What is the right method to get precast concrete shop drawings with an outsourcing company?

Welcome to the newest era of the 21st century where the undertaking of precast engineering services is adapted and taken up to the next level. The modern construction industry is nowadays finding new ways and ideas that can assist them in getting the maximum work with limited cost of investment. Today in this blog we are sharing with you the detailed study of the method and concept that needs to be taken care of when undertaking or outsourcing precast panel detailing services with Silicon Valley.

Before heading towards getting a deep understanding of precast panel detailing services, let us have a small introduction to the service that is none other than “Precast Panel Detailing Services”.

Introduction to Precast Concrete Shop Drawings Services

The process of precast concrete shop drawing services is termed to be the construction product that is being formed or created with the help of casting concrete and that too in the form of reusable molds. The undertaking of concrete shop drawings helps the clients to know the exact shape, size, and mold of the panels so that they can be prepared and then at the later stage can be transported to the site and jack into the position.

Moving further, precast concrete materials enhance the potentiality of the project, and with a quick turnaround time provide safer, accurate, and more reliable structures than the standard concrete.

Now with this said, let us move ahead and share with you the ideology and the concept of adapting the right method to get precast concrete shop drawings services with an outsourcing company.

Features and Methods of Precast Shop Drawing Services

Although there are a lot of many components that are taken into consideration so as to constitute precast structures or sharing the information on precast panel detailing. The list shared are some of the common but must-have features and methods that need to be utilized and adhere to so as to carry on with the work which is simpler, easier, and faster.

  • Precast Beams
    While working on precast beams it is necessary to know the proper and accurate details of internal and external beams. The internal beams that are designed and drafted are used for symmetrical floor loading whereas the external beams are taken into consideration with predominantly non-symmetrical floor loading.
  • Precast Columns
    The entire process of precast columns is divided into three segments.
    Edge columns : They are symmetrical and are available in one direction.
    Internal columns are well-formed in such a way that can be checked and viewed in all directions.
    If talking about Corner columns they are not at all designated in the same shape, design, and their formation is not at all symmetrical.
  • Precast Floor Slabs
    These slabs are prepared and shared with the information of hollow cored slabs and double tee slabs.
  • Precast Walls
    Infill walls here have relied on an adjacent corner and that is between the column frame and beam, and cantilever walls that act as deep beams for attaching frames.
  • Precast Staircases
    Exceptional precast unit that includes all steerings and efforts, separate precast landings and flights, or a number of flights and landings joined as one piece.

While working on the project that demands precast shop drawing services and the use of software like TEKLA, the design of the building is therefore been achieved with much hard work and accuracy. Now proceeding further let us in-depth assist you in sharing the concept or features of precast shop drawings or concrete shop drawings. Also, with this, we are sharing the specifications that are being used in the said services.

  • Ability to use commercial-grade elements
    For resolving the problem or issue that is concerning towards the qualitative approach of concrete drawings, it is necessary to use the work of fabrication shop drawing services. This is only considered at the time when the team faces difficulty in executing the production process on the site. Also with the use of updated commercial use there comes the ability to reduce these effects to a great extent.
  • Precision in dimensional details and finishes
    When the contractors, sub-contractors, and stakeholders of the project have the option of outsourcing the project, they can rest assured that the details of the project will be taken care of with utmost precision. Undertaking this set of work thus will help the team to work on the project that gives a proper finished look and this is all because of the finished and detailed layout of the precast shop drawings that are being received by the leading outsourcing company.
  • Concrete shop drawings offer greater design flexibility
    Indeed you read it right. All these drawings are created way before the physical construction takes place. This set of drawings are prepared as per the need and requirement of the project and with the use of the latest and required set of tools and technology. Not only this no matter how complex the project is all about or technical details are incorporated in the design with the help of concrete shop drawings all these issues can be solved and work can be continuing smoothly.
  • Architectural specifications
    No construction of the project can be undertaken unless the drawings and designs are created. Considering the option of outsourcing the detailing services, the team is well trained and knowledgeable to design and develop the architectural layout of the project based on the design specification so that the details are easy to read and understand.
  • Panel dimensions
    The precast concrete shop drawings are not at all understandable unless having panel dimensions of the entire project. To get proper and accurate panel dimensions the best thing here is to outsource the project to the leading company that has years of experience and is well-known with the use of industry standards and industry requirements.
  • Supporting structures
    All the drawings and designs that are developed for the precast panels are in their one that will adequately support the structures and this will be for the long term of the building life-cycle.
  • Standardization
    It is necessary that proper and designated standards must be used with the proper use of standard technology and process. The outsourcing company knows the details well and thus shares the idea and concept that are best for the project and along with that, it is for the long term.

Silicon Valley is the leading precast shop drawing services provider in India serving its clients globally. The experience for over 14+ years has to lead the company to touch new heights and deliver projects to its clients that are as per the current market trend and requirement too. To know more about the services or to outsource your work, the only leading name that is currently in the market is none other than Silicon Valley. Connect with us over a phone call or send us your detailed requirement and the team will revert back to you.

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