BIM (Building Information Modeling ) Kazakhstan

Silicon Valley provides objective intensive BIM outsourcing services in Kazakhstan, that help to communicate work together and create design information related models to all involved in the process of design and execution. Silicon Valley is the primary company in Kazakhstan it helps greatly improves productivity by creating an avenue for the creation, storage, distribution and communication of design sensitive information through an intelligent 3D model. This model helps in streamlining and identifying information from all levels of inputs: architects, engineers, suppliers, contractors, distributors, owners and manufacturers. In short, BIM unifies all the processes of construction and facility operations in a single software environment.

We provide cutting edge and economical BIM Design Solutions that will augment the profitability of your business. Building Information Modeling has some inbuilt features such as: drawing consistency, BOM [Bill of Material], Cost Estimation, Bill of Quantity and Clash Detection. These features help the construction industry from conception that is from designing stage to implementation that is on construction site and ultimately after the period for whole building life cycle for future use. At Silicon Valley The team is adequate efficient to combine all the features of BIM with the necessities and stipulation given by the clients. At Silicon Valley we provide following Building Information Modeling Services with our hardworking and enthusiastic squad:

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BIM Outsourcing Kazakhstan

Silicon Valley is the leading company here by giving unparallel quality in our organizations. The demonstration of BIM Outsourcing services is for the most part grasped to redesign the viability of any errand. They are utilized by different specialists which incorporates experts, draftsman, engineers etc. We take after an creative and innovative approach to set up a steady reputation in the business area through expert remarkableness. Our BIM outsourcing hopes to enhance our work framework by consistently applying propelled advance.

BIM outsourcing services that help to communicate, collaborate and create design information related models to all involved in the process of design and execution. Silicon Valley helps greatly improve productivity by creating an avenue for the creation, storage, distribution and communication of design sensitive information through an intelligent 3D model. This model helps in streamlining and identifying information from all levels of inputs: architects, engineers, suppliers, contractors, distributors, owners and manufacturers. In short, BIM unifies all the processes of construction and facility operations in a single software environment.

Our versatile services can be broadly detailed as following:

  • BIM Drafting and Drawing services.
  • BIM construction Documentation.
  • Conflict Detection.
  • Parametric Family Creation.
  • 3D Visualization.
  • Virtual Building Project.
  • BQQ, Costing and QS.
  • BIM Conversions.
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Architectural BIM Services Kazakhstan

Architectural BIM services in Kazakhstan from Silicon Valley convey up and coming and exact data identified with the design scope, costs, amounts and all properties of the building parts. Our Architectural BIM modeling administrations reaches out to overseeing and keeping up all design changes and extend overhauls parallel to the configuration and improvement stages.

Silicon Valley group guarantees exact Architectural BIM models which offer the undertaking planner some assistance with making better all around educated choices and minimize outline blunders. Our aptitude in making compositional BIM models has been prompting enhanced coordination of drawings and archives while serving as the base to give consistent reconciliation between engineering, designing, analysis, development, and operations for the whole lifecycle of facilities.

Our Architectural BIM services Kazakhstan includes :

  • Schematic Design
  • Exterior view of the building.
  • Interior view of the building.
  • Intelligent libraries for various building components with different specifications.
  • 3D Visualization.
  • Design Development
  • Floor Plans.
  • Elevations.
  • Building Schemes.
  • Information on quantities, material specifications, time schedules and costs.
  • Construction Document
  • Building Sections.
  • Staircase/ Vertical Circulation details.
  • Construction details.
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Structural BIM Services Kazakhstan

Silicon Valley involvement in Structural BIM modeling envelops an extensive variety of basic frameworks for structures and modern plants in steel and concrete. The Structural BIM models are made to the proper level of point of interest permitting consistent joining with cutting edge structural design and analysis applications and in addition extraction of development documentation.

The Silicon Valley group has been dealing with auxiliary BIM models adding to expanded exactness, higher proficiency and more secure plans while diminishing time, plan, and costs over a wide range of designing activities.

Our Structural BIM services Kazakhstan includes:

  • Creation of 3d Structural models.
  • Quantities evaluation.
  • Structural / Load Analysis.
  • Extraction of project information.
  • Collisions and clash detections.
  • Creation of intelligent parametric libraries.
  • Construction documents.

Mechanical BIM Services Kazakhstan

Silicon Valley MEP BIM modeling administration incorporates creation and utilization of composed, steady calculable data around a building's MEP outline. Our group gives devoted MEP support as far as BIM modeling and in addition approving the outline and guaranteeing a conflict free plan. Our MEP BIM models take after determined benchmarks to guarantee assurance of geometry, work processes and planning.

Silicon Valley MEP BIM models are exact and sufficiently educational to be utilized for design choice making, creation of precise documentation, foreseeing execution, cost assessing, development arranging, and, in the end, for overseeing and operating the facility.

