Leading Top Countries Adopting BIM Outsourcing Services

The world around us is heading towards acknowledging modern technology that is gaining its importance with each passing day. It is not at all a hidden fact that there is a drastic increase in urbanization and with that smart cities are gaining momentum to a higher extent. This is why the majority of the countries across the globe have started paying attention and heading towards the adoption of BIM Services or undertaking BIM Consulting Services.

To set an example to others, it is necessary to think wisely and thus the adoption of BIM will always give great help in the countries and with that, it will create a healthier and stronger base foundation on the infrastructure side.

Today in this article we would pen down the list of the countries with an understanding as to how these countries across the globe are progressing in BIM adoption.

United Kingdom

At this time, the UK has one of the most striving and revolutionary BIM strategies in the world. The aim of the country is crystal clear and that is to increase and enhance its global image across the UK. It is with regard to being with the team of UK designers, contractors, and product manufacture so as to make sure that the translation of the new work is winning the opportunity growth and along with that, there is an increase in the employment too in the country. Also, it is a matter of fact that you need to be there in the category of BIM Level 2 compliant, because if that is not the case then you cannot get your hands over any government project in the UK. So, with this said, you can imagine the weightage and importance of adopting BIM services in the United Kingdom.

It is in the UK that has kept a window of allowing capitalizing on the success of its local and domestic program and at the later stage take it on a global platform and leading a leadership role in the process of BIM exploitation. The entire set of BIM services has a dedicated provision and a process to follow BIM standards of development. It is also seen that post taking this initiative by the UK government, reports have shown a good markup in which 20% of the industry has widely adopted these services and this in return has given them an approx gain of a 12% increase ever since 2017.

United States

It was in the year 1990s, in which actual BIM implementation and its utilization were taken place around the world. But in the US BIM was undertaken since the 1970s for major of the construction industry. This is also a fact that till now there is no compulsion made in many states to adopt BIM services, or rather outsourcing BIM services. But there is an expectation that the process will soon be growing significantly and people around will start accepting the same. Moreover, it is also a fact that whenever any new service or process is being implemented, at the initial stage to adapt the culture and work on that reduces the passage of work.

The same is for BIM too. The process to implement digital ideas and concepts in the construction industry has eventually slowed down the work for the construction industry, but all this is in experimental form. The process is for the long term as the result that is driven is for the benefits of the company and the project. The only state that made it compulsory to implement BIM Wisconsin state and that too for the public projects with a specified amount i.e is $5 million. With a doubt, slowly and gradually there are states in the USA that are moving towards the culture of adopting BIM services or taking BIM Consulting Services. Over the past couple of years, it has been observed that adopting BIM has become an important tool in USA architecture.


The country that is on its roadmap to digitalize its construction sector, and adhere to follow BIM standards for infrastructure projects works, is none other than France. It was in the year 2014, in which they have initiated and taken up the process of BIM Design Solution for developing 5,00,000 housing using this technology of BIM Drafting and BIM Engineering. To digitalize fully their construction industry, the country has allocated funds of around Euros 20 million for its overall enhancement and growth. It will be entirely in the coming future that they will be making it compulsory to implement BIM services for and in public projects.

The initiative of heading towards the Digital Transition Plan is completing aiming to achieve sustainability and optimization of overall costs. This is where the application will be resulting in the steady growth of the economy and which will then add value to the work and along with that will give benefit too. These benefits are in the form of environmentally, socially, and safeguarding SMEs. Taking it further, it was in the year 2017, France mandated BIM services with the adherence of LOD services and its stages. The only objective here is to improve the quality of the data that is being exchanged along with its deadlines and reducing overall project costs.


Another country that implemented BIM technology is Finland. The year when the country adopted this service was 2002. Later in the year 2007, Senate Properties, one of the significant government entities, had the responsibility to manage the complete country's property assets. This was then made mandatory to make sure that the implementation IFC compliance and BIM models are there in all the projects. It was in the same year, in which BIM implementation was high in Finland. The core reason when found after having a survey was a game-changer. It was like in 2007, 93% of the architectural firms and 60% of engineering firms have already started with the process of using BIM services in their routine and day-to-day work.


Sweden is the country where the government has made it compulsory to implement and integrate BIM services in all its project. It was in the year 2015. The level of adopting building information modeling services is high compared to other countries. It was that before there was an official announcement given by the government stating its guidelines, Sweden has already taken an initiative and published its various guides to promote the work of BIM and this is possible with the adherence of the best process and practices which they follow since 1991.


