Building Information Modelling (BIM): Advantages & Disadvantages

Building Information Modeling- abstracted as BIM- has revolutionized the AEC industry from past one decade. Performing the hassles which were impossible earlier, is why BIM has gained prominence and attention at rapid rate. Due to the multi-functionality of BIM, it has widely affirmed by Owners, Architects, Engineers, and Contractors as a novel process to producing, scrutinizing and managing the data of building during its life cycle. Along with its own benefits, it has also got some troublesome features which at times hamper the possibilities of applying BIM construction detailing. The process of implementing the task through BIM is rewarding as well as challenging as the construction companies comes up with the diverse nature of trying to set the compatibility with owners of construction project which demands the lengthen process of BIM with unruly complexion.

In spite of gaining so many accolades BIM still holds its share of disadvantages causes problem for engaged partners in construction project. It wrecked the chances of construction agencies to opt BIM and causes the slow and costly processing of construction operations. Some of the prominent disadvantages of BIM are:

  • High Monitory value of training and software : As know-it-all fact is that BIM is a process in itself along with technology, no wonder it requires a particular training with the knowledge of several important soft wares associated with it for every purpose. Costs of these software programs are high including the purchasing, licensing and training. The spending’s on BIM soft wares including Architectural BIM Construction Plan and BIM Construction Detailing is not limited to one time only. They need to be upgrade at regular interval of time.
  • More supplementary work beforehand of actual construction work : Going by the popular expectation, it is considered that actual construction work contains every toil of BIM, but it is the myth. It is actually pre-construction phase which requires a lot more work from BIM as contractors need to sit with sub-contractors, designer and engineers and develop a whole plan.
  • BIM comes with turbulence : Whenever any changes occur it disturbs the whole order of obtainability and construction. Although with the help of BIM, changes are easy to make but to conduct these changes requires a lot of inconvenience as after the changes the ordering consumes a lots of time.
  • Legal Risk for Contractors : After the advent of BIM, contractors are more involved in design process which creates a sort of difficulty for them to take any legal action against designer because they are also involved in the designing process due to BIM.

Along with disadvantages, there are many advantages for which solely the BIM is used. It comes as a boon for contractors, engineers, architects and construction managers. Due to BIM, the work of mentioned professionals are smoothens to larger extent and simplified the operation with better clarity and understanding. Some of advantages of BIM are:

  • Visualization of high quality : Unlike the CAD drawings, BIM figures are of highest resolution with proper clarity and quality. It helps the designers to get the clear picture of structure they are making. Due to BIM drawings one can also avoid the mistake happens in designing.
  • Collaboration between every discipline : BIM allows every discipline to discuss and share the contents they are working on. It avoids the clashes and mistakes and improves the communication between every team involved in a project.
  • Allows the flexibility : With BIM in hand it is very easy to make changes if required any. After one change, other contents/drawings will update automatically. BIM has improved the flexibility among the design team.

In recent years Building Information Modeling has improved the condition and speed of construction projects. As they say “Every coin has its two sides”, like that BIM also possess the disadvantages and advantages together. Hence, the utilization of Building Information Modeling is depend on construction teams so that they can implement the positives and avoids the negatives.

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