How to enhance the accuracy of MEP Shop Drawings

Shop Drawing is one of the core ingredients of construction industry because it is the form of idea that executes on the physical level of construction; hence, it needs to be reviewed and made properly in order to lead an error-free design and erection. One of the important Shop Drawings is MEP Shop Drawing that depict the combined 3d furnishings of construction project by integrating all architectural, structural and trades shop drawings is refer as Mechanical/Electrical/Plumbing (MEP) coordinated shop drawing. The MEP Shop Drawing serve as important part of Construction Shop Drawings that include HVAC, plumbing, electrical, duct-work and piping allow the engineers for better fabrication, insertion and schedule trades. It is beneficial for saving the money, time and energy. One of the important advantages which MEP Shop Drawing provide is the accuracy of the building design and delivery process along with the taking out and handling of data for trades and contributors.

Benefits of Precast Detailing Services

  • Coordinated shop drawings
  • Composite drawings
  • Ductwork drawings
  • Sheet metal drawings
  • Equipment placement
  • Electrical component technical drawings
  • Plumbing construction drawings
  • Pipe fabrication drawings
  • Underground and above-ceiling coordination
  • HVAC drawings
  • Mechanical piping detail drawings
  • Mechanical room HVAC detailed drawings

There are certain methods to alleviate the accuracy of MEP Shop Drawing

  • By improving off-site fabrication, strengthen plans and well know ledged trade crews.
  • MEP Shop Drawings is a broad category with the emphasize on “Mechanical Equipment” and “Electrical Equipment” which are very incorporating into another. It is more preferable to create subcategories for specific kind of equipment. Further on, build and assign these to geometry in the families. It increases the clarity and understanding of the shop drawings.
  • One of the favorable tool for MEP Shop Drawing is REVIT, because it can grip entire data of BIM that can easily mark and make the notation of things needed. It can also produce multi-faceted tag families that can address different specifications such as length, duct size, top and bottom elevation etc.

An accurate MEP Shop Drawing helps to identify the possible error before the trade’s fabrication and installation at the physical site. It enables to create the vision the project, firstly as whole than as a separate drawings.

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