Everything to know about LOD in BIM

Our company is a global leader and is a prominent company in delivering BIM Services. Rendering all the major services, the company has cent percent confidence in the work that it relinquishes for its LOD Clients. LOD indicates the Level of Development. The LOD is the leading-edge Service provided as the company acts as a guide for the problems of BIM Services that are used in the process of construction. With the help of LOD, the team communicates and collaborates with the clients for mediating the exact information further. LOD in BIM is well classified and the service is accurate and fully fledged. LOD is a part of the BIM Process which consists of a level of development in the design process.

LOD is called the base of every project as it helps in the construction of long-lasting infrastructures, like hospitals, complexes, malls, and many others. The change in technology and the emergence of LOD have changed the entire work cycle, leading to the gaining of perfect results and accuracy. The company has hard-core in-house teams who look after the construction methods and process effectively.

Let’s connect with you and share everything about BIM LOD Services :

The Importance of LOD in BIM is:

The impact of LOD in BIM Services is an essential prospect for leading the construction project. The information and elements provided by the LOD Developers are an aid to the BIM Model structured by the designers. Here are some of the reasons which indicate LOD as an essential part of BIM Service :

  • LOD provides accurate information for each miscalculation.
  • The LOD architects help in making the content smooth and effective, simultaneously.
  • It helps in covering issues in the design stage and makes the information content flow appropriately to make the model elements perfect.
  • The LOD is the numeral description of the model prepared also. it helps in making the use of the model understandable

Leading on let’s understand the different stages or precisely called the Levels of LOD that are considered as the process of designing starts

  • LOD 100- Conceptual Design Phase
    This is an informative level, which consists of the missing conceptual design of the building. The team does the overall analysis of the building is formulated with regards to square feet, volume, length, breadth, other figures, and specifications. It illustrates the location, height of the building, etc of the substructure to be built, for estimating the accurate cost of the project.
  • LOD 200- Schematic Design Software
    LOD 200 is the assembling of the model in terms of its shapes, size, and quantity, and it defines its arrangement.
  • LOD 300- Detailed Design Process
    LOD 300 indicates accurate information of the components added in the model made, as per the documents provided by the clients. Accurate assemblance of shape, volume, and others are indicated precisely.
  • LOD 350- Construction Documentation Process
    LOD 350 is commonly known as Construction Documentation Services. This level answers your question as to what elements should be undertaken and how the model will be constructed. This level makes the work of our developers very easy. As it detects the indifferences and fills the gap of missing information. The detection varies according to international standards and codes.
  • LOD 400- Construction and Assemblance
    This is the level wherein the fabrication and accumulation of detailed work concerning the size, quantity, and others are carried on by the contractors or fabricators.
  • LOD 500- Process of As-Built
    This is the final level, which represents the project as it is constructed in as-built condition. This is beneficial for the managers for the maintenance and operation of the facility purposes.

Moreover, leading on, let’s discuss the advantages that LOD that our company provides to its clients :

  • Our dedicated engineers recognize newer opportunities and work over them with consistency, building a remarkable infrastructure
  • Better allocation of resources and their usage, which in turn increases production and approachable to more and new users
  • It helps the contractors, drafters, architects in the formation of standard and accurate substructures
  • Adds-up to the value of the company
  • Collaborating with a bunch of new communities, holding tremendous knowledge, across various domains
  • The team has developed mastery in providing LOD 100 to LOD 500 Services

Following the advantages of LOD, let’s take on board its purposes of it :

  • The high-end developers support the shareholders with the development of an accurate model.
  • Accuracy in executing the plans and high-end coordination
  • Keeping accurate records of the agreements formulated for the model to be constructed
  • Ease in the communication with the clients, recognizing their specifications and essentials
  • Going through the workflow and monitoring it

The company is certified as an IT Consulting firm who are striving hard for the upliftment of various Services and their Developers. We majorly focus on MSME Enterprises, aiming to fulfill the desires and dreams of its clients. The company also promotes customization services utilizing advanced technologies. The company has seasoned itself for over a decade, with fully skilled and talented fabricators and architects who can develop A-grade designs, structures, and websites for its clientele. The company with a huge team has several branches across many countries, rendering the best of BIM LOD Services.

Silicon Valley presents an accurate work culture, which includes a clear understanding of the client’s requirements and logistics in terms of budget, designing, management, and operational work.

Therefore, outsourcing your project will be significant because of the following reasons :

  • Maintaining cordial relations with our past and current clients
  • Resolving the issues, as defined by the clients
  • Clear communication
  • A pool of talented fabricators and masters
  • Usage of international tools and standards


We herein highlight our LOD Services as one of the most valuable project management tools, which helps the fabricators in landing on quick decisions. Our team provides clarity and certainty to the clients to a greater extent. Therefore, it is worth having your project outsourced to the talented fabricators of Silicon Valley. Let us discuss your dream project and achieve it together. To know more about our offerings, do reach us at info@siliconinfo.com

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