Benefits of Shop Drawings in the Design and Project Implementation

Over the course of time AEC (Architectural, Engineering and Construction) Industry has started to utilize Shop Drawing that is a trend or rather say the top most necessity for the architects and engineers. In recent years, Shop Drawing has eventually become the “must have” for industry. In these years shop drawings has gone through many developments. Not much changes has come in the way of shop drawing but the happy accident aka major change that has taken place is the manner in which these highly technical drawings are produced. Earlier these shop drawing are generated by drafters or detailer manually with pencil and paper after understanding the specification of model that was delivered to them by contractors, engineers or architects etc. But after the advent of 2D and 3D high end software packages, the construction documents and drawings has created a revolution in AEC industry. Nowadays, the shop drawings are carried out by software packages namely AutoCAD and Tekla Structures etc.

Being the essential part of Construction projects, Shop Drawings are available for every version of construction whether its MEP shop drawings, duct shop drawings or CAD shop drawings. Shop Drawing is very useful in entire manufacturing and construction businesses. The prime benefit of Shop Drawing is the accuracy and completeness of every detailer it represents on construction projects. The main responsibility of Shop Drawings is to represent the assembly details for building the structure that exhibits the aim and idea of original structure design. They are created by construction manager and evaluated by design professional. Shop Drawing is very beneficial for design and project implementation in lot of ways:

  • Shop Drawing is the main tool for owner and contractors. As designing shop drawings are the responsibility of owners and contractors, the reviewing of the same are done by design professionals. If the respective shop drawing of building doesn’t go well with design professionals than it causes a major damage in the part of contractors and owners of the respective projects.
  • Shop drawing is something that empowers the design professionals. The main responsibility in building projects is that design professionals as it is up to them to approve the respective shop drawing by fully reviewing it.
  • A thorough review of shop drawing is the key to making an error-free structure. That’s why before the actual commencement of construction, the design professionals are provided with enough shop drawings to understand the design of the structure that leads to a mistake free building by the approval of design professionals.

When it comes to matter related to Shop Drawing, there are certain questions that need to be taken care of in order to lead a successful construction project :

  • What module necessary for Shop Drawings?
  • Who are accountable for generating shop drawings?
  • When are the shop drawings to be issued to design professional for evaluation and confirmation?
  • How many parties are involved in shop drawing assessment procedure?

The above mention questions should be addressed for successful design and project implementation of construction work.

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