General Factors to consider during Rebar Detailing implementation process

Nowadays steel is the frequently used material in structural projects due to its flexibility and rust free nature. Within the structural steel detailing, Rebar is the constantly used elements in the building process. Definitively, Rebar is the long Steel bar which is utilized along with reinforced concrete to execute the required shape. The reason Rebar is employed as it is made from Carbon Steel that blends with concrete very well. With such a good mingling, there is no doubt Rebar Detailing services becomes one of the fast growing architectural engineering services as it is an important step in any structural projects irrespective of the project scale. Fundamentally, Rebar Detailing is the processes of developing Rebar Detailing Drawings and designs with the depiction of steel bars layout within the structural models.

Creating Rebar Shop Drawings is the essential part of Rebar Detailing as it provides the clarity to eyeshot the connection between the steel bars and concrete to accomplish the desired shape in architectural projects. Therefore, the growing demand of Rebar Detailing among the Architectural Engineer and Structural projects has raised the many more Rebar Detailing Services:

  • Rebar placement drawings
  • Bar bending schedules
  • As -built drawings
  • Concrete masonry detailing
  • Rebar designing
  • Rebar concrete column and beam designs
  • Rebar concrete frame and slab designs
  • Rebar estimation
There are two factors determine the category of Rebar Detailing Process :
  • The design standards and codes : The general building codes determines the size and location of Rebar elements which is shown on the designs. Other than size and location, anchorage length and mechanical connection equated with concrete reinforcement are also visible in design. The design standard changes as per the project locations.
  • Steel Grades : Grades are one of the important factors in Rebar Detailing. The grades of Rebar are of different types that vary as per the tensile strength, yield strength, chemical composition, and elongation capability.
Rebar Detailing Process provides many advantages to structural engineers and respective professionals associated with structural projects :
  • Rebar Detailing Drawings gives a clear and better preview of connections that helps in identify the error at an early stage.
  • It saves the wastage of resources.
  • Engaging with Rebar Detailing Services ensures the speedy completion of projects.
  • It facilitates the better communication and coordination between the different expertise working in a project.

Being the essential part of structural projects, Rebar Detailing is widely growing industry that exploring its wings within the construction projects including residential, commercial and industrial buildings, dams, flyovers, towers and offshore structures etc.

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