Barriers in Adopting Building Information Modeling (BIM) in Construction Industry

Whenever it comes to Building Information Modeling Architecture, all one can think is its efficiency and benefits provided to construction industry which drives the BIM services towards the path of successful persuasion by owners, architects, engineers, contractors and project managers. Gaining worldwide accolades as BIM construction Detailing has brought widespread changes in the building industry. The reason behind this revolutionizing attitude is that Building Information Modeling smoothens the task not only in terms of construction but in other aspects also. As fragmented industry like AEC, at times things can really escalates and turn into massive challenges. No doubt BIM has given the strength to building industry but before using the BIM there comes the adoption which also has its own share of challenges. Those challenges are exist in every facet of the project. Some of the major adoption difficulties are :

  • Industrial espionage
    Due to prevalent cybercrime, companies always have to ensure the security of their data system. Every company must adopt the application certified by ISO 27001 (for organization in order to keep the information secure.)
  • Interoperability of Soft wares
    Solutions for the proliferation of BIM is one of the major barriers as companies needed to give a thought for the integration, interpretation and utilization of rapidly increasing piles of data. For the effective interoperability, Construction Operations Building Information Exchange (Cobie) is employed for the exchange of data from the given sources. It proved to be effective as it delivers the correct information to right person within the allotted time and carry out the plan throughout the entire life cycle of asset.
  • Difficulty in the estimation of Digital Design Information
    There are times when computing Digital Design Information can be a very difficult task. There are many limitations exist when it comes to computing digital design information. The major reason behind this challenge is that most of the architectural firms rely on pictorial and non-computable data. The design data’s are used for estimation of costs, analysis and visualization. It is high time that construction industry should adopt information model database rather than pictorial design information as the later one is non-computable.
  • Willingness for Supply Chain
    The top notch names in construction industry are embracing the BIM but in supply chain. The main blockage is that the BIM is still the concealed concept for Industry where it is still has a long way to go. Here the biggest challenge lies in bringing the whole construction industry together for utilizing the BIM in fruitful manner.
  • Picking the right IT groundwork
    After the emergence of BIM construction detailing, the construction industry got the compulsion to analyze, store, manage and integrate the large volume of data. To carry out the voluminous data, fast bandwidth and best hardware performance is essential. For the selection of a good IT framework, companies need to measure the responsiveness, security and scalability of the platform.

Therefore, by eradicate the above mentioned barriers which create the hindrance to adopt Building Information Modeling services; construction Industry can wholeheartedly welcome the BIM.

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