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Looking to outsource shop drawing services? Or want to know about shop drawing services? Then your search ends at Silicon Valley Infomedia Pvt Ltd. We at Silicon Valley provide various structural shop drawing services. This includes steel shop drawings, sheet metal shop drawing, woodwork shop drawings, etc... Our inhouse team is highly qualified and is having experienced draftsmen and modelers. No matter whatever type of shop drawings you are looking for, we provide each and every type of service as per the need and demand of our clients.

Silicon Valley is a trendsetter in serving Civil CAD Services. It consists of various engineering disciplines across the world. Here we put efforts in preserving the quality of services along with compliance of related engineering and design standards. Shop Drawing is one of the important tools and core sources of information. It requires point precision high-end skill to execute it. Silicon Valley is staffed with skilled and dedicated employees who strive to render excellent and precise Shop Drawing Services.

A shop drawing is the drawings or the set of the drawings that are being produced by the contractors, supplier, manufacturer, subcontractor, or fabricator. Basically this entire service is taken into consideration and are required for the components that are prefabricated. The development of these shop drawings are produced by the contractors and suppliers under their contract with the owner.

Shop drawing includes dimensions, manufacturing standards, fabrication. They contain details more as compared to construction documents. Well, architectural approval is only a small part of qualitative shop drawing services. These drawings are the roadmap that is utilized by project managers and installers. It indeed affects the profitability of any project.

It would not at all be wrong in saying that these set of shop drawings are the drawn version of the information that is being represented in the construction documents by the manufacturer’s or the contractor’s. Also, with the help of these drawings it becomes easy for the team of contractors, constructors, manufacturers, and production crew to have an understanding from the start to the end with regards to the installation process and other works that play a vital role in the construction field.

Types of Shop Drawings Services

Silicon Valley brings for its clients the list where you will find a variety of types of shop drawings services that are taken into consideration when outsourcing any of the projects, or searching for the company globally who has years and years of experience. Having said this, let's take a look at some of them. These are the one that are being mentioned in the tabular form.

Rebar Detailing Services

Silicon Valley presents you with the service of Rebar Detailing which helps in creating the base of the drawings. The engineers are specialized and trained in providing an accurate and precise drawing that gives the perfect look and feel to the project. The steel detailing team here possesses sound engineering and technical skills. Our steel detailers and rebar detailers are having a blend of creative talent and artistic sight. This allows Silicon Valley to figure out the industry requirements and cater Rebar Detailing demands in the most effectual manner and at the most economical rates.

Salient Features

  • The design identifies and controls the project workflows.
  • Effective and efficient control over the entire Rebar inventory.
  • Helps the contractors to visualize the prefabricated structures.
  • Simplifies the work and task for making the placement easier and quicker.
  • Reduces the overall installation cost and other additional charges.
  • The service is for all types of structures either small or large.

Precast Panel Detailing

Precast panel detailing is the service that stands for detailing of the panels that are commonly used and cast in a reusable mold/form. Also, it is a custom made concrete panel that is created and developed in a factory controlled environment. We at Silicon Valley have a team of experienced and trained precast engineers who understand the need and requirement of the clients and based on that shares the complete concept of the design in the form of drawings. It is also one of the most common and used building materials across the globe. The best thing in the service is that it gives endless options and possibilities to contractors, engineers, designers, and architects throughout the building life cycle.

Salient Features

  • Fast and Reliable solutions that give accurate outcomes.
  • Wide array of options and possibilities for team members who are associated with projects.
  • Saves time and cost when moved to the construction sites.
  • These are ready to use concrete panels that are directly transferred to the site as and when required.
  • These panels are custom made as per the requirement of the clients.
  • Adherence to follow all the necessary codes and international codes.
  • Standard application of all the terms and conditions.

HVAC Duct Shop Drawing Services

Silicon Valley delivers high-quality CAD services out of which one is HVAC Duct Shop Drawings. The expert team of Steel Detailers is focusing on delivering sound HVAC Duct Shop Drawings for various structures. Such as Residential, Industrial, Commercial, Institutional, etc... To build a sound structure many aspects are incorporated during the designing process which includes HVAC System and HVAC Ducting. HVAC Duct Shop Drawings produced in Silicon Valley are up to the mark and conceive every necessary detail that would provide ease to fabricators, erectors, and contractors.

Salient Features

  • Taking into consideration all the codes and standards.
  • Proper work on Duct sizing and design layout plan drawings.
  • Systematic approach on design and development of good for construction drawings (GFC)
  • Accurate CFD for air flow analysis.
  • BoQ and equipment scheduling
  • Equipment piping, sizing, and design layout plan drawings.

Sheet Metal Fabrication

Sheet metal fabrication is the process in which the formation of the metal sheets are created in desired shapes and sizes using a variety of manufacturing methods. We at Silicon Valley is the service provider of sheet metal fabrication services for its clientele globally. The team of engineers, designers, and drafters in-house understand the importance of the service and thus do not compromise on the completion of the work. Also, this is the service that demands multiple steps and that is from cutting and bending to surface treatment and assembling. Also, at times the technique of fabrication is taken into consideration so as to achieve results that are very much similar. Hence, it is necessary to undertake the right choice of skills, and that is totally depending on the entire costs and needs of the work and project.

