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Building information modeling (BIM) is a process that is supported and reinforced by various, tools, technologies, and contracts involving the virtual representation of physical can functional characteristics of the places. Building Information Modeling (BIM) Services is the latest as well as an innovative concept in the field of construction. This is completely a new concept that has bought a vast change in developing the buildings as well as its models. We at Silicon Valley Infomedia Pvt Ltd are one of the leading BIM Outsourcing Companies that provide full-fledged BIM Services.

Building information modeling (BIMs’) in the form of computer files, that can be extracted, exchanged, or networked all together to support decision regarding a build-asset. The BIM softwares are used by and in multiple sectors such as individuals, government agencies, BIM outsourcing companies, and businesses. This is the work that is used with regards who plan, design, construct, operate, and maintain buildings and the physical infrastructures. The entire service of BIM is used in other sectors such as water, refuse, electricity, gas, utilities, roads, tunnels, and other such areas of work.

It was in the year 1970 when the concept of BIM was developed and was fully accepted and came into existence was in the starting of the early 2000s. We at Silicon Valley, deliver the complete set of BIM projects by following each level of development and its dimensions. With the development of this concept the construction work for the contractors, stakeholders, and the facility manager has become easier, and quicker.

Types of BIM Services - Building Information Modeling Services

Now proceeding further below mentioned is the different types of BIM services that are working hand in hand and are supporting stands for each other. The types are mentioned in a table form.

Revit Family Creation Services

Silicon Valley is the leading BIM outsourcing company in India providing services to the clients globally. With the use of latest tools and techniques, we deliver customized and ready to use Revit Family Creation Services. We work for manufacturers, designers, and BIM companies who have requirements of Architectural, Structural, and MEP components. Based on the need and requirements of the clients we provide a set of work that is specified in Revit families.

Salient Features

  • Selection of family template
  • Parameter Planning
  • Model geometry creation
  • Assigning object sub-categories
  • Setting up rules and its visibility
  • Creation of types of families

4D BIM Services

Silicon Valley Infomedia Pvt Ltd is the leading company that addresses the requirements of architects, engineers, contractors, and builders who plan and work according to the need and requirement of the clients across various activities of the construction process by creating a proper and accurate construction scheduling with the help of 4D BIM services. We create and deliver precise construction simulation and phasing work with the assistance of BIM tools such as Autodesk Revit and Navsworks, so as to share the convenient and accurate details of the project to the respective team. This proper service will help in reducing the duplicity of the work and also avoid mitigating risks.

Salient Features

  • Progressive and Effective tracking
  • Improvises coordination and coordination
  • Minimal disputes between clients and contractors
  • Risk mitigation
  • Managerial Change
  • Innovative visualizations on design, construction, operations and maintenance phase
  • Safety planning

MEP BIM Services

Our in-house team of proficient and knowledgeable MEP engineers has a good update on using different types of software for successful delivery as well as the solution of MEP BIM services. These different types of software are AutoCAD, Revit MEP, ZWCAD+, and many others. Over the last couple of years, we have delivered projects that are related and have details like MEP BIM, MEP coordination, clash-detection, and BIM scheduling services for our global clientele. So, with this said get in touch with us and outsource your MEP BIM services with us.

Salient Features

  • Scoping Work
  • Understanding Input
  • Effort & Pricing
  • Project Assignment
  • Execute Draft
  • Drafts shared
  • Final Edits
  • Final Delivery

5D BIM and Quantity Take-offs (Estimating Services)

Silicon Valley's team of skilled and experienced engineers and estimators help in creating 5D BIM services, and another name to this is Cost Estimation and Quantity Takeoff services. This is possible only with the help of coordination with a Revit BIM model. This creation of BIM 5D models enhances the perfect collaboration between the project teams and the stakeholders in order to develop a proper and convenient cost estimation for the entire construction process. We and our team of engineers collaborate with the members who are associated with the delivery of the project. We also help the team in winning the project, as well as providing a perfect quotation of the tender that includes evaluating quantities and estimating the entire costs through 5D BIM. Connect with us today for detailed 5D BIM Services.

