What are some Manual Techniques and Computer Processes to create Shop Drawings?

For establishing a building, drafting a Drawing is the most essential aspect of initiating a project. Shop Drawing is the mixed creation of the ideas shared by the fabricators and the clients. Shop Drawing is the pictorial representation of the figures and ideas together, which helps the manufacturers to lead the construction process with confidence. The creation of accurate and reliable Shop Drawings is carried on through the medium of Manual Techniques and Computer Processes. The creation of the models is aesthetically planned, coordinated with the client, and the data points are jotted down for efficient execution of the structure.

Manual Drafting using manual techniques means the creation of articulated models by hand. This is the traditional approach used by the draftsman. Since there are large and diversified ideas, points, and information for the formation of structure each aspect shall be discussed and communicated efficiently. In the past years, Manual Drafting techniques took up the market and have created a disciplined approach, leading to low cost in terms of gaining assets. Manual Drafting gives a clear and deeper knowledge about the model creation. Drafting with the help of using manpower enables to bring creative styles, all the shapes, sizes, and angles are precisely liberated for accuracy. However, with the emerging technology, manual drafting is vanishing. Manual Drafting has both pros and cons; it requires a huge space for processing the drawing and storage of it. It is time-consuming the preparation the model and thereafter starts the actual construction process. The color, dimensions, and textures are difficult to alter once the model is created.

Here are some of the Manual Techniques that are used for the formation of a Shop Drawing

  • Collection of Relevant Tools and Equipment for Drawing
    The equipment and the tools that are required for the drafting purposes are a Flat Drafting Table or board that is used for the consistent drawing of the parallel lines. Vellum paper, Specialized Technical Pens & Pencils, Colored Application Pens, Scale Rules, Set and T-Squares, Geometric Instruments, Drafting tapes, Cleaners, various stencils, Text writing machines, and many others. All these are required in making precise drawings and designs for the project.
  • Correction of Lettering Size
    Keeping in mind the letters of manual drafting, it is very important to make notes related to the inches of the letters, special notes that are to be attached, and the head titles are written. The letters must be given thicker strokes of horizontal and vertical lines using the triangle tools.
  • Accomplish the Line Weights
    Line Weights depicts the actual thickness, tenderness, heaviness of the lined that are used for the formation of the pictorial Shop Drawing. A Shop Drawing is prepared while connecting various lines and forming a structural representation of the mindful ideas regarding a unit. This is assisted by using effective mechanical Pencil Leads line weights for the depiction of various items in the formation of effective Shop Drawings. These Line weights are achieved with different sizes of mechanical pencil leads.
  • Keeping Your Project Clean
    Keeping your drawing neat and clean is the highest priority. It is difficult to clear the oils, paints, and pencil marks without touching the drawing paper.
  • Scaling
    This is one of the most important techniques that must be precisely looked after, as the proportion between two objects or lines depends upon its scaling. Various scales are used for this purpose which helps in enlarging, reducing the size of the object that is used. The lines of the drawing must be figured according to the scale. The scales used depend upon the blueprint or figures to be made, depending on the structural sizes and shape and thE details given of the structure.
  • Formation of Accurate Lines and Curves
    Any Drawing is inappropriate with its lines and curves. A drawing contains horizontal, vertical, and curved lines for the construction of a drawing. The T-square tool, thus mentioned is used for the construction of horizontal lines. Compasses are required for the formation of accurate circles and curved shapes. This Technique is very important as without the formation of lines and curves the creation of a drawing or a design will not be possible.
  • Accurate usage of Pencil Tools
    Effective and appropriate designs are made when the drafters know about choosing the right pencil for drawing. It largely depends upon the drafter in making the choice. Most of the draftsmen use conically-shaped harder pencils as they produce sharp, black lines and copy well.

Some of the key advantages of CAD Drafting are

Provides high-quality and accurate CAD Designs

Scope of fewer errors and faster manufacturing

Ease in Saving and Sharing of CAD Designs

Time Saver and Growing Popularity

Transformation of a Sketch into 3D Models

Talking about the Computer Processes, there are mainly two types of Techniques or Software that are used for Drafting. They are Computer-Aided Software (CAD) and Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM). This software is used in commercial computer applications to design and manufacture parts, components, and completed or final products. CAD Software also makes a major contribution to manufacturing processes by transferring newly created designs to CAM for producing parts and products. Nowadays, the business relies upon the usage of CAD Software for its drafting and designing models. The industries that work on CAD Software are; Engineering and Architectural Firms, Manufacturing Companies, Naval Architects, and Marine Engineers.

ALT : A 2D CAD Shop Drawing Produced In AutoCAD

If your company is willing to outsource the work of your project and get awful designs and drawings using our various techniques, outsource your project with our company. The creation of designs with the help of CAD and CAM Software makes the work of the production department, contractors, fabricators, and manufacturers have a clear understanding from the start to the end concerning various processes.

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Looking at the above-mentioned Manual Techniques, let us now discuss the Computer Processes for creating the Shop Drawing

Manual Techniques followed by the early draftsman became extinct due to the emergence of advanced technology that gave birth to the usage of computer software for the formation of designs and drawings. Computer-Aided Designs (CAD) has fully replaced the methods of Manual Drafting, in recent years. We all know that Drawings in a Construction Process play a very important role, therefore, Drawing through the medium of Computer Software has become an essential part of it. The technology has advanced and so does have the techniques, but the principles remain the same.

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