Detailed Explanation and Benefits of BIM Dimensions - 3D, 4D, 5D, and 6D

Point Cloud to BIM Process Workflow + Checklist

Building Information Modeling - BIM Services is strengthening its root in the construction world in all its best possible ways. The BIM construction projects that are publicly funded require the work and integration of BIM Level 2. The use of Point clouds, as well as laser scanning, has made BIM even more useful and effective.

Introduction to BIM Services :

Building information modeling service is the latest as well as the newest form of the service that has completely changed the thinking format of construction of a project and having a check for its lifecycle. It is used for creating a rich-model of the project that share every bit of information that is very much needed in the BIM process. The term BIM has made the entire process of design and construction process very easy and simpler. By utilizing the process of building information modeling service the result that is obtained is simply the best and unexpected. For a seamless construction project, it is necessary to have to implement BIM services along with taking proper guidance of BIM consultants for all the BIM projects.

To obtain a successful result of a BIM project, it is necessary that every stage of the service needs to be taken into consideration. The BIM service is the service that demands to be followed with different levels of development along with different stages of BIM dimensions. The level of detail that needs to be followed is from LOD 100 to LOD 500, and the dimensions that need to be followed are from 3D to 7D.

Today, in this blog we would be sharing and focusing on some of the different benefits of BIM dimensions along with its explanation in detail. Having said this let us proceed further and have a look at some of the facts that are closely connected with these services and are so much required.

Explanation of BIM Dimensions :

Let us proceed further and below mentioned is the detailed explanation for BIM dimensions that play a vital role in the entire process of building information modeling services.

3D - BIM or 3rd Dimension - Geometric Design :

The term 3D is very well known and is very commonly known to each one of us. It is the process of representing three geographical dimensions (a, b, c) of the building structure. The proper and accurate structure of the building helps the stakeholders to visualize the entire structure in 3D form way before the project gets started.

3D BIM enables each and every stakeholder to work effectively and collaboratively for the purpose of modeling and assisting in resolving all the structural problems that are typically getting arisen in the BIM projects. Moreover, all the data here are stored in a central location and that is in the BIM model. The core reason for the same is to make future collaboration easy and convenient so as to resolve the issues at the future stage.

4D - BIM or 4th Dimension - Durability, Scheduling, and Timeline :

4D is related to the stage of proper planning and construction by adding new elements of the BIM projects. It is the stage that replicates and denotes the time, durability, and the scheduling of the project. The data here helps in providing the outline of the project where the details are shared for the overall time that will be required in the completion of the project along with the evolving time too. The information that is required for the complete operational and managerial work of the building is all scheduled and decided in this stage of work. Thus for deciding the elaborative project details, to the sequence of installation, along with other different types of scheduling information, all can be taken care of in this stage and that is termed to be 4D BIM service.

5D- BIM or 5th Dimension - Budget and Cost Estimation and Budget Tracking :

This is the 5th stage of the building information modeling service which is considered to be one of the useful stages. This stage is termed to be the stage of budget analysis and cost estimation, which denotes the start-up from the beginning of any project. It would not at all be wrong in saying that the project will not go without saying that the cost of the project is one of the most important and must-have elements that are very much associated with the project. The entire process of 5D BIM enables the owners and the stakeholders to have a check and analyze the overall cost of the BIM project that will be incurred during the project activities.

6D - BIM or 6th Dimension - Preparing Structure :

6D BIM services assist in analyzing the overall energy consumption that is required in the building. It is the process that gives the energy estimation at the very initial stage of the design. As the service is accountable for various life stages, it is necessary that it gives an accurate as well as predicted use of energy consumption that is required.

The technology of BIM 6D technology takes the industries to the next level and also assists them in stepping beyond the conventional approaches that are mainly focusing on the upfront costs that are associated with the project. This is the stage that helps in getting the idea of the entire cost of the project including the assets that are required along with the amount of money that is going to be spent on achieving this sustainability as well as cost-efficiency.

Benefits of 3D, 4D, 5D, and 6D BIM services :

Now proceeding further, below is the information that is being shared allowing each one of us to know what are the benefits of this service and how are they associated with getting the delivery of work with ease and comfort.

Benefits of 3D or 3rd Dimensional BIM Service :
  • Increases the 3D visual effect of the entire project.
  • Easy communication along with data sharing that is expected in the design.
  • Simple and easy collaboration between the multiple engineers in the team, no matter their area of expertise.
  • Minimizes the instances of rework and revision, and this is because the complete transparency of the work is been shared from the beginning.
Benefits of 4D or 4th Dimensional BIM Serv ice :
  • Site planning and optimization of scheduling get improved.
  • Coordination among the on-site teams, contractors, and the architects are seen.
  • Better preparation of a plan of action to proceed with new steps on the construction site.
  • Increases the potential of enhancing the information that is shared for the timeline expectations and assisting to avoid unwanted costs and delay in the project.
  • Assures the safety of the documents along with the efficiency of sharing the entire plan for some specific and decided timelines.
Benefits of 5D or 5th Dimensional BIM Service :
  • Actual update on the cost of the project along with the notification of its changes in the cost.
  • The count of types of equipment, components, and systems easily manageable automatically that are associated with the project.
  • Simple and easy analysis of the cost and budget with the prediction of actual and estimated time spending on the project.
  • Reduces the budget offshoot during the process of actual costing and budgeting of the project in the report.
Benefits of 6d - 6th Dimensional BIM Service :
  • In the long term reduces the consumption of energy.
  • During the design process quick and accurate responses on taking the decision related to the component installation.
  • In-depth analysis of checking the impact of the decision that is taken for the operational and economical aspects of the lifecycle of the project.
  • Post handover of the building or the structure the operational management is better as compared to others.

With this said, these are some of the stages and the benefits of the BIM services that are mandatorily taken into consideration for delivering a successful BIM project. Moving further, in this entire process the option of BIM 7D services is also taken into consideration and thus since BIM requires or rather demands its software the best option available is to outsource the project and this is only possible with the help of selecting a right BIM outsourcing company.


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