Salient Features

  • It can be customized as per the need and demand.
  • Single prototypes for the volume production are possible.
  • Wide array and range of surface finishes are available.
  • Variety of materials and range available.
  • Shares the information about the range and thickness of the sheet metal.
  • All types of metals are taken into consideration like mild steel, stainless steel, aluminium, brass, etc.

Millwork Shop Drawing Services

Silicon Valley is the leading provider of Millwork Shop Drawing Services that closely works with the clients and is the communication link between the architects, contractors, fabricators, retailers and distributors. When it comes to outsource millwork shop drawing services we are committed to our clients and assure them that all the necessary and specified millwork standards are being adhered. Owing to the experience for over 13+ years we understand the current demand of the market and with this we are always up-to-date with the details and the process that is required in millwork shop drawing services. Our millwork services are focused on bridging the gap between CAD drawings and shop floor that are detail oriented 2D millwork shop drawings. Not only this we deliver systematic drafting in DWG as well as DXF files that helps the clients with easy coordination and seamless production.

Salient Features

  • Specialist internal or sub-contract drawings like CNC Layers, furniture upholstery, Metalwork Drawings, etc
  • Use of AutoCAD to transfer design intelligence across the teams and manufacture exactly as designed.
  • Fixing the drawing list so as to get the overall price calculation of the project.
  • High-quality drawings based on all the three levels of quality control.
  • Delivery of the work within the given timeframe.
  • Gives entire specifications and construction details standards for result-oriented work.

MEP Shop Drawing Services

MEP shop drawing is one of the most effective and convenient ways of representation of mechanical, electrical and plumbing elements. In the process of MEP shop drawings the team of engineers shares each element that coordinates and is related to each other's elements. The same MEP shop drawings are being used by the MEP construction professionals at the construction site. We have successfully delivered and provided MEP shop drawings services to some of the biggest and largest companies across the globe. In the process of MEP shop drawings it is very much necessary to share the clear information that has no clashes in it. Thus, it is said that outsourcing MEP shop drawings is one of the smartest ways of working as it also assists in avoiding issues at the site and between the team.

Salient Features

  • Full-fledged and reliable MEP drawings as per the current market trend and demand.
  • Clear and apt data sharing with the help of designated codes and practices.
  • Coordinated shop drawings with markups and updates on changes required.
  • It includes dimensions, manufacturing standards, fabrication and contains more details compared to construction documents.
  • Potential problems are identified before fabrication and installation.
  • It provides the client cost savings of around 50% and improvements in delivery schedules of over 40%.

Sheet Metal Design

Silicon Valley is one of the prominent organizations that provides sheet metal design services to its clients globally. This is the service that is very much used and demanded by the fabrication industries. The process of sheet metal is best when related to the bending radius and that too when it is related to different materials that are a part of sheet metal. Also, one of the things that needs to be known here is that sheet metals are known for their durability, that is used for ultimate end application. We and our team of engineers adhere to all the dedicated tools, standards, software, and techniques that are required for its uniformity and design. Also, sheet metal design service is incomplete without following its two factors. One is the type of the metal and the second is its thickness or gauge. Another important thing that needs to be taken care of is its calculation. The calculations that are taken into consideration are Type K and Type Y.

Salient Features

  • Information on the materials and properties that matters at the time of design.
  • Deep process of drawings and designing.
  • Following of bending parameters in design.
  • Working on K factor, neutral axis, and bend allowance.
  • Deep and detailed understanding of theory behind forming and bending.
  • Form ability and bend ability of the metal and which factor to be considered in it.
  • Creation and forming of diagrams and setting its limitations.

BIM Shop Drawing Services

BIM Shop drawing services or BIM documentation services, both are the one that plays a vital role in the entire BIM projects. We at Silicon Valley provide detailed and accurate BIM shop drawing services to our clients globally. Hence, when our clients outsource BIM services with us, the very first step that is taken into consideration is preparing its documents and creating a proper set of BIM drawings of it. Another reason to have this service is to get accurate data and a set of information on which the complete lifecycle of the building is standing. Hence, this is an important service and needs additional care and proper information that is being shared by the clients in 2D and 3D forms.

Salient Features

  • Accurate and reliable CAD to BIM Conversion
  • Schematic Documentation process.
  • Deciding the design development stage
  • Schedules & BOQs
  • Pre-Bid Documentation
  • Construction Documentation
  • Proper and Informative shop drawings
  • As-Built Documentation

Cabinet Shop Drawings Services

Our team of cabinet drafters and designers develop highly-qualitative and informative 2D cabinet drawings and 3D CAD models for every customized design. Another name for cabinet shop drawing services is Casework shop drawing services. Silicon Valley is the final destination that provides detailed services of cabinet shop drawings to fabrication and installation industries. The entire service is used to rightly communicate the intent of the design and the flow of it. This set of all the information that is being shared in the form of drawings makes the construction work easier, simpler, and faster. Moreover, the offerings of the services are custom cabinet drafting, comprehensive 3D modeling, material optimization, etc. This is the service that is also taken into consideration in manufacturing of furniture too. One thing that we need not have to forget is that for the completion of the service the software that is being used is CAD.

