Guidelines of Building Information Modeling (BIM) for General Contractors & Sub-contractors

In recent years, the function of general contractors are simplified to larger extent, goes all the credit to Building Information Modelling. Most of the tasks done by general contractors and Sub-contractors have its perfect solution/aids in BIM provided some leading service provider for instance, Autodesk Navisworks, Autodesk Revit, AutoCAD and Autodesk Building Design Suite (BDS) to name the few. 3D, 4D and 5D BIM are useful for general contractors. At 3D BIM, the clear and accurate visual 3 dimensional images simplified the work and avoid the reworking which happens due to clash detection. Contrary to that, 4D Building Information Modeling deals with on-site construction activities leads to keep the contractors updated about the day to day action of practical work while the 5D Building Information Modeling (probably the most beneficial) manages the financial aspect of construction project to avoid the unnecessary wastage of money. Due its worldwide adoption in the countries like US, UK, Middle East and Australia, it has set a global standard for all the users related to Architectural, Engineering and Construction Industry.

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Building Information Modelling unravels the exertion of contractors in major ways because the overall responsibility of coordination between construction, accounting, information processing, cost estimation and scrutiny of on –site development is handled by general contractors. When managing multiple areas it is very natural tendency to need a technology that unburdens the work load in comprehensible manner. The BIM is helpful and advantageous in many ways which was not possible a decade ago. Some of the major benefits of Building Information Modeling (BIM) gained by general contractors and sub-contractors in nutshell are:

  • How BIM assist in Cost estimation : BIM collects the estimation of pricing and quantity take-off and organized in separate database which facilitates the productivity.
  • How 4D BIM serve the simulation for contractors : Simulation help the contractors to understand the project more clearly and planned the further process more efficiently which save lots reworking and wastage of money as simulation takes place at preconstruction phase which leads to proper planning and appropriate utilization of budget.
  • How BIM detects the clash coordination : One of the major worry in construction is the clash of various component from other discipline. Lack of communication and practical pictures of structure leads to clash detection which later on cost heavily as the structure goes through reconstruction and several adjustments. Due to BIM, the clash detection takes place before the actual construction and save lots of money.
  • How BIM is beneficial in cost cutting and communication : Due to errors at early stage the total cost of project reduced automatically and BIM calculates the amount to be reduced. Along with cost-cutting Building Information Modelling also strengthens communication between the professional teams involved in the project.
  • How BIM boost the productivity : Due to efficient and speedy work of BIM, the productivity of project also has an edge because good productivity determines the happy and satisfied clients.
  • How BIM is favorable in Construction Planning : As it is the responsibility of general contractors to plan the whole construction process from coordination via shop drawings, authorization, and fabrication to installation. BIM process the scheduling and sequencing of steps to be taken in construction.
  • How Building Information Modelling supports the documentation of model : After the completion of construction, the general contractors provide a record of whole model consist of amalgamation from involved sub-contractors.

Hence, Building Information Modelling is a boon for contractors which is useful in maximum ways and provide an efficient work rate. Due the multi-functional quality of BIM, it is rapidly gaining the popularity in construction industry.

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