Role of Construction Firms in delivery of Shop Drawing Services to Clients

Whether it’s Steel Fabrication Drawing, Steel Shop Drawings or Assembly Fabrication Drawing, Shop Drawing plays an important role in construction project as somewhere it plays the base of construction from which the design and formation of the building formulates. It is the tool or rather says a fabrication blueprint that considered as the most unpredictable and time consuming part of construction process. Yes! you heard it right , for construction firms shop drawing is an painful and strenuous process. It requires a lot of debate, consultation of various experts and review of each discipline involved. The participant takes place in Shop Drawing process are:

  • Fabricator/Detailer
  • Erector
  • General Contractor or Construction Manager
  • Engineer
  • Architect

The process of shop drawing follows the following steps to create a proper shop drawing with its complete approval :

  • General Contractor/ Construction Manager assign contract and allots construction drawings to fabricator.
  • Fabricator develops shop drawing.
  • General Contractor / Construction Manager evaluate and then forwards to architect.
  • Architect reviews and further proceed towards the Engineer.
  • Engineer reviews and returns to architect again.
  • From architect onward, the shop drawing pass on from Construction Manager/ General Contractor to fabricator.
  • It comes back to Engineer, from here the shop drawing pass on to Erector and then the Detailer.
  • Lastly the shop drawing comes to fabricator and forwards to Erector.

Over the years the function of Shop Drawing hasn’t changed irrespective of the fact that construction process can easily carried out by various software with accurate precision and quick speed. When every aspect of architecture, engineering and construction is techno-savvy and modernized, then how could Shop Drawing (one of the salient feature) can be left behind. The application of shop drawings has got highly digitized that result into wonderful 2D and 3D software packages. These multi-functional software has transformed the technique that needed to abstract the construction documents and drawings that used to be produced by construction professionals. Nowadays the shop drawings which are produced for pre-manufactured building components is largely carry through with the endurance of software packages for design and detailing, for instance AutoCAD and Tekla Structures etc.

Momentarily, shop drawing is very much in demand for its distinguished detailed abilities that leads to hiring in larger scale by architectural and engineering services providing companies. For a successful implementation of shop drawing services , the construction firms are really need to well-equipped with latest packages of software for smooth and effective supervision of shop drawing services.

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