Our Mechanical BIM Services Kazakhstan includes:

  • Energy Simulation.
  • Construction Documents.
  • Mechanical Equipment Modeling.
  • Diffusers and grills modeling.
  • Ducts layout.
  • BOQ of Ducts, Duct Fittings, Mechanical Equipments, Diffusers etc.
  • Detailed Mechanical layouts with dimensions and elevations.
  • Mechanical equipment detailing (sections and isometric).
  • Mechanical components modeling with Connections.
  • Walk-through of MEP / BIM Model.
  • Rendered views of Mechanical BIM Model.

Electrical BIM Services Kazakhstan

We have qualified and experienced group of Electrical Engineers. We make the electrical model of the considerable number of channels, plate formats, lighting apparatuses and fire caution areas from the configuration reports and cut sheets.

The final output from the model is the accurate quantity take off. We provide all the equipments, fixtures, conduits details in a tabulated form with the accurate quantity. It helps the contractors to estimate the project cost and plan the material procurement.

Our Electrical BIM services Kazakhstan includes :

  • Electrical Lighting Fixtures Layout Modeling.
  • Detailed Light Fixtures mentioning volts, lux, fitting type.
  • Wiring of fixtures with switches and panels as per drawings.
  • Cable trays in BIM Electrical Model as per given drawings.
  • Rendering of BIM Model with Lights.
  • Walk through of Electrical BIM Model.
  • BOQ of Electrical elements.
  • Schedules of circuits and panel boards.
  • Electrical load analysis.
  • Construction documents.

Plumbing BIM Services Kazakhstan

Our Plumbing BIM synchronizes apparatus plans. It empowers perception of apparatus design and piping in the 3D model. It additionally decides collisions and interferences. We are experts in providing Plumbing drafting service, Water Supply & Distribution Plans, Drainage Plans, HVAC duct & HVAC pipe modeling. Plumbing BIM designing solutions. In other words, the plumbing solution that is available for you is completely free from errors. We make an effort to deliver best solution and also technological expertise that enable them our long list of customers to develop faith on us in matters of quality and affordability.

Our Plumbing BIM services Kazakhstan includes :

  • Plumbing and Drainage drafting services.
  • Compressed air gas system plan drawings.
  • Equipment schedules.
  • Sanitary fixtures Revit Model.
  • Water supply distribution plans.
  • Storm water drain details.
  • Domestic Hot / Cold Water diagram & model.

COBie Services Kazakhstan

Construction Operations Building Information Exchange or COBie is the newest and the next-gen service that has completely changed the way of thinking and constructing the building in a systematic and proper way. In COBie the data is received in a standard data format that is used in the gathering of the information during its level of design and construction phases. This is a digital storage of the information which is subsequently transferred to the operations and maintenance (O&M) team during facility management.

COBie is the process that assists and helps in capturing and storing the important data of the project and that too includes the point of origin. For a successful implementation of COBie service, the requirement is to have proper product data sheets, a list of the types of equipment, a list of spare parts, details of warranties and guarantees, etc and many other data. This set of information plays a vital role as it supports the operational, managerial, and asset management once assets are derived in the service.

Siliconinfo facilitates the delivery of the COBie services in Kazakhstan with the help of COBie data drops. This is the details that are centered in accordance with the requirement of the clients and by providing one of the widest range of the services to manage, validate, and deliver the best COBie services for your project.

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BIM 360 Design Services Kazakhstan

BIM 360 Design is a service that is used for design management, design collaboration, and cloud services. It is the latest service that has completely changed the way of constructing the building and also is considered to be a booming service for major construction industries. This is the service that is completely developed in a new platform that is BIM 360 platform. Till now each one of us is well known with the term Building Information Modeling services along with its importance. Now with this here is some of the details to be known for the next service and that is BIM 360 Design.

Here these are the designs specifically built for AEC industries to make their work easier and simpler. It is also the process that gives a real-time view of the project with the help of Autodesk Revit along with 2D and 3D. We at Silicon Info are at your service to serve you at the best and deliver BIM 360 Design Services in the Kazakhstan.

BIM 360 Design Platform or Stages.
Below is the list of all the stages that make project of construction a success.

  • BIM 360 Design
  • BIM 360 Glue / Pre-construction
  • BIM 360 Build / Field- Execution
  • BIM 360 OPS / Handover and Operations
  • BIM 360 Docs

Also, to continue BIM 360 Design service it is necessary to follow the above stages so as to get the delivery of the project with 100% accuracy and with precision.

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Level of Development (LOD) Kazakhstan

Level of development (LOD) is the basic and core service in the field of Building Information Modeling (BIM). This is the process that gives proper and accurate specifications of the drawings and designs that is useful for professionals in all major AEC industry. Also, it is one of the most powerful and articulate contents of the BIM service that makes the work effective and clear. Well, to communicate in short LOD is defined as the development stage for different systems in BIM. By using the appropriate LOD specifications, the team of professionals, architects, and engineers get clear communication and with this, they have no confusion to make the work faster and get the result with quicker execution.

