What is the difference between Shop Drawings and Issued For Construction (IFC) Drawings?

Drawings in any construction project play a very significant role. Drawing is jotting down your ideas with the help of conceptual lines. bringing forth the exact detailing of the construction project. Without the proper detailing of the structure of the building, it will be quite difficult for the contractors or the fabricators' to discover the actual figures, diameters, measurements, for the proper standing of the substructure. In making the construction process a success, several industries have to come together and complete the entire project.

Majorly, every industry that follows and needs a well-planned drawing setup ready, for the smooth functioning of the project. At our company, several professionals are working on the project, who has tremendous knowledge of different fields and software that are used, there within. Stating it roughly, there are around 12 construction Drawings that help initiate the process of drawing and thereby the construction process. There is always a deeper understanding between each sector of the company, in terms of handling the entire project efficiently. The drawings are specifically used to build residential, non-residential, commercial, and public properties.

A Drawing must contain constructive symbols, measurements, dimensions, uniformity in the linear lines, and other aspects that are conceptually important for the establishment. The owners of the project get a deeper and a more clear insight of their projects through drawing abstraction.

Bringing forth, and talking about the 2 major Drawings, i.e Shop Drawings, and IFC Drawings, that are highly useful and in the plan of construction.

Abiding by the column herein, let’s understand the difference between Shop drawings and IFC Drawings :

A Note On Shop Drawing

Shop drawings are one of the finest services that are being rendered by the engineers and the detailers of Silicon Valley. The contractors present effective designs to our clients and help them in fulfilling their dream projects. Shop Drawings display accurate information in the form of a drawn version, of the data points provided in the construction documentation. That helps the contractors in getting a clear view of the project that they need to work on. It is the chief information-based service i.e. highly important and the core source for the design. The profitability of the construction process depends on the shop drawing. An informative substructure is prepared for the easy functioning of the construction process. Silicon Valley has several services to render in Shop Drawing.

Some of the major services are

Architectural Shop Drawing

CAD Shop Drawing

MEP Shop Drawing

BIM Shop Drawing

A Note On IFC Drawing

IFC Drawing, abbreviately known as Issued for Construction, is shared with the contractors by its clients for the further purpose of making a detailed shop drawing. IFC Drawing leads the entire process of construction on site. This helps to give the detailing to the Shop Drawing. It is also known as Issued for reference (IFR) and Issued for Information (IFI). It helps you in speeding up your project status.

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