Salient Features

  • Use of multi-skilled CAD drafters.
  • Reduces a lot of the cost for the entire project.
  • Increases and enhances productivity.
  • Optimum resource allocation.
  • Flexible design approach.
  • Qualitative approach of delivery of work.

Plumbing and Piping Shop Drawings

The team of engineers and other professionals at Silicon Valley possess a diverse skill set that makes them perform Plumbing Engineering Shop Drawings that comprises design standards, accurate scales, and dimensions. Each Plumbing and Piping Shop Drawing is undergone through a specific checking method. Thus it provides accurate output. The Plumbing CAD Drawings produced by our team of experts are determined by the requirements of our clientele and ultimately it exceeds their expectations. Our team is also well versed to generate every type of Shop Drawings. Such as MEP Shop Drawings, HVAC Shop Drawings, and Structural Shop Drawings.

Salient Features

  • Shares the details with regards to the number of the lines, specs, start point location to end point location.
  • Piping specs break in the proper location that shares the details of joints, valves, and isometric details.
  • Coordination and elevation with respective data sharing.
  • Data sharing with regards to bills of materials, and bills of quantity.
  • Close/open position for spectacle blind or spacer & blind.
  • Minimum or Maximum distance, straight length requirements etc. as specified in P&ID.

Steel Staircase Hand Railing

Silicon Valley has gained a lot of name and fame when it comes to outsource steel staircase hand railing services. Another specification of the service is that Stainless Steel Hand Railings and Stainless Steel Capsile Railings both have dimensional accuracy and excellent attributes. With the help of latest tools and features these stainless steel railings are constructed making use of the high grade steel that gives accuracy and precision in the work.

Salient Features

  • Perfect finish
  • Sturdy Design
  • Resistant Against Rust
  • Durability and Robustness
  • Ensures Consistency and Balance of the Work
  • Easy to Apply and do not Need Much Maintenance and Care.

Steel Fabrication Drawings.

The combination of architectural and structural engineers drawings is derivatives of fabrication drawings. In this, the setting out of the steel is taken from the architect's drawings. The sizes are well in connection from the structural engineer's drawings. Silicon Valley has a team of trained project managers, structural engineers and CAD drafters in various fields of structural engineering. They are dedicated in providing quality structural shop drawing and detail fabrication drawing, fabrication CAD drawings, steel fabrication drawings, Fabrication drafting to various companies and institutions, small and big all around the globe.

Salient Features

  • Clear sketches of columns, pillars, bracing, stairways, ladders, handrails, frame & truss etc.
  • Anchor plan setting & Layout plans embedded.
  • Main & Miscellaneous steel erection drawings.
  • Data files required for manufacturing & documents that thoroughly show all pre-fabricated parts.
  • Shares the information in detail and with accuracy and precision.
  • Used and demanded for all small and large projects.

Benefits and Advantages of Shop Drawing Services

  • Representing proper design information.
  • Sharing a clear set of assembly instructions.
  • Creates the duplicates of the drawings and designs of the same products.
  • Easy and convenient documentation.
  • Accounting of components.
  • Accurate costing and pricing.
  • Correction before any issue arises.
  • Easy portability.
  • Thorough training and knowledge transfer.
  • Uniformity
  • Drawings sheet can act as a promotion.
  • Clients data security and authentication safe and secure.

Uses of Shop Drawing Services

  • It helps in creating technical workshops drawings
  • Easy adjustments of current blueprints.
  • Conversion of existing plans into shop drawings
  • Dimension Verification at sites.
  • Proper MEP coordination.
  • Material Takeoff of prefabricated materials.
  • Use of latest and technical offerings.
  • All types of software available with file types.
  • Highly customizable technical offerings.
  • Secured information storage.
  • Availability of all conversion services.
  • Can reuse, revisit, and edit old designs.

Why Choose Silicon Valley Infomedia for shop drawing services?

Silicon Valley is the leading and most prominent company that delivers proper and accurate work when it comes to Shop Drawing Services. We have an experience for over 13+ years and based on that we deliver most accurate and reliable services to our clients globally. As shop drawing services are an important service it requires a lot of precision and perfection. With the help of the latest tools and software creation of these drawings are easier and simpler.

Moving further, we customize shop drawing services for our clients based on their needs and requirements. Also, we make sure that there is active participation and discussions with the team and owners so as to get the clear picture and understanding of their requirements. Based on the complete discussion our team prepares a systematic plan and sets specific deadlines for deliverables. Also we specialize in delivering shop drawing for all the trades and that too on multiple platforms with the use of software and tools.

We strictly adhere to industrial norms and the codes specific to the construction industry which significantly improves the project quality. Contact us today to outsource shop drawing services with one of the best and trusted companies in India that is serving its clients globally. You can contact us over the phone or can also fill the form to have quotations of the project or can send us an email on

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