Since 2000, Denmark is fetching some of the best and great results and this is all because of the successful implementation of BIM. It was that around 50% of the construction professionals have already started using BIM services in their projects. It was because they have already identified the greater vision of the services along with their uses and benefits. Moreover, the educational institutes and universities have taken this initiative and added this topic to educate the students about this service. Even if we speak more about the service, the government authorities in Denmark are already focusing as well as making its mandate to have BIM for all their clients like Defense Construction Services and Palace and Properties Agency in 2007. If checking on the other side of the story, it is that the private players in the construction field are having a check, and working on the R&D for taking an initiative to adopt BIM practices.


One of the countries that were the early adopters of BIM was Norway. For Norway, it is that the public sector is already adhering to follow BIM standards and keeping the needs of the clients at their place. It is that the Nordics are taking an initiative and practicing to make progress as that of Singapore-style systems that are making the process to automate the building approvals and permissions for planning.


In Singapore, BIM is identified as one of the key services and it is with regards to its advanced technology that has made it easy for the construction industry to proceed towards the smart nation. It was in the year 2010, wherein BCA has drafted the complete roadmap that gives a reason, and the objective which is aspiring and approx 80% of the construction industries have now started using BIM services and it was by 2015. Moreover, to make this service a success it was declared that there is a need to share BIM electronic submission and it was made compulsory so that the team of practitioners can easily submit the Architecture Building Model along with BIM Engineering plans in the correct format that is required in BIM to receive regulatory approval.

The United Arab Emirates

It was in the year 2013, in which Dubai Municipality issued a circular (196), which states that building information modeling is mandatory for architectural as well as MEP BIM services which are required on certain projects. It was in the year 2015, that gave an open window to widen up the work and it was mentioned in a circular (207), that states any building work which is above 20 floors must include architectural and mechanical works. This is because it will give a clear view and idea as to how much area is required and that facilitates and manages the area of the compound larger than 200 thousand square feet.

Also, another thing that makes it important to implement BIM services in UAE is the long-term benefits that are available to the construction industry and this is why the team is adopting BIM services drastically. According to one of the surveys that were conducted in the year 2015 by Herriot- Watt University it was a surprise that over 500 AEC professionals working in UAE construction projects, use the latest and advanced BIM services, and the count for the same is around 87%. Apart, 62% of them had used this service for more than one project. Not only this, the assumption and survey also communicate that it is a belief that 52% of the companies will be using building information modeling in the UAE and that too in a period of fewer than 5 years.


The use and adoption of BIM services in China have drastically increased ever since 2016. It is that the Chinese AEC professionals and several organizations have started integrating the highest level of BIM services and also adopting these policies which are eventually working towards the growth of the business and digitization. It is also a fact that BIM has become a crucial element, and is being used for major and most of the projects. Even so, the government of China is taking a keen interest in the ways and processes to adopt BIM policies which are for the betterment of the construction industry as well as the country.

Still, they have not made it compulsory to use the service, but looking into its use there is hope and positivity that has been encouraged. Despite all these cons', there is a remarkable approach that has been received that overall gives importance to the service.


This is a fact that the construction industry is contributing substantial growth to Australia’s economy. It is that on average 7.8% of the total GDP is coming only from the construction industry in the country. This is why to increase the efficiency of building processes, the team of professionals continues heading towards the adoption of BIM services. Few of the private business sector is heading towards the implementation of BIM services. However, there is a lack of consistency. In 2016, the government requested the development of an intelligent infrastructure task force to make sure that the implementation of BIM is done successfully in all major projects which are above $50 million. The expected growth of the BIM market in Australia is $6.5 billion by 2020.


It is that due to certain miscommunication and conflicts between the German authorities, the decision-making process is reduced. This is why the transformation of the construction industry has indeed slowed down its process. The underlying problem because of this which was faced was observed by them and in which they have observed a great amount of decline in the profit ratio of the business in the last couple of years and that too all in the building projects. This is why they are planning to switch their focus towards BIM, and it is expected that it will be imposed as compulsion by 2020. With the new approach and collaborative way, the team is now focusing on new technology that will be offering its implementation on all its stages of construction. It was in the year 2016, that they first initiated a pilot project using BIM and this was all by digitizing transportation projects.

Winding Up

This would be very much clear how these countries are heading towards the implementation of BIM services and also thinking on its wider side that states how important the adoption of the service is.

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