How Does Building Information Modeling(BIM) Help In Reducing Construction Costs?

Building Information Modeling is booming like anything in the modern infrastructure across the world. It has changed the construction process for all the CAD Services and it has changed for good. Many owners, contractors, sub-contractors, and CAD Outsourcing Firms have adopted BIM Methodology and some of them adopted it way earlier than it was introduced on a mass scale in the AEC Industry. It has provided many benefits and the major ones are increased productivity and reduced costs of the project.

BIM has proved itself as a tool that can help you to increase the efficiency of the designs as they are made using the latest tools and software as compared to those designs which are designed traditionally using pen and paper. Also, by doing this one can save a lot of time by creating design using CAD Software. Today in this blog we will discuss how BIM reduces the overall construction costs of the project. So, the reasons and factors that help to reduce the cost are explained as follows:

Improved Communication

BIM is a methodology that is integrated and connects different departments and teams involved in a construction project. It collects all the data which is required to construct a building and reflects it in a single software. All the teams have access to this data and can figure out their work and how it will impact the other teams’ work as well. So, it becomes crystal clear as to who is responsible for specific tasks, and communicating the ideas becomes easier. Thus, it takes less time to plan out the design phase of the construction process which results in reduced cost of the project.

Reduced Rework on Designs

When the designs were created traditionally, it was hard to coordinate and make the other teams aware of the designs of different departments. So, whenever there was a lack of coordination, it became mandatory to rework those designs that clashed with each other. But BIM has changed the whole scenario. It operates on a cloud-based technology that enables every user to see and refer to all the CAD Designs of every team. As a result, chances of making an error in the construction process are reduced up to a great extent or even no errors at all.

Improved Productivity

BIM Modelers often make mistakes and have to rework the BIM designs because if not done properly, they can lead to major errors which might increase the cost of the project. While working with the latest CAD and BIM software like AutoCAD, Tekla, Revit, etc. chances of errors are reduced and the need to rework on any design doesn’t arise. BIM Modelers can then focus on other CAD Designs and BIM Models precisely, exactly according to the clients’ requirements, and deliver them on or before time. As a result, the overall productivity of the employees is increased which helps to reduce the costs as multiple projects can be delivered simultaneously.

Increased ROI and reduced risks

Various studies show that those CAD Engineering Firms who use BIM Methodology in their projects, 75% of them have reported greater Returns on Investment and less risk than ever before. BIM Engineering Services enable the firm to shorten the project lifecycle as there is less paperwork and documentation process and they save a considerable amount on material costs as compared to the traditional methods. And as there is less risk involved, multiple projects can be undertaken by a BIM Engineering Firm and delivered on or before the given deadlines which increases reliability and trust between the owner and CAD Outsourcing Firm.

Improved Scheduling and Clash Detection

With the help of BIM, as we know, everything can be integrated into a single software that helps a lot in communicating properly. Also, the CAD Designs and BIM Models of various departments are analyzed in order to detect the clashes between any two designs. This helps to avoid those big errors that occur in the construction process which results in rework, which comes at a huge cost. So it's better to detect and rectify those errors at an early phase or even before the construction process takes place. When everything related to costs, materials, documents, etc. is available in BIM software, it becomes easy to schedule and greater flexibility is provided to the contractors to carry out the construction process accordingly. In BIM Clash Detection Services, automated clash detection helps to reduce the need to do any type of changes or rework, especially in MEP Engineering Designs which are crucial for any building.

By reading the above mentioned factors and reasons, it might be clear to you how does BIM helps in reducing the construction costs of any project. There are even more factors than the ones that we have discussed that help directly or indirectly to reduce the construction costs. So, it is advisable to make the most out of BIM software and if you haven’t tried to use the latest software, now is the right time.

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