Salient Features

  • Enhances information exchange, and adding document control.
  • BIM helps in design sustainability.
  • Calculate potential return in energy and the feasibility of each system.
  • Performance optimization.
  • Interoperability, i.e. the ability to share data across applications.
  • Reduces or eliminates the unwanted changes on the projects.
  • Accurate Cost Estimation.
  • Clash detection and providing time and saves costs
  • Reduction in project delivery time.
  • As-built structural analysis

6D BIM Services

Another name of this service in the field of BIM is 6D BIM Sustainability Energy analysis & Sustainable Buildings. Silicon Valley Infomedia Pvt Ltd delivers and provides integrated and intelligent BIM solutions to help our clients to make their work easier, simpler, and quicker. The entire process of opting for a 6D BIM service is that the stakeholders and the owners understand the construction project and the model effectively and efficiently. We deliver and ensure to overcome the sustainability challenges by adhering to all the necessary tools and techniques that are effectful for environmental impact and the health of the occupants.

Salient Features

  • Enhances Facility Management through BIM 6D
  • Exploration of FM application areas for BIM-enabled processes
  • Cost-effective and quality oriented
  • Includes Energy Simulation and Analysis
  • Maintaining uniformity across projects

7D BIM Facility Management

7D BIM facility management is defined as the process of utilizing BIM models for managing the assets. This term is also called or known as 7D BIM. It is overall gaining a lot of importance in the construction industry. All this set of parameters is very well associated with the components of the buildings that have data-rich geometrical models. It is the data on which the entire life-cycle of the building asset is depending. Hence, the 7D BIM service plays a vital role.

Salient Features

  • Programming
  • Record Modeling
  • Preventative Maintenance Scheduling
  • Asset Management
  • Space Management and Tracking

COBie BIM Services

Construction Operations Building Information Exchange or COBie Services is a data exchange standard that is used and undertaken in construction projects so as to have the proper gathering of the information on which the entire lifecycle of the construction building is relying on. All the data that are created in virtual form is stored in a digital manner that conveys the facility manager to work on their operational and managerial work. The set of information that is required for the successful implementation of COBie BIM service must be in the form of spreadsheet-like Google docs and excel. This overall helps in the successful delivery of the entire BIM project.

Salient Features

  • Classification of the data
  • Alignment of the data with the BuildingSMART data model
  • Several different delivery formats
  • Features three main areas – Design, Build and Common.
  • Process of moving construction information from paper to online.

Scan to BIM Services

We offer Scan to BIM services by executing accurate and precise point cloud modeling projects in a given time frame and with the commitment for perfect deliverables. We work on every type of scan format that is delivered by our clients so as to develop a detailed BIM model. The core reason for it is to share the dimensions along with the recreation of the current elements that can be best used to create a new model as well as a new element.

Salient Features

  • Scan to BIM assist in creating as-built models.
  • It enables the creation of BIM models for renovation work of buildings, tunnels, bridges, etc
  • Creation of as-built model for MEP services
  • Accurate point cloud data sharing to the clients with intelligent BIM models
  • Measures points and areas within the scan

BIM Clash -Detection Services

Silicon Valley is one of the finest and appropriate BIM service providers offering BIM Clash -Detection Services to our clients globally. We and our team of BIM engineers work on every size and every kind of project that is either small or simple, we have a strong command over it and thus are versatile and expertise in the BIM domain. We have gained an enormous reputation and are the best BIM Clash Detection service provider serving construction companies worldwide. The team identifies the collisions by performing the accurate interference checks that are very much important for the perfect and viable coordination of BIM trades.

Salient Features

  • Easy and accurate finding of clashes and providing solutions
  • Use of BIM360 glue service to reduce collision and clashes
  • Good for architectural and interior detailing
  • Accurate and reliable for construction drawings
  • Placement and installation details
  • Computer aided MEP design coordination

Point Cloud to BIM Modeling Services

Silicon Valley provides Point cloud to BIM Modeling services into BIM platforms such as Revit, and other BIM software. We create and develop a complete as-built information model that has an accuracy that depicts the details surrounding the building. These are related walls, pipes, slabs, roofs, planes, facade and landscape, and many other details too. We also have experience working with the creation of LOD 300 to LOD 500 models for Architectural Elements, Mechanical, Structural, Electrical & Firefighting Elements, Structural Elements, and Creation of Integrated Models

Salient Features

  • Scan to 3D model for both components i.e architectural and structural
  • Assisting in point cloud to MEP BIM modeling
  • Conversion of 3D scan to CAD
  • Scan to construction drawings
  • High-quality detailed visuals
  • Cost-Effective and quick turnaround time

BIM Coordination Services

Silicon Valley is the one-stop destination that delivers clash-free BIM coordination service with the approach of seamless design validation and the inputs to help proper collaboration to make the BIM service a viable as well as the result-oriented service provider. We have delivered and completed numerous projects that are residential, commercial, and industrial structures. So, with this said, contact us today and get your BIM project assigned and completed by a leading BIM consulting company.

