What is Shop Drawing and how it is different from IFC (Issued for Construction) Drawings

Shop Drawing is a basic necessity of construction industry as contractors, manufacturer, subcontractors, supplier or fabricator; each one of the important personnel involved in construction produces a set of these drawings. They generate the drawings of those parts for which they are responsible. Primarily, Shop Drawing are the detailed and methodical diagrams that displays the design of every prefabricated components within the construction of building namely cabinets, air handling units, trusses, structural steel, elevators, windows, air handling units and millwork. Contrary to popular knowledge and expectation, Shop Drawings are not generated by architects and engineers but from manufacturers and contractors.

A Shop Drawing is not a simple piece of design but a detailed version that contains much more than the construction documents. Shop Drawing is available for every size, every part and every version of construction project, whether its duct shop drawings, plumbing shop drawings, CAD shop drawings or elevator shop drawings, it is accessible for every paradigm of Architectural, Engineering and Construction Industry. The purpose of shop drawings is to give an explanation of fabrication and installation that belongs from the team of contractor's installation or manufacturer’s production. The elements which are the matter of prominence in Shop Drawings are the specific products or installations along with keeping out the jotting of other products and installation unless the unification with participated product is required. Therefore, primarily Shop Drawing includes schedule, diagrams, illustrations, drawings or other information for contractors and also confirmed by contractors.

Among the many drawing submittal to contractors there is another very important set of drawings i.e. IFC (Issued for Construction). What makes it different from Shop Drawings is that it is formed by the consultants and issued to contractors. IFC are final contract drawings that display precisely the proceedings of on site. The on-site work is followed by IFC drawing as a whole whereas the Shop Drawings are the design of specific underneath parts. Basically IFC is explanation of “what to do” while Shop Drawings are “How to do it”.

Thus, the coming through from above mentioned information about Shop Drawings, it explicitly clear that amongst the many kind drawings issues in construction project, the one that holds the most important spot is Shop Drawing as it is most detailed and understandable drawings of design that can be really helpful at the time of construction.

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