What is Steel Detailing?

Steel Detailing aka Steel construction detailing is primarily the Shop drawing produced for steel fabricator. The terms like Steel Fabricators and steel detailer are some of the usual labels that come across whenever one deeply dive into the Steel Structural Detailing as they are the important figures to responsible for executing a successful project of Steel construction detailing. A steel fabricator is the provider who supply and install (in some cases) the steel framework in construction and structural engineering projects. Moving further, responsibilities shifts from steel fabricator to steel detailer who produce the drawings that fabricator will utilize and wield between every member. A steel detailer also produces the layout command for to conduct the installation and erection of the steel framework.

Steel Detailing is the specialist area that comes under the area of structural drafting. In Steel construction detailing, a steel detailer elucidates architectural and structural engineering drawings that leads to acquire the complete working knowledge of ongoing design of the structure. The interpretation that the steel detailer inferred of physical steel structure, utilized to generate a different set of clear, well defined and accurate drawings for steelwork fabrication. Most of the time people baffled between steel designing and steel detailing. The major difference between designing and detailing is while design is mostly based on the creativity that comes from imagination whereas the detailing includes the technical and practical aspect of steel fabrication.

The steel detailing comes with arrangements of plans, sections & elevations, for e.g. Handrail detailing Service, Erection Layout Service etc. shows the structural elements. These are usually carried out by stick diagram with steel members as appeared by a single line. Each element is given a member size, orientation and design for their respective end connections. The steel detailing is dependent on two kinds of drawings as sketched by steel detailers:

  • Erection Drawings
    It is basically utilized for steel erector at the construction site regarding where and how to erect the fabricated steel members. It displays the dimensioned plans to pinpoint the steel members with the information of the site procedures.
  • Shop drawings
    These are the detailed drawings that identify the precise requirement for fabricating each individual member. Shop drawings shows the material specifications, member sizes, dimensions, welding, bolting, surface preparation and painting requirement.

In earlier times, steel detailing was performed by manual drafting methods utilizing pencils, paper, and drafting tools but nowadays these multiple requirement are woven into a single software namely CAD ( Computer Aided Design). The structural steel detailing requires a lot of skills other than usage CAD that includes drafting, logic, mathematics, reasoning, spatial, communication and visualization. With the increase in employing steel structures in the infrastructure, this sea of skills seems worth of in steel detailing.

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