Use of Building Information Modeling (BIM) in Planning Process

Building Construction Modeling is a process that employed the thriving, utilization and transmission of digital information of given structure to enhance the depiction, construction and performance of the overall construction project. One of the biggest challenges exists in BIM construction detailing is the development of construction plan that includes the utilization of Building Information Modeling Architecture on the construction project and information exchanged for various application. The process of BIM is a full- fledged method span throughout the life-cycle of a building. Building Information Modeling provides many benefits to the team of owners, designers, engineers, contractors and project managers. Some of the widely illustrious benefits of Building Information Modeling are:

Steel detailing is as follows as the designing and drafting of tie-in between the steel beams and columns in tremendous steel frameworks that forms the basic structure of most of the high-rise building which is nowadays a constant case in western hemisphere. The design of these connections is essential as the disassociation of any beam of columns can lead to subsiding of steel framework and moreover the building hence the loss of many lives. Thereupon, there are stringent standards that followed for Steel Structural Detailing which varies from country to country and assembled by established industry of respective countries:

  • Due to effective analysis cycles the design quality has been increased
  • Greater amount of prefabrication due to already foreseeable field condition
  • Visualization of construction schedule has impacted the on-site efficiency
  • BIM has created a vast space for innovations.
  • After the completion, information is used for asset management; space planning and maintenance scheduling that improve the performance.

BIM planning process leads to a healthy implementation that’s why it is very important to develop a planning strategy for the better execution of project. By adopting BIM planning process, project team can acquire following benefits:

  • All the faction of project have a healthy communication leads to collective working towards the strategic goals.
  • Participated organizations have a clear picture about their role and responsibilities.
  • Due to better communication, the execution strategy is suitable to business practices of each engaged experts.
  • The BIM planning process contributed as a touchstone for the future participants.
  • The BIM plan delineates the additional resources and abilities required to run a successful project.
  • Building Information Modeling Planning Process enables the purchasing division to determine the language of contract with the certainty of fulfillment of obligation by every participant involved.
  • The threshold plan bestows the goal to calculate the progression throughout the project.

Being the technological advancement in itself, it is very natural and expected from Building Information Modeling to come with the technological risks along with the uncertainty of unfamiliarity lies with people who are foreign to processes and strategies of their team members. Hence, the whole project team of construction will obtain the benefit of BIM by reduction of mentioned risks and uncertainties through planning process.

By the employment of BIM planning there are many benefits gained by team of owners, builders, designers, engineers, contractors and project managers. The planning process of BIM proceeds through following steps:

  • Identification of Goals and Application : Determine the goals and values that going to utilize by project team.
  • Designing of project execution process : Development of process for the tasks performed by BIM along with exchange of information.
  • Originate the information exchange : Development of contents used for information including the detailing and involvement of parties included in exchange.
  • Specification of supporting infrastructure : Determination of project infrastructure needed to assist the developed BIM process.

Therefore the whole BIM Planning Process is employed with the hope to systemize the construction and an effective execution.

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