We at Silicon Info follow every stage of LOD that makes the entire construction project a success and worth using the same in the BIM project. The level of detail is segregated in different stages and those are from LOD 100 to LOD 500. Below are the details for all these levels that are all important as well as on this information the entire lifecycle of the building is reliable. Thus, connect with us and outsource your BIM project as we deliver the best Level of Development (LOD).

  • LOD 100 - Concept Design : This is the first stage of the model, where the elements are graphically represented in the model with the set of symbols and other generic and virtual representations of the design.
  • LOD 200 - Schematic Design : The model element here is graphically represented in the model and that also in a generic system, along with the details of the objects, and the assembly that shares the information that has approximate details of quantities, size, shape, location, and orientation.
  • LOD 300 - Detailed Design : The model and the elements are graphically represented within the set of the models that has specific data and system. Here this stage of LOD 300 is sharing the information that has defined elements that is located accurately in the project origin.
  • LOD 350 - Construction Documentation : LOD 350 the element of the model that is represented graphically within the set of specific systems. These sets include orientation and interfaces with other building systems. Here non-graphic information can also be attached to the model elements.
  • LOD 400 - Fabrication & Assembly : LOD 400 the model element is represented in a graphical form that has the details related to the construction building. It has the information in which how and where the products are going to be assembled and fabricated in the model elements. Here also non-graphic information can be attached for the model element.
  • LOD 500 - As-Built : This is the stage where the complete handover of the project is delivered to the owner and this is the model element that is termed as field verified too.
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4D BIM Services Kazakhstan

Building information modeling service is termed as one of the most prominent and result-oriented services in the field of construction. One thing that needs to be considered when undertaking BIM outsourcing services in its different levels of development along with its different stages. Post the completion of 3D BIM Services, the next stage that plays a vital role is 4D BIM Services. This stage of BIM 4D service is termed as ''Scheduling Services''.

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5D BIM Services Kazakhstan

Building information modeling (BIM) is the digital representation of the physical characteristics of the project, which gives the information of forming a reliable solution for taking a decision for the project's life cycle. Since we understand the importance of BIM services, there is also a need to know the process of its different stages. 5D BIM Services is termed to be the stage where the costing and budgeting of the project are discussed. Therefore, to say BIM 5D service is a ''Cost Estimator'' stage.

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6D BIM Services Kazakhstan

Silicon info is the one-stop service provider that delivers customer-centric 6D BIM Services in Kazakhstan to its clients. BIM 6D service is the stage in the process of building information modeling where the stakeholders get a detailed understanding of sustainability on their BIM projects. This stage is also important to know because we can get information related to the occupant's comfort and the safety of the building. No matter whether you are redeveloping an old building or constructing a new building different levels of developments along with its stages need to be followed and undertaken.

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Mass Timber Buildings Kazakhstan

In every project, there are two strong pillars that play an important role in its success. These pillars are innovation and advanced technology. As we are in the era of the 21st century the latest and the newest demand in the construction industry is the building and houses made up of timber/wood. It is one of the most demanding services that is an innovative method of developing and constructing wood buildings across the globe. Nowadays as per the survey and the reports, the demand for constructing mass timber buildings has increased drastically in the last 10 years. These are the buildings that are being built taller and larger with wood. Also, this is not at all wrong in saying that it will be having a wide range that will be in a completed manner and in a contemporary form.

Silicon info is one of the leading and most trusted organizations that assist its clients for successful completion and delivery of mass timber buildings in Kazakhstan, USA. The use of mass timber construction is the process that uses a large number of prefabricated components of wooden members. These components are in terms of constructing walls, roofs, and floors. The entire process of Mass timber building is dedicated to different stages of the work and details. These are glue-laminated timber (Ghulam), cross-laminated timber (CLT), and nail laminated lumber (NLT). To sum up, the development of wooden products has indeed turned out to be a proven performance along with all the safety measures, that showcase a wide range of the service that has an opportunity associated with it.

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In short, Silicon Valley helps you design intelligently with our BIM outsourcing services in Kazakhstan. Building Information Modeling (BIM) can create an information based model for your architectural design or interior design project based on drafts, drawings and sketches, in order to communicate the design intent and information to all involved in the design process.

BIM is helpful tool for everyone involved like owners, developers, investors, architects, engineers, project managers, contractors, sub contractors and facilities managers etc. in construction industry. BIM can help designers evolve a better design and convey their concepts to the owner to ensure his team that their business goals are being achieved through the design intent. It provides transparent understanding of information and provides assurance that it can be constructed without any major hurdles.

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