Major Benefits of Building Information Modeling (BIM)

Efficient and methodical is how the Building Information Modeling has turned out in recent one decade which became buzzword in Architectural, Engineering and Construction Industry. Applying Architectural BIM Services are beneficial not only to one personnel but entire project team can have its fair share of advantages as BIM construction detailing is favorable to owners, engineers, Structural engineers, specialist engineers, architects, contractors, sub-contractors and project manager. As mentioned, the list of rewarding experts within a project is humongous proved that a major chunk of people are getting the benefit of BIM. The way Building Information Modeling simplified the work in the fragmented industry like construction; it is clear-cut implication that there must be innumerable benefits as the major transformation from 2D CAD drawings to 3D models should be worth of leading towards some fruitful assistance. Some of the major benefits of Building Information Modeling are:

  • Realistic Views
    BIM allows the designer to take a realistic look of images which are available in 3D version from every apex. It provides better mapping tool and sight of earth including aerial imagery and digital elevation along with the laser scans buildings. Building Information Modeling can provide the close to real pictures of infrastructure along with the positioning and atmosphere of site.
  • Prevent Unnecessary Wastage
    Due to the shared model among each disciplines involved in project, one can retrieve the data and drawings which saves lots of time and prevents the extra rework which usually happens in this kind of situation when 2D drawings used to exist. In BIM drawing tools are faster than 2D drawing tools and connected to every database. The database supports the functions suchlike size and number of openings including doors and windows for quantity takeoffs that are upgraded automatically as the model develops.
  • BIM enables control
    The BIM contains the workflow system that backs up the data such as auto save and attachments to the project history which served as a lifesaving situation for users as it allow them to save their data on which they have spent many precious hours. Those features prevent the disappearances and corruption of files.
  • Encourages the collaboration
    After BIM sharing and collaboration of data became very easy because many workflows are only accessible in digital format. BIM is comprised of tools belonged to different disciplines that share their complex project models and coordinate the integration of models between involved disciplines. The function of review and markup assure that the information, data and statistics from everyone has assimilated in the making of design and execution will commence after the finalization of concept.
  • Untangle the Conflict
    BIM Coordination Drawings are best to detect in structure from every aspect and execute clash coordination. It diagnoses the clash detection such as electrical conduit or ductwork. Due to clash coordination, the clashes are detected in pre-construction phase and save the lots of time and money that could be wasted if the same thing detected at on-site construction.
  • Efficient Simulation and Visualization
    The simulation tools of Building Information Modeling allow a clear and real visualization of elements and models which can be seen in every season. It really helps the engineers and other project members.
  • Descend into Detailing
    The automation and customization of BIM are save the valuable drafting time of user because they come up with productive detailing.
  • Task progresses in sequence
    BIM facilitate the coordination of construction process in steps and sequence leads to a smooth and predictable path. Steps, materials, crews and sub-models of BIM come in an order during construction process.
  • Excellent Presentation
    It conveys the design, steps and outcome into expressive and realistic manner which attracts and increase the salability.
  • Intelligence at your fingerprints
    Combined with the top service provider and cloud anyone can access this sea of knowledge and information from anywhere in the world.

Thus, Building Information Model is not mere a technique but altogether a process which is providing major benefits from A-Z to AEC industry and become the first priority for this industry.

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