Benefits of Building Information Modeling (BIM) for Construction Manager

Construction Manager is one of the important figures in whole construction project. Most of the time their position is interchanged with general contractors as both of them supervises the whole construction process. That’s why many times the role of these two positions is confused. It’s true that somewhere the function of general contractor and Construction manager are almost same but the main difference is that Construction Manager are involved in project from starting to ending. They comprised the role of helping the client at initial stage and selection of architect and general contractor. Along with this they also perform project management planning, safety management, cost management, quality management and contract administration.

When Building Information Modeling has affected every aspect and discipline of Architectural, Engineering and Construction (AEC) Industry then how come the construction manager can stay behind. The Architecture Building Model has created a big difference in the performance of Construction Manager. There are many features available in Building Information Modeling that is useful for construction manager and also provide many benefits that could be competent in long term.

  • Visualization : The main highlight of Building Information Modeling is the clear and realistic visualization. Being the great visualization tool BIM itself is, it is very productive in bidding phase for construction managers as the clear 3d visualization can create a better communication with renderings, walkthroughs and sequencing of model. BIM visualization gives the better idea of final product and helps in avoiding the mistakes and provides the apt detailing of structure.
  • BIM Coordination : BIM Coordination plan has saved lots of time and money. The BIM coordination drawings coordinate the design from every expertise to detect the hard clash and soft clash and they are resolved at pre-construction phase. Every member of construction project has to collaborate including owner, architect and engineer. This collaboration is conducted by construction manager and general contractor before the commencement of design. At times architects provide 2D drawings when construction manager changes the 2D drawings into 3D intelligent model.
  • Monitoring and Planning of Construction : Construction planning and Monitoring involves the scheduling and sequencing of the model as required to coordinate the virtual within given time and space. At this phase, BIM 4D Modeling Services are utilized where construction managers strategize the timing of coordination, fabrication, approval of shop drawings, transportation and installation. The BIM 4D Modelling services boost the control process of construction manager.
  • Pre fabrication : Prefabrication requires to gather the constituents of given structure from manufacturing site and transfer the same into the construction site. Prefabrication decreases the field labor cost and strengthen the accuracy of construction work. Building Information Modeling helps construction manager to strengthen the information between the products and engagements.
  • Cost Estimation : If the construction and design team works collaboratively then BIM is the great tool to develop the productivity of the estimators through the withdrawal of quantity. Cost Estimation involves quantity take-offs and pricing is done by 5D BIM.
  • BIM Record Model : After the advent of Building Information Modeling, Construction Manager can provide a record Building Information Model to the owner after the project’s completion. This record model comprised of integration of as-built extracted from sub-contractors. Each object model also includes links to submittals, operations and maintenance, and warranty information. Furthermore it possesses every minute detail of the project. This record model leaves a good impression on owners by construction managers.

Hence, Building Information Modeling provides some really fruitful benefits to construction manager which can really simplified their work and create long lasting impact on owners for construction managers.

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