Salient Features

  • Parametric model
  • Coordination of Architectural model with other discipline
  • Cost-effective and quality oriented
  • Supports IFC file and CAD files
  • Worksharing
  • Energy analysis
  • Maintaining uniformity across projects

BIM Consultants

We are the leading BIM consultants that provide accurate and effective service for successful delivery of BIM services. We understand the need and requirement of the clients and based on that we deliver the first set of the work. Thus, to outsource your BIM service or to convert the set of wok from 2D drawings to 3D models we are at your service.

Salient Features

  • Easy access to the information
  • Work process more extensive and reliable
  • Cost-effective and quality oriented
  • More comprehensive
  • Real-time views and lookalikes
  • Dedicated team of engineers and drafters to understand the design and drawings

Benefits and Advantages of Building Information Modeling Services

Now let us proceed further and have an understanding as to what are the advantages of BIM services, So, to share this information we have mentioned the details below.

  • Better Collaboration and Communication
  • Model-Based Cost Estimation
  • Preconstruction Project Visualization
  • Improved Coordination and Clash Detection
  • Reduced Cost and Mitigated Risk
  • Improved Scheduling/Sequencing
  • Increased Productivity and Prefabrication
  • Safer Construction Sites
  • Better Builds
  • Stronger Facility Management and Building Handover

Uses of Building Information Modeling Services

Taking it further, post knowing the advantages of BIM services, let us have a look at some of the uses of Building Information Modeling Services, which again play a vital role in the construction industry as well to major in AEC industries.

  • Visualization of the concept.
  • Clarifying the scope of the project.
  • Avoiding Clashes and Detections.
  • Partly Coordination in Trade.
  • Perfect Validation of Design.
  • Marketing Presentations.
  • Variety of options analysis.
  • Virtual updates.
  • In-depth understanding of the design and model.

Frequently Asked Questions

BIM stands for Building Information Modeling. It is the latest as well as an object-oriented building development tool that uses the concept of 5D modeling. In BIM you will get the complete in-depth details of the building by the use of required software.
BIM is the development tool that is based on creating a 3D model of a building. This is basically an object-oriented modeling software. Once the design/model is created it becomes easy to use and assist with design. It also is used as a communication tool.
In BIM the term 5D is considered to be the 5th dimension where the complete costing of the project is calculated. The complete process of BIM is taken into level with its dimensions, where the 3D dimension is considered to be for spacing and 4D dimension for time. This will further be modified and will be including 6D (procurement application) and 7D (operational applications) stages too.
Knowing the importance of the services and its usage, below mentioned are a list of the licensed software that is being used by us and our BIM engineers.
  • Autodesk AutoCAD
  • Autodesk Showcase
  • Autodesk Revit
  • Autodesk Civil 3D
  • ZWCAD+, etc

Why Choose Silicon Valley as your BIM Outsourcing Company?

This is the most common question that the company has in their mind, and that is why to select an outsourcing BIM company when the work can be completed in-house only. Well, this not the fact. Below mentioned is are some of the core reasons that will assist you as well as clarify the need and demand for a company.

  • Experience for over 12+ years.
  • Leading and versatile CAD outsourcing company as well as BIM Outsourcing company.
  • An in-house team of more than 180+ engineers, drafters, and modelers.
  • Use of the latest tools and software for completion of the work.
  • Cost-effective and Qualitative delivery of the work.
  • Completed more than 11000+ projects.
  • Happy and satisfied customer for over 2500+
  • Customer - Oriented and Customer-Centric delivery of the work.

Therefore, with this said if you are looking for the services of BIM and are searching for BIM Consultants then your search ends up here at Silicon Valley Infomedia Pvt Ltd. For getting free quotes you can simply fill the form and the respective team will be at your service with the next 24 business hours. Also, to know more in-depth you can contact us over the phone or can drop us an email on info@

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