The process of Building Information Modeling (BIM) from design to construction

Design and construction goes hand in hand. None of them exists without each other. Design is the base of construction and construction is physical form of design, hence both are interconnected. It is the Building Information Modeling which holds the two together and makes a successful way from design to construction. Designing phase exists at the period of pre-construction. But there are lots of work exists before the designing process. Before the designing phase, first and foremost commitment is to make is whether or not to apply Building Information Modeling services or not? Conjecturing that BIM is applauded and embraced, the architects takes the task of illustrative model created by masses or factual constituent with the help of Building Information Modeling. Following the illustrative model, a presentation of model will be given to owner for their approval. Analysis and comprehension is the principal requirement. Once the owner approves the model, it is set for designing.

At the time of designing phase 4D Building Information Modeling and 5D Building Information Modeling are employed for scheduling and estimating respectively. Scheduling ensures that the structure can be built as per the given deadline while estimation regularly keeps tab on the project costs. Scheduling is always done by keeping in mind the structure whereas estimation requires the parameters of project which need to be added into the model. This particular phase is very important as carried out by 4D and 5D because a right processing of scheduling leads to better utilization of estimation within the model. The constituents of the project should contain right figures which is helpful for estimators to have the right knowledge of type, size and position of the elements. Due to BIM, the estimation has simplified a lot because earlier this task used to be exerting as functioned by 2D plan. BIM has practically sanctioned the successful collaboration of design and construction.

In the designing phase, a must and compulsory step is the coordination and collaboration between every member of the project namely architect, engineer, project managers, estimator, scheduler and construction manager. Here everyone conduct the interference checks and coordination reviews. Proceeding further, certain modelling practices are conducted to check the elevations and sections. Along with modelling practices, ownership of elements are applied where owner of the element are placed for better observation of the element. Due to this phase lots of time and money can be saved. After scrutinizing every area, finally the design phase proceeded to construction phase. Here the construction manager and field superintendent work with designers and make the project possible. Hence, this is how BIM makes a healthy collaboration between design and construction.

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