the systems that are being used in this service. The list for the same is as mentioned below.

  • Glue-Laminated Timber - To increase the structural performance of the timber,the use of structural adhesive is being used by which the layers of the timbers are bonded together. This is the system called glulam that consists of a number of layers which is called dimensioned timber. In general this process is running parallel to the main axis of the timber. Here in this the lamination of a number of smaller timber elements leads to the manufacturing of a larger and stronger structural member.
  • Cross- Laminated Timber - The process of manufacturing CLT is done from the lower grade of the timbers. Here the cut-offs that are reduced to the prepare the strips that are finger-joints and are glued in the perpendicular angle of 90-degree layers and that is also only when high pressure is used. Well, to get the solid CLT panels cut into required shape and sizes there are factories whose assistance needs to be taken. As these timber is hard and its cutting are difficult.
  • Laminated Veneer Lumber - Another system that is used in the construction of timber buildings. The companies do take into consideration this system. The manufacturing of LVL is from very thin and peeled veneers of wood. The usual thickness of it is around 3mm and with the help of structural adhesives it is glued. The panels that are created with this LVL are cut into the structural members that give and have the highest stamina, strength, and stiffness.
  • Dowel Laminated Timber - This is the timber that is prefabricated from the softwood timber. This timber is then kept in a similar line and then connected with the hardwood timber dowel. This system is also termed as Dowel-Lam or Brettstapel. This manufacturing method is capable enough to utilize the lower grade timber and this is then used in the form of load-bearing timber walls, roof panels, and floors.
  • Nail-Laminated Timber - NLT is very much similar to dowel-lam. The only difference is that the nails are used to connect the timber planks and sheets to create strong, and healthy wooden panels.

Why Choose Siliconinfo?

This is the most common question that each one of them has, and that is why to opt for third party or to outsource the project when the same can be done in-house too. Well, for this the reply is as mentioned below.

  • Experience for over 12+ years.
  • Use of the latest technology and software that are required.
  • Following all the international standards and codes
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Having such a vast knowledge, you can with ease get in touch with us and get your project designed by us. The engineers here understand the need of the clients and provide every bit of information in the drawings and designs so that the construction team and the contractors do not face any inconvenience. 

With this said, you can outsource your project with us from anywhere across the world and our team will be at your service. Get in touch with us and our team for more details. You can either call us or email us on and within 24 business hours you will get a reply from the team. Last but not the least as we have our global presence in 6 countries including India and the USA you can rely on us and our services. The ultimate motto of our company is to have a long term business relationship with our clients and to deliver the work as per their expectations.