Challenges Faced in Implementation of BIM Services and Point Cloud to BIM in the existing buildings

Building Information Modeling - BIM Services is strengthening its root in the construction world in all its best possible ways. The BIM construction projects that are publicly funded require the work and integration of BIM Level 2. The use of Point clouds, as well as laser scanning, has made BIM even more useful and effective.

When discussing point cloud to BIM services, or laser scan to BIM services, there are a lot many things that need to be discussed and had to undergo with a series of steps that are considered while implementing the work. The core function of the point cloud to BIM is to get an actual representation of the current as well as existing conditions of the BIM project. For the same, we can or may question its applicability and how the process of the service can be taken into consideration.

The use of Scan to BIM services plays an important role. It is one of the integral parts of the services that are undertaken for all major types of construction projects where there is a need for renovation and redevelopment. Moreover, since the architectural shop drawings and design of the building is not available inaccuracy, so it is necessary that the respective team of engineers, designers, and modelers have an in-depth study of it so that they can share their views and drive into the accurate and efficient design and construction based on precise geometric information or details.

In this blog, today we will share as well as explore how point cloud to BIM is taken into consideration by the team to redefine the entire structure and design of the building. With the use of software like Revit, Navisworks, AutoCAD, and others the scans are been converted into respective Revit models so as to help the architects, engineers, surveyors, general contractors, facility managers, and owners renovate or retrofit better.

Now let us proceed further and discuss the entire workflow of Point Cloud to BIM along with its checklist. Getting a deep understanding of the said service and work will always help to understand and measure as-built conditions of the project so that the Scan to BIM process can be used and presented digitally in the required facility of the work.

Point Cloud to BIM Process Workflow + Checklist

To understand this concept of work, it is necessary that a thorough, as well as a detailed report of the project, is been clearly understood by the respective team members who are part of the project. The overall process of the service is been defined in four different stages and in these stages, all the process and work of the service can be understood and known in and out.

Taking it further, below mentioned is the entire workflow chart that can be taken into consideration and with which the entire project workflow will be heading towards great success and accuracy.

  • Capture
  • Process
  • Modeling
  • Quality Control

Point Cloud to BIM Services is the process of the service that is only and only undertaken for the project that requires proper laser scanning and with that, it also gives updated details of the project in a form of the report. Having said this no matter whether the project is for pharmaceutical plants, universities, colleges, schools, or any buildings that require renovation or redevelopment the only service that is undertaken is Point Cloud to Building Information Modeling Services.

Another challenge that is being faced is the use of point cloud in BIM and how it can be enabled better in BIM Services.

Why Point Cloud is better when enabled in BIM

To reply to this question let us start the same with an example. Let's imagine that as an individual you are a building manager and there is renovation work that is undertaken in one of the parts of the buildings. Now for this, it is the responsibility of a contractor to make sure that they draw up the designs. Well, once these drawings or the designs have been prepared they further can be integrated into the existing BIM schematic design.

If the same is not been considered, then the option that will be left out will be having inaccurate BIM details, and with that, another partial design of the model will be covering only the portion in which the renovation will be taking place. But if taking into consideration the laser scan survey of that specific section that needs to be renovated, as a building manager you can easily have access to the source and find the detailed update on the building information modeling.

This same process or the work is very much related to the building structure which is old and needs renovation. It is a fact that they are numerous buildings and older facilities that indeed struggle to get all these set of information in one single report and that too which is centralized.

Another set of work that plays an important role in the documentation work. The entire process of building documentation will not be stored in one single file. There would be separate files and that too on multiple computers. This therefore will create a lot of confusion and the team cannot get the proper information that they may be looking for. This is where point cloud surveys give access to start the work from a fresh. This will be including details of even small things that are from the schematic of an existing structure to help in building facility maintenance.

The construction team here can consider adapting the use of this technology so as to develop the starting foundations for a BIM schematic. If undertaking a renovation project of the building that is very old and for the same, it is necessary to understand the space of the area which is crucial as well as critical, for the same the team of architect proceeds further and initiate the process of starting the work with a 3D model of the building so as to build BIM on top of that.

It is that the process of point cloud gives access to bring BIM in touch with physical space. This is because here instead of keeping it simple a guide or theoretical representations, the service of point clouds will be providing the ability to effectively extract 3D space of the area and this will therefore get the set of data transformed into a digital format so as to get a realistic view of the existing model and that too digitally.


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