Concrete Structure Designing Industrial Projects

The foundation of the design and the structure is formed through its strength, its functionality which is considered at the time of construction. Reinforced Concrete Structures also known as Shear Walls and is extensively used and majorly operated in industrial projects. It enormously concentrates on the mechanical properties of steel and gives it an embedded structure. Reinforced Structures are commonly used in ceilings, joists, and steel bars. To strengthen the longevity of your building our company has got your back.

What we offer in Concrete Structure Designing Industrial Projects :
  • Providing calculation based knowledge for the known industry
  • Increasing the exposure towards new toll and software that are to be used in the new plans
  • Immense knowledge of various foundations
  • Improvising the geo technical knowledge & skills and building a problem-solving approach among the engineers
  • Reduction in the cost and time and bringing down the wastage as per the designing stage
What do we Cover in Designing Industrial Projects?
  • A thorough Introduction of Reinforced Concrete- basics, its Fundamentals, Principals, Precautions
  • Differentiation between ACI and BS for Concrete Design
  • Concepts and Drawbacks for various Codes in Concrete
  • Definitions of :
    Loads on the Building
    Loads of Static and Dynamic Equipment
    Loads on the Foundation of Tanks
  • Principals of Structural Reinforced Concrete
  • Various Types of Structure Systems
  • Types of Slabs and their Designs
  • Loads applied on Separators
  • Consequences of Thermal Loads on Heaters
  • Structure of Heater Foundations and Foundation under Tower
What are the Problems with Geo technical and Designs of Foundations?
  • Inspection of Earthen Soil
  • Philosophical Design of Shallow and Pipe Foundation
  • Anchor Bolt Design
  • Pipe Rack Configurations, Designs, and their Affects
  • Machine Design Foundation
  • Toolkit and Analysis of Rotating Equipment
  • Provisions took in Designing Foundation under Vibrant Gadgets
  • Various Designs of Special Reinforced Concrete Constructions and Blast Resistance Building such as Control Room
  • Foundation of Blueprints and Presentation
  • Principals, Checks of Wall Retaining Designs

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